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Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen

by Cats Meow

Part 42

Not to mention he's a Rockgolem. Ahahaha, he's not even shiny!

Edit: Update time!

Scene 22: The Dragon Rider

The last Sky Island. This one has a huge gap in the middle of it, and only one path for land units to take that goes ALL THE WAY AROUND the island, so flyers are an absolute must in this stage. I didn't take any "strategy" shots, but most of the flying enemies tried to go straight down to my base until I took the hidden town just southeast of the enemy camp, then they went straight for that town. I kept a couple units near the town just east of the enemy base, since that's where most of the land-locked enemies went and only had one stray that was easily taken care of by Mort's unit. Also, since Laharl's bodyguards needed some leveling and I needed an extra flyer, I put them in their own unit and just placed some of the rejects with Laharl for insurance.

Someone gave us an Ali potion for no good reason! How generous. I'll be reserving this in case someone develops issues with promotion due to low Ali, so sorry, no claims on this.

Fogel is the third High Knight. He got the same treatment as the other two from the Empire. Who said we were mind liberators, anyway? Let someone with a psych degree take care of that, I say.

You guys can claim this, though. More free stuff for no reason. Aren't we loved?

Just my kind of dragon, er, guy.

Uh oh, somebody doesn't have a parachute!

Do you see that shooting star? Quite pretty, isn't it? It would be a shame if it, say, smashed down upon your entire unit. EHEHEHEHEHE.

Bogy's unit picks up a new friend. We're just a few dragons away from opening our very own Dragon Zoo Park on a secluded tropical island!

Any wannabe evil Knights wannabe a Vampyre? Be the first in YOUR school to be more gothed-out than this game's currency!

We're given a nice pretty jewel…

…that this shady merchant wants to buy off of us before we beat some sense into Fogel.

He'll take it for 70k, 75k, or 80k goth dollars. Apparently you can trade the jewel for another Undead Ring after you beat the stage instead, but we still have one sitting in our inventory unused. Your call, kiddos!