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Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen

by Cats Meow

Part 58


We celebrate the reign of our new king with a huge party with fireworks. You can never go wrong with fireworks.

Somebody messed up this part. It's supposed to be the Great Kingdom of Laharl!

Here we see Lans and Warren (neither of which have had a single line since the very beginning, by the way) chatting next to the punch bowl.

Damn straight. All thanks to LAHARL. No one else! <>

Well uh, that sucks I guess. I guess that's better than that whole wheelchair thing, right? Or being sucked into the depths of evil? …Right?

Goddamn slacker. You're the leader of the MAGICAL FUCKING BATTALION, you don't just go MIA. How does a Lich go MIA anyway? Just follow the path of DEATH AND DESTRUCTION, and there he is!

Uhm, what?

That's right. Besides, Yulia's busy in Laharl's bedchambers.

Ohhhhhhh boy. It's all coming together now. The pink hair, the wings, the lack of a shirt…

"Yeah, he like, totally took off when I came on to him. So, what did Laharl want you in his room for? Did you guys dooooooo anything?"

And just in case you guys don't know what happened there, .

Yes, "singer," that's the ticket.

Heavens=up=north=Canada, eh?

Yushis, your next task involves visiting Laharl's bedchambers. He will provide you with all the cheering up you can handle, and then some.

Add a million points to Laharl's score chart for that.

This is what we get for letting Magus join us instead of killing him.

Oh jesus christ. Who invited Slust? Seriously, this party is for smart people only. And hot chicks. Like Fenril, whose presence is also required in Laharl's bedchambers.

Nyet? NYET? No. Randomly inserting Russian into your retarded speech does not make you appear any less retarded, Black Zell.

No, he really isn't.

Like I said, Black Zell.

How about you leave my party right now, and Fenril does what she's told. Never leave the king waiting.

And now for our main event: a speech from our new Blingin' King, the Great Laharl!

"These rights do not include using Golems as sex toys, however convenient they may be."

"Especially you ladies. I'll be seeing each of you sometime tonight."

"And all hail your Blingin' King Laharl! Now let's get wasted! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO"

Read that sentence. Now read it again. Now let us share a collective sigh.

Roll credits, and…

Here's our final score of sorts:

Awesome. We defeated an entire continental empire in a matter of 5 and a half months.

I'd like to thank everyone for contributing and participating, and to those who stuck around to the end, double thanks. These threads wouldn't be fun or even possible without your contributions.

Now, I am wanting to do the Dragon's Haven bonus stage later today, if you guys still want to see it. I'm looking to contact around 10 people for a quick character-creation thing over AIM or MSN in the afternoon (Pacific time here), so if there are any other volunteers, please post here stating your interest and your AIM or MSN handle if they're not in your profile.

Thanks again, everyone!