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Okage: Shadow King

by DarkHamsterlord

Part 9: The password is Gear Love!

Music: Theme of Madril

We're still in Madril (which looks totally awesome in motion). Our first order of business is to check out our new party member!

Rosalyn is hell of fast. The fastest character in the game, in fact. Her attack isn't bad either, and she currently has about twice as much HP as Ari. Her element is ice, so she takes extra damage from lightning attacks. Rosalyn is all around a pretty good character.

Now, we don't really have much of a goal at the moment. We freed Madril from the Sewer Evil King's tyranny though, so let's explore the now-peaceful city! First and foremost, we can solve the second Cyphertext here.

Cyphertext 2
5: ownha
1: Knockth
4: sideoft
3: nthe
6: llofth
2: reetimeso
7: emachines.

This one is pretty simple. You just put the letter sequences in the order provided.


Knock three times on the side of town hall of the machines.

There's a mysterious hole on the side of Madril's town hall, so we check it out.

Call out, "Mail delivery!"
Do nothing.

Knock once.
Knock 3 times.
Knock 5 times.

Mysterious Hole: ......

(A letter was handed out from inside the Mysterious Hole!)

Ari acquired "Cyphertext 3"!

Cyphertext 3:


Continuing our exploration of the peaceful Madril, we stop in at this residence.

Oh hey, Rosalyn is here.

There's also a cat!

Yeah, Okage is pretty much a 3D Mother game.

If something ever happens again, we'll count on you to help us out. I'll help you in any way I can, too, if it's OK with you.

Thank you.
We could use your help, too.
Sorry, I don't need a sand castle.

Hey, stupid girl, you got it all wrong! I didn't beat that lame-brained Evil King for you or the town.
Oh? Don't be embarrassed. What you did was a great thing!
(Giggling)...Hee-hee! A Great Evil King, he says, and he's helping out the townsfolk.
No, no, no. I said you've got it all wrong! I am the one and only true Evil King!
Ha ha ha ha! You're too funny, new kid! You're making me laugh so much it hurts!
Ugh. If I hadn't been in such a good mood, having gotten rid of the rat. I'd just get rid of this stupid girl, too. Drat, drat, drat it all! I can't stand these insults anymore! Let's go, slave!

And so we do.

Now that we've taken care of the Sewer Evil King, we can enter the sewer management building.

Oh, sorry. I meant to say "The Madril Sewerage Bureau."

Ultra-Serious Sewer Staffer: It's so quiet and peaceful now. It's all because of you. Thank you, thank you for all your help. But I got to thinking, maybe this was a good incident. How else do you get people to give thought to the sewer, as it is always hidden from view? So I think that, in some ways, it was actually good. Yes, I do. But on second though, I shouldn't say that. That's not good to think that. I shouldn't thank the Evil King, right? I'll just be simply happy with the fact that the sewer is once again a quiet and peaceful place. Yes.

Over by the entrance to the sewer is a huge building we can't get inside.

Posting: Please leave immediately. Or else you'll get frightened or hurt or something unpleasant like that. Hurry! Sneaking up behind you is...

Hm, mysterious. There's also an important place next door.

Whoa, what's going on in here?

Gear Gaffer: want to kiss gears, hug gears, love gears and marry gears! The password is Gear Love!

Gear Expert: No, I won't do that. You can see my anyway. I am the self-professed Gear Expert! Here in Madril, we have countless gears. But they were not made by us. All gears, no, the entire town, was left behind from an ancient time called the Pre-Age Period. But nothing is known. Nothing...nothing about the Pre-Age Period is known to us. That's why we are attracted so much to our gears, our mysterious objects! Gear Love!

Gear Freak: Just look at her exquisitely rugged edges! But, oh, but! I just cannot clean out the lint from this groove no matter how I try. Oh, my poor darling Ondeene!

Gear Freak notcied Ari's "Worn Brush"!

Gear Freak: Oh! The brush! With this, I can clean the link here right off Ondeene!

You can have it.
You can't have it.
Get your own!

Gear Freak: Oh, thank you! As a token of my appreciation, I'll give you this gear from my collection. Be sure to take good care of it!

Ari acquired "Rare Gear"!

Freaked Out Lad: I can't handle it. How do the people around here do it?

You and me both, Lad. I can't deal with these freaky gear people. Let's get out of here.

We've covered the entire first level, so let's take the elevator up to the second. We couldn't get up here before because it was under the control of the Sewer Evil King.

As soon as we get off the elevator, we're hit with a cutscene.

Passerby: Sorry, I can't. I don't have time.

Oh, I see. Someone, please listen. Please listen to my song.

Who, me?
You don't mean me.
Oh, great.

Yes! You! Please! Please, listen to my story!

Um. Could you please listen to my singing?

Yes, I guess.
No, thanks.
Let me get back to you.

