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by Cats Meow

Part 52

Vorxnyx posted:

While we're waiting, here's something I did a while ago with Perler beads:

That's cool, I really like it!

Lunarian posted:

Oh I'm sure Cats Meow wouldn't mind doing a second playthrough, would you?
Fuck, fuck no. I'll do Dragon's Haven if there's a high enough demand for it, but I'm not playing through the whole thing again. You guys will just have to wait until someone (NOT ME) does a Tactics Ogre or OB64 thread.

Scene 27: The End Nears

Laharl and his army have entered the Highlands. The Empire is crumbling. This is a worthy cause to celebrate!

…Perhaps not.

It would appear that the Highlanders don't want us around. Well guess what guys, WE CAN AFFORD THE REPUTATION HIT. <>

Rare friendly villager number 1 states the obvious.

Rare friendly villager number 2 is a little more helpful. We'll teach the people that goodliness (or at least loyalty to King Laharl) will lead them to glory and enlightenment! And if they refuse to learn, no biggie, they'll simply go into unpaid labor.

You may have noticed from the previous screens that this level is almost entirely snow-covered. The enemy is wise to this, and almost all of their units are either snow or sky types. So naturally, you're going to want some snow and air types yourself.

Any creature with Fire attacks is very helpful, too. Eat sun, cold beast!

I am not even going to touch the Xanadu thing. But Overlord Hikash is Rauny's dad… whuh-oh! :dramabomb:

We picked up a couple of friendly Ice Giants while crossing the mountains. They had cold feet at first, but they came around.

Who needs to cram for the big exam?

Oh god that rhymed.

As soon as you liberate the town where Sting is sitting, the enemy troops will swarm to that area. Very few will stray from that pattern (see the Eagleman in the mountains), so that is a good place to park whatever units need leveling up--in our case, Sting's and a temporary unit created for the sole purpose of leveling Sophia. Once the town closest to the enemy base is captured (not liberated! ), it will become our base of operations. Of course, once we're done playing catch-up with our weaker units, our Lich Death Squads come to clean up the rest of the baddies so we can find the rest of the hidden towns and treasure.

Now presenting, "A Father-Daughter Squabble."

You tell him, sister!

Hikash gets a total of 5 attacks. As you can see, they hurt a lot. That's totally unfair. Someone should take away his villainy license.

But it's okay because Rauny (or actually Mort, but for the sake of drama let's just say it was Rauny) kills her own dad and the Empire's top general. Badass.

*sniff* It's okay. Nothing to see here. Seriously!

Next stop: Zetenginea. Will we be able to bring the Empress to her senses? Will we just kill her anyway? Updated Army List and several pieces of New Equipment soon.