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Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen

by Cats Meow

Part 50

Prelude to Scene 26: So short it hardly even warrants its own update, let alone a proper title

The Shrine of Kulyn is surrounded by water, water, and more water. Considering it's about a whole pixel away from the Ryhan Sea on the world map, that actually makes a lot of sense. This is just the place for the Rushin' Tentacle Rape Squad to shine. I made the backup Team Tuna out of the Nixies we had sitting in the dugout, just in case our main water unit ran into any trouble.

But before I could capture either group in action, we ran into this doofus.

Hooray, our revolution has increased crime! Or is it hooray? Shall we accept his offer, or tell him there is no honour (spelled with a u!) among thieves? Should we even trust him, what if he mugs us? Oh god I don't know what to do help me.