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Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen

by Cats Meow

Part 46

whydirt posted:

I do agree about trying to put him up front, at least if that's cool with Cat's Meow. If he starts dying too much, you're welcome to kick him to the back row again later.

I think I'd be a lot more comfortable leaving him in the back, at least until he has a lot more HP. I've never had a front-row Golem that didn't die constantly.

Riidi WW posted:

Also I think you did Kalbian peninsula before you got Debonair Now we'll NEVER get to see what Debonair had to say to Figaro.

Fuck that shit, I'm not gonna leave that stage open so I can go backtrack after 8 more stages. All we get for it is a stupid little sword anyway.

Stevus posted:

Do I still have my glaive? :x


GetWellGamers posted:

What's a Trade Ticket do? I've never gotten one of those. Is it like the "Merchant" bell?

And speking of items, I vote we buy/hack/save/etc. a charm and swipe one of the "Gares" units once we get to the Highlands. Forget the rest of the unit- a death-squad just isn't complete without a Black Knight in it.

They're the same item. I have a couple, just been saving them up for when we had some extra cash. I suppose now's a good a time as any.

There is no need to hack any Charms in, they're easily purchased if you've got some money.

Pamplmoose posted:

I think we killed Debonair anyway because whoever called him got banned

That was Norn.

Edit: Finally.


Previously, on "Let's Play Ogre Battle…"

A way long time ago, sometime shortly after obtaining the Brunhild, we stopped by the Pogrom Forest to meet this scary-ass dude. We agreed to do this favor for him, and so the treasure quest began.

Quite a while later, we finally arrived at the Dalmuhd Dester to met old Gizzy. He gave us a Gem of Doun to return to old Bolty.

And now, the story continues.

Double score!

This could either mean riches and women, or some kind of religion trap. Laharl will take his chances.

We ride on all the way back to the area we just conquered, and meet with yet another palette-swapped old hag.

Something about the way she says this creeps me right the fuck out. What have we gotten ourselves into?

Okie dokie.

Fellanna's shrine is in Shangrila, where we found Debonair all tied up. Maybe he was getting some kinky goddess-mortal action?

Awesome, the goddess of JUSTICE! So uh, Debonair says you're goddess of a few other things…

The Great Blingn' King of JUSTICE Laharl has other powers too.

Now the REAL treasure hunt begins!

I was going to make an epic update about finding all the gems, but it's really just the same thing over and over.

Until we get to this fuckup.

A cake. He gives us a goddamn cake. This thing won't even last us half the night, the damn Kraken will probably try to take a bite and get the whole thing soaked and it'll disintegrate in its tank.

We managed to keep the treat away from his grubby tentacles long enough to attract children. As if this day couldn't get worse.

Ugh, first it's "save my mommy," now it's "gimme some cake." On one hand, it might shut her the fuck up. On the other hand, it involves sharing. What do you think, soldiers?