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Part 2: I ontday antway otay ebay a omiccay eliefray irlgay!

Music: Home Sweet Home

The next night, at Ari's house...

(Chuckle)... Your father is crazy about the bottle! He really likes antiques!

The circus is in the field outside the village tonight! Ari, Annie... Why don't you go and have fun?
Alright Ma, see you later!

You shouldn't go out alone at night. Go with your brother.
Don't worry! Chad is picking me up! La di da, I'm going out on a date tonight!

I want to point out that the boy she went out with yesterday was named Morris.

Annie leaves.

Oh, Annie... A boy is picking you up..?

And now we're able to move. The circus is exciting and all, but it would be rude to just leave without talking to anyone.

Back then we were in true love. Yeah, big time... Right, honey?
Uh huh, uh huh. That's right, honey.

Oh, Annie. She looks so happy... Come on, Ari, why don't you go and have fun too?

I, I gotta go to the circus...
It's awesome! Purple is so cool.
(Just listen to him)

Oh, you know the difference! Good. Listen, this crest on the bottle is... if my theory is correct, this crest is in the shape of the tail of the Rainbow Rat that only comes out by moonlight, namely...

I, I gotta go to the circus...
Uh huh, and?
(Give up and listen to him.)

...Among those ancient rituals is...and the curve of the handle is...foretold by the shoelace weaver...with the proper harmonics...all you need is a little 200 degrees for an, wait, let me see...then, yes! No, no... Then it's simple quantum physics.

......Therefore, my conclusion! Do you understand, son!?

Yep, got it!
Could you translate that?
Th-the circus...

Oh yes, that's my son! Yes, the circus was tonight, right. Well, don't just stand there. Go and have some fun, boy!

We quickly leave the house before we can get roped into any more long conversations.

Music: Out of Acknowledge

If we keep running past Tenel Village, we'll eventually come across the circus.

Skinny Boy: Hey, Ari, what's going on? The circus's over. Ha ha ha, you're such a dork. You always miss out! Hi, Julia, I know a place with a great view. Come on, let's take a walk. See ya, Ari.


Ari watches the two of them leave together.

You always miss the circus, by the way. If you try to leave without talking to Ari's father, he tells you to wait up because he has something he wants to talk to you about, and no matter what dialog choices you pick, he just goes on and on.

While we're here, we might as well talk to this fine gentleman.

Ah, the joy of a drink after work! ...Huh? Hey kiddo. Circus's already over.

It's true.
That's not true!

Thanks for bringing that up.

Ha ha ha, calm down. Well, you know, you're very overshadowed. Watch yourself, now. Heh heh heh! Be strong kiddo! Ha ha ha!

There's also a so-called stone circle over by the tent. We can't do anything with it right now, though.

Nothing to do but head home. And along the way...

Music: The Encounter

Jan, who is neither Morris nor Chad, flees from the ghost.

The ghost flees as Ari approaches.

Ari's dad, who happens to be approaching from the other direction, scares the ghost away into the forest.

Annie? Annie! Open your eyes, Annie!!


Music: Home Sweet Home

The doctor leaves, and Ari passes him in the hall.

Oh my god... Son, Annie, Annie is... God...
Oh, Annie. Annie, my little poor thing.
My granddaughter, my granddaughter...
Uh huh, uh huh... That's right honey...

Wh, what is she talking about..?
Annie! Pull yourself together!
Cool, do it again!

Annie is, Annie is...under the curse of pig latin!

What on earth is that?
Oh, my god...
I antcay elievebay itay.

It's a dreadful curse in which you can only speak in pig latin. The victim skips the first consonant of a word and adds it to the end with an "ay"!! Oh, Annie, Annie... You poor little thing!
I asway tackeday ybay a hostgay! Rotherbay, elphay, emay! I amay alkingtay llaay eirdway!
The pig latin curse... I used to play it often for fun when I was a little...
Oh, me too. I used to speak in pig latin. Like, oodgay orningmay.
Uh huh, uh huh. That's right, honey.

