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Part 10: Atta girl, fat legs!

Music: Gutten Kisling


Huh? Excuse me, sir, whoever you are, will you let me pass, please?
Ho ho ha ha! Miss Hero, come, let us go on a journey, a great quest! Come along with me, Gutten Kisling!
Ummm... Excuse me?

The one who is unparalleled in her entertainment ability and her misfortunes. A biological machine that functions as a trigger to generate various singular phenomena!
What's he talking about?

Hwa ha ha! Atta girl, fat legs! Attracting suspicious, old men!
Ho ha ha ha! You are right! The life work of yours truly, Great Professor Kisling, is the study of ghsots! Miss Hero, my instincts tell me that, with you, I will experience a multitude of encounters with ghosts!
Knock it off! I have my hands full as it is with this stupid shadow! Go away! Shoo! Shoo!
Oh, My Beautiful Hero, I wish you could feel my heart. Yes. The research is but an excuse. Must I tell you that I was swept away by your loveliness?
Oh, my, you flatter me. You silly boy, you... What's a girl to do, Ari?

Befriend him
Don't befriend him

Toy with his feelings.

Don't ask the slave, ask moi, you washbowl woman! I'm telling you now, I disapprove. This old man is too suspicious!
Oh, so you disapprove? Then, I approve! He doesn't seem like a bad guy. Come along with me, Prof. Kisling!
Grrrr, stupid woman! Swept away so easily by false flattery.
Ho ha ha ha! Well let's get rolling, shall we?

Great. This guy doesn't look like he'll murder us in our sleep.

Now that Kisling is stalking Rosalyn accompanying us, our party is filled out.

Kisling is probably the most worthless party member, especially when you first get him. His only stat that isn't either terrible or mediocre is Magic (with his 24 Magic stat, he brings the party's LP to 46). Unfortunately, he doesn't come equipped with any spells. All he has is Spell Suction, which costs 10% HP and drains LP from the enemy.

Kisling starts out at level 10, yet most of his stats are worse than Ari's, who is level 5. He learns his first offensive spell at level 12, which is going to take an eternity to reach, because all the enemies in this area are balanced for level 5-ish characters, so he gets about 10 EP per battle. It will be a long time before he's able to actually damage enemies in battle.

His element is Thunder, so he takes extra damage from fire spells.

Music: Plain of Lumile

Anyway, welcome to the Rumille Plains!

As you can see, our party trails behind us when we're on the overworld. There's no purpose to it, except for blocking your already severely limited view because of the terrible zoomed-in, always pointing at the ground, camera. I believe I forgot to mention earlier that we can only move the camera on the X axis.

While wandering around and staring at the ground, we stumble upon an opened chest.

The Cool Vest is not a piece of equipment. In fact, the Cool Vest serves no purpose.

Something is there... Ari found "Tiny Gear"!

There's a Tiny Gear nearby, as well. After collecting it, we follow the river back to the pathway and come to a bridge.

I was right! Miss Hero's amazing bad luck has already quadrupled the ghost appearance rate! Ooh, what lovely ghosts. Oh, so irresistibly ghostly... Oh, my...
Argghh! Woman, it's your fault! You befriended this fool!

We're placed into a battle with the weakest enemies in the game. (They each have a max HP of 1) I guess this battle is just here to let you acclimate yourself to Kisling.

His casting animation is pretty neat. That's about the only positive thing I can say about Kisling's presence in battle.

Something is there... Ari found "Tiny Gear"!

Following the river to the west from the bridge gets us another Tiny Gear.

As we continue south, the ground turns to sand. We follow the cliff southward, and...

Something is there... Ari found "Tiny Gear"!

Continuing to the south, we find a book. A book fully restores our HP and LP, and allows us to save. Books appear in dungeons and the overworld. They're basically inns, but you can't reconfigure your party from them.

We continue to the south. The sand turns back to grass, and there's a ton of big stone pillars lying around. At this point the path splits, and we head west.

Oh! The travelling circus!

Veteran Clown: I don't think I can perform without the Ringmaster. I guess he'll catch up with us later, like he always does. But still, I don't like this.

A very Tim Burton cliff is located to the south of the circus. And at the base of the cliff is...

Something is there... Ari found "Tiny Gear"!

On the way back down, we find another chest.


This guy is also hanging around the circus.

Dreaming Circus Performer: Hi there! Have you heard of messages in a bottle? You put your message in a bottle and release it at a river or sea. What if someone, somewhere, found the bottle and read the message inside? Don't you think that your world would expand to a new level? And maybe, just maybe, whoever found it might even write back to you. I know, I know, I'm a hopeless romantic. So that is why I'm releasing messages in a bottle. It is my quest for romance. If I release it here, I think it'll reach the lake. Oh, I can't wait. I wonder who will find it?

After exploring the circus, we continue checking out the rest of the Rumille Plains. We bump into a ghost, and...

Sometimes when you get into a random encounter, Stan will talk to Ari. He'll ask you a question, and you have to pick the best response.

Say whatever comes to mind.

While humming

Oh, you start like that... Okay, then?

invoke dark power
be sloppy
be determined

I see. Now, how are you going to finish?

& do your chores!
& have fun!

& rule absolutely!

Hmm... You think "Tyranically invoke dark power & rule absolutely!" is it?

If you answer Stan's question correctly, he'll immediately attack at the start of the next fight.

And he does less damage than Ari's basic attack.

Great work, Stan.

Something is there... Ari found "Tiny Gear"!

Okay, I'm gonna be honest here for a second. The Rumille Plains are fucking terrible. There are a bunch of chests scattered around, three of them have items we need for a sidequest later, and the rest are filled with dummy items that serve no purpose. I wanted to get the three important items, but I couldn't find one very well hidden chest, and wandered around this goddamn map for an hour, fighting millions of ghosts (and not leveling up beyond level 6 or 7, because at that point they start giving garbage EP), and being all around miserable.

In my search for these stupid chests, I managed to stumble upon all 8 of the Tiny Gears. I found 8 invisible items before I found 3 visible chests. I hate this place and I did everything in a random and impossible to follow order (I can't even tell what's going on cycling through my footage, let alone from screenshots), so I now present an abridged look at the Rumille Plains.

We find a Punk Wig near the north end of the map.

And we find two more Tiny Gears hidden near the fallen pillars.

The southeast corner of the map contains a beach and a chest with Gorgeous Mascara.

And there's also a Tiny Gear hidden nearby. That's the 8th and final gear on this map.

And there's a chest here, hidden between two stones in a direction you'll never look naturally. It contains Chic Suspenders, and it's the chest I wandered around for an hour looking for.

We've finally cleaned out the Rumille Plains, so we continue south, passing an inactive stone circle along the way.

At the very south end of the map, we find a small pier that leads out to a village built over the water's suface.

Rosalyn and Kisling are so eager to leave the Rumille Plains, they trample over Ari and knock him to the ground.

Sorry for the blur, the game applies that effect, so there's nothing I can do to get rid of it.

Look forward to next update, when we're out of the terrible overworld and get to read dialog again!

Here are a couple of concept images of Kisling. It's really disappointing that the birds aren't in his hair in the actual game.