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Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen

by Cats Meow

Part 40

Scene 20: The Cloud City

The third of four Sky Islands, and the only required one, Shangrila has too been occupied by the Empire. But for what purpose? To drop it on top of Zenobia, of course! I'm sure the civilians living there don't mind! But Laharl won't be able to become king if there is no continent to rule, so we'll just have to stop them, won't we? Overthrowing an Empire is such hard work!

First, we find a Cherubim friend in the clouds.

Then, we meet with someone who owes us something…

Oh, I can think of something you can do.

And once again, the bitch gives us the blueballs treatment. Next time, she's gon' get slapped!

A look at where the troops stood about halfway through completing the stage. This was the only "strategic" shot I got, as it was really not that interesting. Had the goody units liberate most of the towns, leaving the far southeast one for last. Once there was a break in the enemy units, we had a few units in and near the town north of Antonio's unit, while we had another town sit at the town to the northeast of Milky's unit, until we were ready to take the enemy base.

The following are various scenes of violence:

Pimpmaster Slust slaps a ho.

Claudia the Pixie decides to make love, not war. To herself. :fappery:

Stop hittin' yourself!




Hey that sounds pretty . …Waaaait don't we know that guy?

Anyway, more violence!

Rauny will fuck your shit up with THUNDER.

Ninja Master brand bottled water is the cleanest, the purest, and will drown more Titans than your leading bottled water.

Would you like some ice to go in your drink?

And what's a day of war without some Lich-death?

Finally, Queen Prince Tristan is brought out to meet another old friend.

Wow, what a shiny new axe you have there!

Oh, Tristan.

He doesn't appear to be surrounded by "evil spirits" to me, those are just Red Dragon sequels.

Whuh-oh! Mister Gares sees someone else he knows! It's just like the high school reunion all over again!



Gares is beaten again, and departs with idle threats. Then someone thinks it'd be a bright idea to explore the dark, stinky dungeon! And what else should we find but a pretty boy in chains.

That's a very good question. You were supposed to be back at the base, missy! <>

And with that, we get to see more of Laharl's mystical teleportation action!

Shall we welcome the dreamy Debonair into our ranks, or will he be too much competition for our men?