Guys, Annie's in trouble!

...become some comic relief girl, not a precocious pretty Princess! This is horrible!
I ontday antway otay ebay a omiccay eliefray irlgay!
What should we do? How can we break the ghost curse?
Uh huh, uh huh. That's right, honey...
If we don't do something... My little Annie will become comic relief... Oh no, what a tragedy!
Even the doctor condemned her as uncurable... Damn... There is only one thing we can do!

Hey, where are you going?
To the basement, father. The key to saving Annie is there! Ari, help us out, okay?

Well, I guess...
Ok, dad.

To save your dearest sister? Can you dedicate both your body and soul?

This all seems weird...

Honey, the doctor said that it won't endanger Annie's life...
Oh yeah? Well, you'll do it anyway, son! For your sister! You will bear anything even if it is hard, painful or unbearable, won't you?

I will!
No thank you...

Well, umm...

Huh? What's that? Anyway, good, excellent! That's the spirit my boy! I found something really amazing the other day... Just follow me!

Ari's dad leads the family down to the basement.

Music: The Cellar

This bottle I found the other day. This bottle is acutally...!

It's "Pollack's Bottle". I'm sure of it! Isn't it amazing!

Looks a little sketchy.
What's in it?

Oh wow! What do I get to wish for...
So, Pollack is a person who really existed several hundred years ago. The legend says that he obtained the power to change a person's fate and hid it in this bottle.

I doubt that...
Ok, go on...

Son, I hate to say this but this sounds very suspicious.
Uh huh, uh huh. That's right honey.
Well, father. Seeing is believing! I knew something like this would happen! So I drew my own magic ideogram a while ago! I will call the great power that changes fates! Gwaaa! Embrace!

He stands on one foot and dances around a little while chanting.

We beckon you our honored guest. To be present and grant us our request.

(Huff, huff) That's it. ............

The bottle glows, and in a puff of smoke, a mysterious figure appears!

At last, at last! The time has come for my great master to revive! I am an Evil Butler. The name is James! Nice to meet you everyone! Now, let me do the introductions! The Evil King who presides wickedly over all darkness and malevolence everywhere... Lord Stanley Hihat Trinidad XIV!
E-Evil King?
Huh? This is strange...

Voice in the Bottle: You may call me Evil King, Stan! I am a purely Evil, Evil King. Let my malevolence and sheer badness awe and terrify you! Ahem! Now, imbecile humans! Answer me! Why have you summoned me!?

We have a favor to ask...
We don't need you.
Darn, I forgot.

We have a favor to ask. We want you to save the life of my child! My daughter, Annie is under the curse of a ghost and is on her death bed!
Um, there's nothing wrong with her life though...
Anyway, we would like you to break the ghost's curse on my daughter!

Voice in the Bottle: A ghost? Oh, one of those lower class evil beings. That's all? Fine, that's easy. But you must know. In order to benefit from me, the Evil King... One of you must make an evil agreement with me... And serve as my slave, servant and follower.

Really? Is that so...?

Voice in the Bottle: Yes, very so!
Whole Family: ............

Alright, if that's what we have to do... To save my baby, I can... I can sell my sould to the devil! I'll sell my soul ten times over!
Well, I... I'll sell mine too!
Yup, me too!
Uh huh, uh huh. That's right honey.
Well, son?

So will I!
In a pig's eye!

Aww, why not.

Huh? What did you say? Anyway... Great to hear that you can sell your soul too! That's my son! You are such a good boy!

Okay okay.
I told you I won't...

Excellent! You're a brave boy! You are going to embark on such an interesting... I mean, a difficult and honorable burden. God, I'm so proud to have a brave son!
Okay! It seems that you came to an agreement. Now! Everyone, could you stand in line here? Now, we are judging everyone's shadow.

The family lines up at James' request.

