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Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen

by Cats Meow

Part 59


I decided to make 'FIRESEAL' a girl because Laharl needs another ass to tap.

Here's a transcript of the Tarot questions, and the answers given:

Question 1: Devil -- A demon you have called forth has demanded your most dear possession instead of granting you a wish. What does it demand?
Lunarian (Zelig the Vampyre) answered, "Your money."

Question 2: Empress -- As a king wishing to rule the world, what personality trait do you feel you most lack?
Riidi WW (Princess Aisha) answered, "Efficiency."

Question 3: You are staring at the full moon the night before a battle. What are you thinking of?
Mordecai (Dragon Master Sting) answered, "Your Beautiful Lover."

Question 4: Hermit -- After a difficult battle, the army you lead was unfortunately defeated. What was the cause of your defeat?
Javelin (Warren the Lich) answered, "Destiny."

Question 5: Temperence -- A messenger from the gods has appeared before you. What does this messenger look like?
Vorxnyx (Moira the Cockatrice) answered, "A beautiful girl."

Question 6: Fortune -- It is sometimes said that victory is only luck. What do you think luck is?
PopeCrunch (Doll Master Leopold) answered, "Luck is something you create."

Final card drawn: Hanged Man.

Let's see how our bonus hero turned out!

The Hero's name in the Dragon's Haven bonus scenario will always default to "Lexar." Both times we did this, we ended up with a goodly-neutral hero. I guess goons are just like that.

And our mini-army:

Just for the hell of it, I decided to write-up a pretend Army List. Nostalgia, I suppose. I wasn't planning on doing any unit rearrangement, although I might switch a few characters around to make them more efficient. I wasn't planning on doing any claims either, but if you REALLY want to I guess you can, for a whole one tiny stage. Anyway.

Pretend Army List

1. Lexar, lvl 15 -- Lord
Sazabi, lvl 15 -- Paladin
Brian, lvl 15 -- Paladin
Ney, lvl 15 -- Muse
Miria, lvl 15 -- Muse

2. Lindory, lvl 15 -- Paladin
Neilson, lvl 15 -- Samurai
Bikke, lvl 15 -- Samurai (oh well look who came back)
Gaston, lvl 15 -- Ninja
Indy, lvl 15 -- Ninja

3. Mako, lvl 15 -- Muse
Musa, lvl 15 -- Gryphon (can be upgraded to Cockatrice)
Edberg, lvl 15 -- Paladin
Forward, lvl 15 -- Paladin

4. Whiteman, lvl 15 -- Eagleman (turned good and obtained leadership qualities?)
Otto, lvl 15 -- Mage
Mayard, lvl 15 -- Mage
Ryumpa, lvl 15 -- Red Dragon II

5. Comet, lvl 15 -- Monk
Eva, lvl 15 -- Seraphim
Yulia, lvl 15 -- Seraphim (Canopus' sister puts herself to use?)
Samson, lvl 15 -- Paladin
Bemond, lvl 15 -- Paladin

6. Merry, lvl 15 -- Princess (did she use that spare Crown?)
Ryukasto, lvl 15 -- Wyvern
Johnson, lvl 15 -- Tigerman
Sergio, lvl 15 -- Tigerman

7. Rudolph, lvl 15 -- Mage
Carlson, lvl 15 -- Demon
Conan, lvl 15 -- Demon
Duke, lvl 15 -- Evil One
Anderson, lvl 15 -- Evil One

Not in a Unit
Cassisus, lvl 17 -- Dragon Master
Bancroft, lvl 17 -- Dragon Master
William, lvl 17 -- Dragon Master
Gavin, lvl 17 -- Lich
Letia, lvl 17 -- Nixie
Wendy, lvl 17 -- Nixie
Rosetta, lvl 17 -- Nixie
Jerry, lvl 17 -- Vampyre

And there ya go. I'm going to put off doing the stage till tomorrow because either (you pick):
a.) I'm lazy
b.) I've grown so attached to this thread that I have to drag it out as long as possible