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by Cats Meow

Part 45

Dr. Junga posted:

I was all set to retroactively change all my posts in the thread(s) to "I hate Cats Meow for not finishing his Let's Play" and stuff and here you come all telling us that you're still working on it and not slacking and *phew* what a relief.

Seriously though, because I've been posting in this off and on since basically the beginning and I haven't said it yet: this is an awesome Let's Play, and you're doing a great job both keeping it interesting and playing the game. You don't owe anybody an apology for anything!

I suppose not, but it did come around a lot later than I had announced, and it's the polite thing to do to let people know you're going to be late. Thanks for the compliment, though. I must say though, and I don't want to seem like an attention whore or anything, but if you people keep calling me a "he" after I've stated at least once during this playthrough and several times in other threads that I'm not, I will see to it that your characters' names get changed to reflect their new-found sexuality. :girl:

Anyway, here it is, the new update!

Scene 24: Final Paradise

The Ryhan/Rhyan Sea is a beautiful area with nice weather and sunshine and some pretty mountains and a great place to go swimming; it's referred to as the Final Paradise of the Empire. Seems like a nice place to go, no? Once Laharl has established his place as the Blingin' King of Zenobia, this place will become the tourist trap. But first, we have to kill some more shit!

Not two seconds after I send out the troops, we see this little message:

But it's okay, because this Pixie was all ready to be promoted to a Sylph! WE NOW HAVE MISSILE LAUNCHERS, PEOPLE.

Ohsa curses the enemy. (Don't worry about that Monk, I used a Lover's card so she couldn't do any harm. )

Mort takes the enemy on an acid trip.

Princess Aisha throws some stardust in the eyes of the enemy. Hahaha, get it, stars in their eyes?

A religious leader, corrupt? IMPOSSIBLE.

A merchant, you say? A merchant whose profession is to sell things for MONEY? WOW!

Check out how the enemy units are spreading out a bit. It was kind of a pain to contain them at first, and Mort had to chase a couple of strays.

We got 'em roped in, boss.

If only there were a "make Golems stop sucking" potion.

Death Squad B, cleanup on aisle 7.

Brigitte goes all out, holy war style.

Tristan goes back to some good old traditional slicing of foes.

Got another one of these, now we can hold it in case someone gets really far behind.

Ashe catches us some dinner.

Well that explains why he acts like a merchant then, eh? Anyway, this'll be easy. We'll just steal his clothes and he's sure to run away. IT'S FAILPROOF.

Aww, isn't that cute. He has a st… stuttering… stuttering problem!

What power? The power to be a total chickenshit?

You're a big boy, you don't need all those guys fighting for you.

After getting a single meteor tossed at them, Tristan's unit easily steals Randals' clothes and proceeds to beat the piss out of him.

We didn't get much in the way of presents afterward…

…but we did find out something interesting.

This could get in the way of our plans. On the other hand, imagine a mother-son reunion of royal proportions! But on the other hand, imagine interrupting said reunion to kill them both and take over the throne.

Coming up: an updated Army List and New Equipment, and then we go on a hunt for the Zodiac!