...300 years ago, the Great Evil King Gohma destroyed half the world, however, he was defeated by a hero. Lord Stan, who graces us with his devilish presence today... He is the reincarnation of and the successor to the Great Evil King Gohma!

Voice in the Bottle: Yes, I have waited for 300 years in a bottle due to some deplorable error... At last, my powers of revival have been accumulated! All due to my indominable endurance and effort! Oh, how great I am!

That's my master! However, Master's magical power is only a fraction of what is once was. Until his complete revival, he must borrow a human shadow. ......However! Since it is the master haunting it, the shadow must be top class, too. Thus!

Two ghosts appear behind James

I invited shadow experts from the Diablerie! We are about to begin, the first Stan Cup Shadow Contest! Ladies and Gentlemen... Ready? Start casting!


Music: Shadow Contest

Judge B: Boo boo, boo... (But, she's...)

Hmm, Madam, it's a near miss! There seems to be a slight problem with your figure. The judges apologize. You would have been perfect 5 years ago. But personally, I believe you are perfect! Oops, please excuse me. Now the last entry... Let me introduce the son, Ari!

Ari steps into the circle, and the judges start judging.

Judge A: Boo, b, boo! (Superb! It's almost flawless!)
Judge B: Phshewwww! (Perfectly overshadowed!)
Wow! It's- It's a surprise! He won over all of the judges! Everyone gave him excellent marks! He has a perfect score! For the first Stan Cup Shadow Contest the victory goes to Ari! Congratulations! Congratulations!

I'm proud of you, boy!
Uh huh, uh huh. That's right honey.
Well done Ari! I have always believed in you!

Music: Stan's Theme

A black smoke pours out of the bottle and engulfs Ari. And then...

A strange figure suddenly pops out of Ari's shadow, startling him and causing him to lose his balance!

Nothing like 3 years ago... I had a rough time then. Yes, this will do very nicely. Now, what's your name, um, Ari? From now on, you must work as my servant, slave and subordinate! Are you ready!
Enough about that. What about my daugher, Annie...
Oh, I almost forgot about that. Now, let me show you! The awesome power of Evil King Stan!


Music: Home Sweet Home

Annie. Oh Annie! Oh, thank you so much!
Oh, Annie! I knew I was right! Ha ha ha, I'm so glad!
Are you alright, Annie? ......Huh? Annie, your shadow...
Shadow? What about my shadow, Gramps? What?

Hmm, it seems that I made a slight miscalculation.
Oh no! I cannot go outside with a shadow like this! I'll never get married!
Shut up. I promised to break the curse. I didn't say that I wouldn't turn your shadow pink!
That's my master! Your logic is wonderfully evil!
Oh no! Why me! My shadow!

So while I was transcribing this update, I got kind of curious about what Annie's curse was in the Japanese version. Perhaps because the game is so obscure, it's very hard to find any information on version differences on the English internet, so I had to try and figure it by stumbling around the Japanese internet with an extremely limited understanding of the language. Of course, Annie's curse isn't pig latin in the Japanese version. Based on parts of a Japanese Let's Play, I've sort of figured out what it was.

She has the Curse of the Pavilion, which causes her to insert "B" sounds into her words after each syllable. So, for example, the word "onii-chan" (older brother) becomes "obonibi-chaban." I'm pretty confident on that, but I don't really know enough Japanese to find out if this is an actual thing Japanese children do, like pig latin is for us. I have determined that it sounds really funny when read aloud, though.

And since I'm talking about version differences, I might as well bring up Ari's eyes while I'm at it. You may have already noticed, or read about it in the thread, but in the Japanese version of the game (and in the mugshot I've been using), Ari's eyes are absolutely gigantic. Here's a good comparison shot from this update:

(Thank you, Nico Nico Douga user Yuni. I took this from your LP without permission.)

I don't really know why they would change his eyes like that, unless they just thought gigantic and slightly terrifying eyes wouldn't appeal to American audiences. It looks like they added a nose, too.

And don't forget, voting on Ari's personality is open until the end of Chapter 1!