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Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen

by Cats Meow

Part 41

Scene 21: The Empire

Fort Allamoot: home to the largest dragon population in the UNIVERSE. You'll see in just a few minutes what I mean. This area is headed by Castor and Polydeuces, known together as the Gemini Twins. I bet they came up with that all by themselves.

Two half-giants = one whole giant. Our army has two Titans, which is the equivalent of like, four giants. I think we have the upper hand here.

It's a shame we didn't see any. I suppose pirates don't like to be seen near such upstanding citizens as ourselves. A whole bunch of other stuff happening on this map didn't apply to us either.

See, I told you he gets night action.

An enemy unit dropped another one of these. I have no idea what we can do with it at this point, but hey, free cool stuff.

Here are 3 out of 8 neutral creatures we recruited. It's like we had some kind of crazy dragon/kraken catnip on us or some shit.

More free stuff for the great King Laharl.

These poor guys got stuck on top of the wall. They sat there for several minutes while their friends all got wiped out before I realized they couldn't move. Poor buggers. I had Needham put them out of their misery.

And now for the boss(es)!

These two don't have any bodyguards, but they make up for it in having some pretty damaging attacks.

Like this,

and this.

Then they kick each other around for their dual attack.

Geist and Saradin and their friends took a couple of casualties, but with the help of an Emperor card, managed to defeat the Twins in one battle. Hooray!

We didn't get to partake in Allamoot's fun activites because of Laharl's high Ali and Reputation, but it is made up for in some mad loot.

We also run into the guy who would like to buy our Star Fragment.

He'll take it for 10,000; 100,000; or 200,000 Goth dollars. I think the answer's obvious, but you guys need something to mull over.

Updated Army list coming soon.