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Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen

by Cats Meow

Part 36

Scene 17: Imprisonment

First impression of Antalia: It's a giant swamp. At least it's a small stage. Not too many hidden things. We can swoop in, liberate everything quickly, then bum rush the boss. Easy!

The tricky part will be dragging out this process as long as possible.

Look at them go!

You're the one who lives here dude, shouldn't you know? I swear, peasants.

Early on, we meet this creepy old man.

Doesn't he just give you the heeblie-jeeblies?

Mulkibel begged and begged to take the puppy home, but Margo said no. And then Mulkibel begged some more until Margo finally gave in. They named it Bacchus.

I've heard of stranger teams. Mario and Bowser, anyone?

Aaaaand that would explain those heeblie-jeeblies.

Hidden between some mountains, we find a temple where our prisoner is held.

I'm sure some people reading this thread wouldn't mind making a contract with you.

How about it? Shall we help out our :dings:?

Edit: I can't keep the names of my own troops straight.