Hi, my name is Linda. I want to be a teen idol singer. So here I am, working hard to let everyone know about me and my songs. But... People in the big city are so cold. Sometimes I feel I can't go on anymore.

Hey, keep it up!
That's life for you.
You have to work at some things.

Oh! What warm, encouraging thoughts! Thank you so very much! I knew you were a very nice person! So let me sing for you, straight from my heart! This song has no words or title yet, but please listen!

Music: Linda's Song
Sorry if the quality on this one sound a little low. It's not on the OST, so I had to let it play in-game and record it from there.

Lah, la, la, la, la, la, lah, la, lah, la, la, la, la, lah, la, la, lah, la, la, la, lah, la, lah, la, lah, la, la, lah, la, lah, la, lah, la, la, lah, la, la, lah, la, la, la, lah

Gasp! Oh, sorry. I'm sorry! I'm sorry!

Music: Theme of Madril

Yes, I know. I know I'm no good.

You're not bad!
Yeah, you're bad.
Didn't want to break it to you.


You're not bad!
Yeah, you're bad.
Didn't want to break it to you.

Heh, heh, heh. I knew you were a very nice person. Thanks to you, I'm encouraged! Could you please tell me your name?
Ha, ha, ha, then, let me tell you. My name is Stan. Master Stan, the Evil King of the Dark. And this guy here is my slave Ari!
Oh, Ari? What a nice name.
Hey, fool girl, I'm...
Ari. Um, well... Would you please come see me again? I'll be here. I'll always be here singing.

The choices in Okage rarely directly affect a conversation, but this conversation is one of the few times in the game where you'll just keep being presented with the same choice until you pick a specific one. Ari just can't bring himself to crush a girl's dreams, I suppose.

This is Madril's train station. Nothing and nobody is here, and we'll never be able to use it for anything. It simply exists.

There's a man standing directly to the right of the station, who we talk to.

Man Counting Desperately: 258, 259, and 260. Oh? Such an even number? Oh, sorry about that. I was counting the moles on my body. Oops! I forgot the moles on my back! Just kidding! I counted them using this mirror. Well, why not celebrate it being such an even number by giving you this hand mirror as a gift.

No, that's fine, I really don't-

Ari acquired "Swanky Mirror"!


Man Counting Desperately: Let's see, what should I count next? Yes! Let's find some spider eggs and count the number of spider babies! Ooo, I feel like something's crawling down my back. How creepy. I've got goosebumps. But look at how many there are! There's a ton of them! Boy, this is gonna be fun.


In a desperate attempt to get away from the counting man as quickly as possible, we duck into the closest building.

Hung Over Gal: Why do I keep doing this to myself? I'm too old for this! Um...where am I? ZZZZZ

Hung Over Gal: Gawd, I'm afraid to see what I look like right now...

The Hung Over Gal noticed Ari's "Swanky Mirror"!

Hung Over Gal: Hey, you've got something nice. Can I see it? Thanks...Oh no! I have to re-apply my makeup! My customers will call me creepy. Well, I'd better get ready to go to work now that my headache's going away. Oh, yes, young boy... You might be too young for now, but call me at this number if anything happens. I might not be of much help but I can comfort you when you feel like crying.

Well now I kind of feel like visiting this bar more often.

Hung Over Gal: Oh, hello, little ghost. I'd love you to visit me as my customer.

Um, I'm not a ghost! But I'll forgive you for that slight, this time.

Ari acquired "Gaudy Card"!

Alright, our business card collection is steadily growing. The two doors in this building are shut tight, so we leave and head across the street.

It looks suspicious. Let me check inside for you.

Stan slips under the door (apparently he can do that!), then returns a few seconds later.

The unsuspecting resident won't be able to scrape the dirt off his shoes when he comes home! Hu ha ha ha ha ha!

You monster! This is the most evil thing you've done since you took over Ari's shadow!

We head over to the next house over.

Miss Madril: Oh, why, why, why? Why doesn't my Prince Charming come into my life? I've been waiting and waiting for him! Someone with spiky hair and intense eyes, who dresses well and can accept me with open arms. Am I asking for too much? No... I don't think so. Someday, my prince will come. I know he will... So I'll keep waiting. I'll wait for him forever!

Gossip Monger: Hey, be careful because there is a strange guy roaming around here. And there are more weird things happening around this town, like ghosts and things. That guy I just saw, he suddenly just grabbed my hand and introduced himself. That's so perverted don't you think? And then he called himself Batten GlinGlin or something, and went on his way. He sure was a weirdo... Ooo, now I'm thinking about him again. I'll go and wash my hands later.

Alright, I'm at a loss for what to do. What do you think, Stan?

What does it say on the "Map o'Evil Kings"?

Oh right, that thing. We can use it from our inventory at any time to get info on our next target.

It will bring about a regal disorder.

Great. That tells us a lot.

Madril has a second gate on the upper level, so let's just head in that direction and see where it takes us.

We exit the city, and...