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Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen

by Cats Meow

Part 53

Scene 28: Ogre Battle

There it is, boys. The capital of the Empire, Zetenginea. It's just a stone's throw away from Xanadu. The Empress Endora and, presumably, the Mage Rashidi await us there. LET'S GO KICK SOME ASS.

Wait. What?

The fuck?

Is this shit?

Not very well-illustrated here, but we're being bombarded by multiple flying Gareses!

I don't know, brother… I don't know.

Here's a look at one of our Platinum Dragons (Piccolo) in action. They're the only ones besides a high-Ali-start Lord who can use Ice Cloud. A lot of good it does against other Plats though, huh?

Ryukaon provides some warmth in the harsh, wintery climate.

Yet another Int boost up for grabs.

Pretty much all the enemies, included the flying Gareses, will fly down straight toward our base in Xanadu, while a few of them will go for the eastern towns being guarded by Ashe's and Zelig's units. The lake and the town where Warren's unit is sitting is our high-activity area.

And now for a HISTORY LESSON

DUN DUN DUUUUUNNNNNNN. Looks like the old royal family were the bad guys after all. Good thing we dumped that faggot Tristan, we could have had a hugely corrupted new kingdom on our hands.

Oh, right. I suppose the Empire isn't that much better after all. This is why we're building the new kingdom of the Great Laharl!

Apparently Gares has been busy executing the Paladins of the Highlands. A few of them managed to escape, though, including this Lans palette-swap:

Oh, Rashidi. I bet he's kicking himself now. All this trouble to build an Empire and corrupt people and shit, when all he had to do was join us to get his silly stones. Of course, Laharl would never share power "greater than the gods," so the guy's pretty much boned either way.

While exploring the far NE mountains, we discover a temple in which someone is hiding…



Once all the clones and other enemy units are taken out, we're able to liberate the last temple before going in for the kill. There, more background info awaits us.

What a fuckin' pussy. Who the hell sends dummies to fight for him? A PUSSY, that's who! The real Gares is probably some level 1 vegetable with the battle capabilities of a fucking Magikarp. THAT'S RIGHT I WENT THERE.

Now to disrespect Gares by doing things to his mother. Debonair gets the first shot.

A feisty one, eh?

Yeah. They're big fuckin' pussies.

Empress Endora likes to spam magic at us. She's pretty good at it, too. Such a shame she wouldn't join us instead.

After Debonair's unit is nearly decimated, Laharl arrives to personally accept the Empress' surrender.

"Yup. That would be me. Check out my e-penis."

"Um, yeah. That's pretty much what I mean. A new ruler. What are you, like 60? 70? That's not very new. In fact in most cultures it's kind of, dare I say, old. It's time for some fresh blood, lady."

She then hands us a copy of Zetenginean Constitutional Amendment 64AE87D: "Only the Empress Endora shall do any sort of ruling, ever." Laharl responds by stabbing her in the neck and burning the document.

The Empire is officially over. It's been great playing with you guys, thanks for-

Oh jesus christ. I suppose we'd better go hunt them down, we can't risk them causing problems for the Great Kingdom of Laharl.

I'm going to start taking yays and nays now regarding Dragon's Haven. Do we want to see it, and do we want to go over the character creation process here?

While you folks mull it over, here are the rewards we picked up.

If we only had one more Undead Ring, we could have a full unit of Lich death.

Coming up: The FINAL Army List, and the end of Rashidi's reign of terror. Don't miss the exciting conclusion of "Let's Play Ogre Battle!"