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Okage: Shadow King

by DarkHamsterlord

Part 7: Hmmm, you have to think hard!

Music: Theme of Madril R

Now that Rosalyn has moved, we can slip into this manhole she was standing on. Could the Sewer Evil King be waiting underneath...?

No, it's just a pipe.

And the opposite end has a ladder back up to the surface.

The pipe lets us out near this building, which we couldn't access before thanks to all this junk on the ground.

The nearby gate is locked, but the door is open.

Tough Girl: We are engaging in a "bloody battle"!
Blabber Dill: L-leader, it's him! I didn't want to but he forced me to reveal the secret back-way info! Oh, but he can do a trick with his shadow. It's totally hilarious!

Tough Girl: Wow, it's true! Cool! I mean, um... Talk down to us again and I'll teach you a lesson!
Blabber Dill: That's right! This is the boss of the Calicos: Maggie! You can't scare us with your shadow! Our leader is a tomboy! We call her Maggie of the "Cuts & Bruises"!

I know! You are a cat's paw of the Whisker Moles!
Eh? What's that gibberish? Whatever. Slave, let's go! We have important things to do. I don't have time to play hopscotch with these children. These brats wouldn't know their way around the sewer, anyway.

And I'm not gonna tell you! You are a sneaky spy from the Whisker Moles! Bah!
Enough lip, stripling! What is this Whisker comething or other!? I am the Evil King Stan!
Don't play the fool! Bah!

Hmmm...Ha ha ha ha ha! Raggedy Maggie, looking ragged at maggoty as always, huh?
This building is our territory! The goody-goodies of the Whisker Moles should just fawn over their mammy upstairs!
Oh, callous Calicos use such catty words. Besides, you're wrong about one thing. The back of this building is already under the control of the Whisker Moles.
What!? When! You pretend to be a goody-goody but do such crappy things!
Humph. It's sad. The only thing an underdog can do is bark. Anybody can enter from anywhere into such a rotten building.

This is your cat, isn't it?
Oh no! Dilbert! Give my Dilbert back to me! It's unfair to take a cat as hostage!
Whoa, you are rude. I just gave shelter to a stray cat. Come to the back room of this building and I can give him back to you. If you can get to the room, that is! Faugh ha ha ha ha ha! Hey, new member of my Whisker Moles, come out and say hello to the Calicos!

Faugh ha ha ha ha ha! Do you give up? Just submit and give up!

Boy of Little Note: Yeah! Give up!


Dill: Cowards, you Whisker Moles! Leader, what should we do?

Humph! I won't give up! I have a new member, too! Right!

Don't even...

...Ha ha ha! What a shaky member! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

(Sigh) Doing this to get into the sewer, it's so pathetic...

Rosalyn follows Robert and the Boy of Little Note into the back.

Crabby Robert will prepare a sleazy trap! I am counting on you, new member!
Aghhhh, I can't stand it! Don't be absurd...
If you get my cat back, I'll tell ya' about the back-way into the sewer.

We give chase into the rear part of the building!

Oh... I'm shedding tears. Oh my god...

Dill: The exit is blocked by boxes that you can push but can't pull! Think hard about the order you need to push them in to clear the exit. Hmmm, you have to think hard!

Wow! It looks hard. Go for it, new member!

When we approach the boxes, Ari automatically begins pushing them into place.

Slave! This is all your fault! You slow, slow, slow, slave!

I really love how this puzzle is so stupidly easy that the game just does it for you.

Whoa! I didn't think you would break my trap this fast!
Robert, you promised! Give Dilbert back to me!
Humph! No way. I told you I can but I didn't say I will!

I love Dill's expression. His face always looks like that, but this is the only time the camera zooms right up into it. It's so

Humph! Crying won't help!

Rosalyn stands in front of Robert.


Ow!!! Wh-what did you do that for, new member!
Just cut it out! I don't care if you do fight. At least you have an adult involved. But it was the worst excuse. Making a girl cry is the worst, too. Do you understand? Huh? Answer me!
But... But it's Maggie's fault! Maggie was...she was...

Boy of Little Note: Ummm... Wh-what should I do? Ummm... Re-retreating!


The boy drops Dilbert and flees.

Dill: But Leader doesn't have a clue. I guess the fight will go on. I will get involved next time, too.

Well, that was a bust. Let's get out of here.

You can enter the sewer through the manhole at the back of this building! I'll leave the gate open so you can go in anytime!
Hey, wait! Wait, you over there! You aren't going into the sewer, are you? An Evil King is in there!

That is why I'm going.
Sounds dangerous.
Gosh, really?

Gee, what are you talking about! You are still a kid. Once you are dead, it's too late! Don't go!

...Wh-whose voice was that?

Voice of Stan: Oops, darn. Ahem, it's me. Sorry to be so rude miss.

Are you a ventriloquist? Whatever. You are really rude though. Anyway, are you really going to go?

Voice of Stan: Ahem, that's right miss. So, go away and leave me be.

I cannot let you! But I guess you have a reason? Yes? Well, I have to enter into the sewer anyway. I'll just go down with you.

Yes please!
No, thank you.

Stan, what should we do?

Voice of Stan: S, stupid! Shut up! Just run away from this woman! ......Ahem. I am fine by myself.

Hey, are you okay? Are you sick or something? I'm really worried. I'll go with you for a while anyway. My name is Rosalyn. Yours? ...Oh, Ari. Nice to meet you Ari. Ari, I think you still have to prepare, so I'll wait for you.

Music: Theme of Madril

All the blockades are gone now, so we can go straight back to the inn to save, instead of taking the long route through the manhole and Toby's house. When we're done, we head back to that gate from before.

Not sure.

Okay, let's go. Be careful once we're inside. Follow me closely and step back if anything happens. Okay?

Voice of Stan: Ahem. Uh huh, okay. Let's go.

Master, it is not fair! James was looking forward to being called by you, master! Now, James is here and you are safe! Let me show you the Dark Butler technique. An ancient horror technique!
Ari... Uh, hello? Monster?

Voice of Stan: Ahem. He's my butler. He can use a little magic.

Huh? What's wrong with you master, I am not a magician. I am the Evil K...

Darn, I had a date with Natasha! Master, I've gotta go now. See you later! I'm always on your side, giving 100%!!!!

James vanishes.

Who was that?

Voice of Stan: Uh...yeah, who was that?

Hey, Ari. I think your shadow has been acting strangely...

And I heard the Sewer Evil King. Uh... has the herb...
I knew you were damaged! I mean poor thing! Now that I know why, I can help you!

Voice of Stan: Let's get going! We have to hurry up or we won't find the Sewer Evil King!

That's right! Let's get going Ari!

At last, we enter the sewer.