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Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen

by Cats Meow

Part 38

Scene 18: White Nights

We come from the land of the ice and snow, from the midnight sun where the hot springs blow~

In case you kids forgot, Mizal is the sister of Yushis, who recently joined us.

Awww, forbidden love.


Now, this map is full of high Ali units like these. So my strategy is pretty well explained by the following images:

Warren's unit was there too, but apparently I didn't get a shot of them. Whoops.

Along with a Silver Dragon, we befriended a pair of lovely Angel ladies like this one.

Our sky units flew all around and liberated all the towns and temples and heard a lot of blabbering from the peasants, but the tragic tale of Mizal could all be summarized in a single sentence.

After a lot of Lich/Demon/Ninja death, Yushis confronts her misguided sister.

I can't think of a comment to this one, so just pretend I made some horrible joke on sibling rivalry. By the way, Angels and Golems do absolutely no damage to Seraphims, but Seraphims can still hurt Angels and Golems a lot. So we just had one of our darker units kick her wings in.

This was the only thing of interest when we came back.

So that's it. I've got plans with the ol' family for Easter today, so I most likely won't have the new Army List up until late. Meanwhile, you kids can talk amongst yourselves, and make a decision on our next destination. Your choices are Shangrila and Antanjyl. Happy warmongering!

Here's your New and/or Unused Equipment, if anyone's interested:
Black Katana -- Str +3, Phys attack
Mikado Sword -- Str +8, Phys attack
Flame Sword -- Str +6, Fire attack
Peridat Sword -- Str +11, Ice attack
Malachite Sword -- Str +18, Int -4, Ice attack
Kukai's Rod -- Str +8, White attack
Black Bow -- Str +3, Int +2, Black attack
Demon Ring -- Str +21, Black +17, White -15
Ring of Protection -- Int +5, Phys +12, White +14
Ninja Garb -- Phys +3, Black +2
Snow Cape -- Phys +11, Ice +16
Ice Bandanna -- Fire -9, Ice +7
Royal Crown -- Phys +7, White +13
Cold Shield -- Phys +8, Ice +15