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by DarkHamsterlord

Part 11: Woo the Princess, win the world!

Music: Theme of Rashelo

I really love Rashelo. Okage has some really awesome environment design. Nothing really looks generic in this game, aside from maybe Tenel Village.

Well, the town of Rashelo's main industry is fishing. This place is architecturally interesting because the entire town is built over the lake! In addition, when we visit the port we can observe the ancient ruin called the "Aquatic Ruins".
"Aquatic Ruins"... The old building sank under the lake. Nobody knows when it was built...
Grrr! What do I care for an old wrecked building!? According to the Map o'Evil Kings, one of those fake Evil Kings is nearby. I have it! Let's conquer this town and hunt that imposter down! Now slave, we formulate a devious plan of conquest!
Ugh, I won't let you! Come on, Ari. Let's go to the Hero Association of this town and help people!
You shut up bug-eyed woman! He's my slave!
No, I won't let him! I will correct Ari beautifully!

Listen to Stan
Listen to Rosalyn

Let them continue arguing.


...Heh? Oh, it's true. I wonder what is going on? Let's go Ari!

As we head down Rashelo's walkways, we notice a commotion off in a corner of the city.

By the way, Stan! Don't move and talk in front of people, okay? If people find out that I am with you, not only will my hero qualification be revoked but I also won't be able to marry!

All of your efforts are in vain! Hahahahahaha!
Again, you're mistaking me for you, pancake shadow!
Hmm? Look at that. Somebody came out. Who is it?

Music: Utopia Corridor

Shh, be quiet!

The "Aquatic Ruins" is the place for an important ceremony! The villagers are prohibited to take a boat on the lake for 2 days. This is so as not to disturb the Princess' prayers until the ceremony is over.

Old Man Who Seems to be the Elder: Is something wrong...? The Aquatic Ruins are ruins that nobody goes in...

It's not your concern, ok? You shall not take any boat on the lake and approach the Aquatic Ruins!

Old Man Who Seems to be the Elder: Of course, of course. It is a great pleasure to have her Highness in this town. We townspeople are praying for the ceremony's success.

Princess... Silly. This is silly. She's just some snob girl. I suppose the assembly line loser hero over there wants to help the Princess. To take advantage of the situation and get her fame and glory. Oh what a beast human vanity is!
Shut up! It's not like that! I just want to ask the Princess if you... oops!
??? Me?
...No, nothing, um, la-la-lah...
Bah, whatever. Anyway, let's go, you fluorescent pink brat. You want to meet the Princess right?
...You are suspiciously cooperative. You've got to be up to something!
Eh? What are you talking about? I didn't do anything yet.
......"yet"? What do you mean "yet", huh? ............You really are suspicious.
You're more suspicious. An umbrella in broad daylight!? What do you need to see her bratty Highness for?

I, scholar Gutten Kisling, have a deep academic interest in the Princess!
...I agree. I'm glad you're here to keep us focused, Prof. Kisling. Unlike stupid no attention-span Stan!
I'll have to start with a blood test. Then other diagnostic exams. I wonder what the results will be?
......Whatever. Anyway! This is a special occasion. Let's go see the Princess!

The group attempts to get closer to the Princess, but...

Music: Theme of Rashelo

We're given control once again. We need to head over to where the Princess was a few moments ago, but the town has reset to its default state now that we've seen that scene, which means there are NPCs to talk to!

First, we head to the lighthouse in the corner of town.

In the Dumps Lighthouse Keeper: The lighthouse isn't working. Usually, it's easy to fix because I am so familiar with it... But the cog of an important gear chipped. It was a very Rare Gear. Very hard to find. The craftsman who made it is gone. Ah...I wonder if there is anything that could replace the gear...

In the Dumps Lighthouse Keeper has an eye on the "Rare Gear" that Ari has!

In the Dumps Lighthouse Keeper: Um? What is this? Ohh? Ohhh? Could it possibly be? Wonderful! This is it! A contortion index of 10.28%! This is such a Rare Gear! I got it, I got it! Yeehaw! I got it! Hey you, where did you find it? Well, it doesn't matter. Thank you! Thank you very much! On behalf of all of Rashelo, let me express my appreciation. Thank you very much! Oops, sorry. Guess I got a bit too excited. But really, wow. This is really great. Um... I want to give you something in return but I don't have much. Would you accept this? This is a Penlight, a special one. It's a piece of art made by the Royal City First Work Shop, Inc. It's great! You don't need to repait it, either. It will last a really long time too. Never runs out. I'll take it. Thanks!

Ari acquired "Penlight"!

We're going to be holding this Penlight for a very, very long time.

This lighthouse looks... suspicious. I like suspicious places. I'm going inside. Don't move.

Stan spins around Ari and enters through the side of the door.

What's that... Eck! It's a rat's nest. It's not what I wanted. What a disappointment! I only found this thingy. Can't humans find more interesting things to lose? Why can't humans lose horrifying weapons like a Rashelo Destructo Device or seas of lava or...

Ari acquired "Letter Bottle"!

I really love the detail of Stan reaching his hand out of the window to give it to Ari, instead of just putting it in our inventory.

Those are something for...typical weak-minded humans. It's so pathetic... like I miss you or I wanna meet you... Some even say I love you the most in the world. They cannot maintain a peaceful mind without putting it down on paper. Then finally, they deny the letter itself by saying things like I wanna meet you... Pathetic animals. That's why it will be so easy to rule them. You must appreciate the wisdom of what I'm saying, slave.

You don't like letters? Are you illiterate?
Maybe your writing is messy?
You are illiterate, aren't you?

Don't push it, rat-boy!! How many years do you think I've lived in this world? I mastered all languages! Still water runs deep. The true Evil King doesn't need to show off his intelligence to lower beings! I told you. A letter is for lower class animals that communicate only through spoken languages.

Since the lighthouse is right by our destination, we stop by. There's more sidequesting and NPC dialog to be had here, but we can get to that later.

When we talk to the guard, Kisling and Rosalyn approach from off-screen.

Gatekeeper of the Aquatic Ruins: You cannot take a boat to the Aquatic Ruins until the Princess returns. Sorry but you must come back later.

Oh... Bummer. What are we going to do...

Well, we can just wait here until the Princess' boat returns from the ruins. No? Well, that plan works for me. Oh, I guess it only works for me. I have better things to do anyway. Slave, let's go scout the village so we can properly plan the conquest.
I have to create a ghost distribution table for this area. So long.
...I guess I'll go to the Hero's Association. (Sigh)... I'm disappointed...

We all go our separate ways.

See, the reason our party doesn't trail behind us when we're in a city is because they're all off doing their own thing. That's also why they blew past Ari on the bridge coming in; every time you enter a city, your party members charge in first and scatter.

Unfortunately, you can't actually find and talk to your party members around the city. They simply cease to exist until you leave or trigger a cutscene.

Stan calls James, and the camera zooms out.

Upon realizing he's been summoned, James quickly runs to Stan's side.

Really? Anyway, James listen. I have been formulating new dastardly designs. I call them... "Woo the Princess, win the world"!
Ohhh! That's my master! I, James, am so moved that I cannot help but cry heartfelt tears!
Ha ha, you'll be more moved by this. Now, let me explain my strategy! I didn't tell you before, but... I defeated a fake called the Sewer Evil King and obtained a new magical ability! Using this new power, I can control and manipulate human souls!
Splendid, master! I, I'm so proud and honored and...
Ha ha ha, calm down, James. My plan is to use this power and brainwash the brat Princess. It seems that humans will do anything for the little twit. Heh, heh. All I have to do is control the girl and I'll control these fool humans. Ha ha ha! World Conquest is cake!
Ohhh! How exceptionally evil! How meticulously malevolent! Your evil inspires me so, master!
Ha ha ha! Yes, I am great! Now, my minions, there is only one potential problem... That is, to brainwash the Princess, we have to get close to her. Within a breath of her, actually.

I'll do my best.

Fine, do not fail. And James!
Yes master. I, James understand my task completely.
Oh, James. Ari! Follow James' example! Unquestioning loyalty and worship! A fine portrait!
Yes, of course I, James will provide my most dedicated support from far away as always!
No, no James, not that. You will have your own mission to carry out.
Perfect! Darling, I'm coming now! Haaaaa!

James lifts off and flies into the horizon.

Now slave, there is not much to do until the Princess arrives. Run around town and gather info. Also, I want to test my brainwashing technique. Hee hee...

And we resume our exploration of Rashelo. First we stop by the local restaurant.

Rich Kid: Come on, show me, show me! Please!

Don't show him.
Show him.
I hear brats are irritating. Show me!

Rich Kid: Wow! That's awesome! Great show! Here, take this!

Ari acquired "Shiny Lens"!

See! Anyone who witnesses my grand visage is compelled to bestow gifts in thanks. Ha ha ha!

Now that we have that lens, we're ready to stop by this nearby residence.

Young Man in Love with Miss Madril: But...but every waking moment. All I can think of is her. If she gives me any kind of smile, it'll be heavenly. I have to become a man more suitable for her sense of taste and style. But how...?

We have to think back to how Miss Madril described her ideal man ("Someone with spiky hair and intense eyes, who dresses well and can accept me with open arms.") and then give this man items that were mostly collected from the Rumille Plains.

We start with the Punk Wig.

Young Man in Love with Miss Madril: Thank you. Now with my punk hairstyle I'll steal her heart!

We follow up with the Chic Suspenders.

Young Man in Love with Miss Madril: Now, with my superb taste, I'll make her mine!

Next is the Shiny Lens we got from the kid.

Young Man in Love with Miss Madril: Now with my passionate eyes I'll sweep her away!

And last but not least...

Young Man in Love with Miss Madril: Thank you. Now, with my stout body I'll steal her gaze! I think I've gained a lot of confidence. I'm almost there. I just need a little more. I'm not very good at talking.

All the other items from the Rumille Plain, such as the Cool Vest, are red herrings meant as incorrect choices for this quest. Giving him the wrong one doesn't hurt anything though, he just won't accept it.

Now we just need to find him a killer pickup line.

But first, we rest in the inn. The Princess won't return for a couple days, so we need to kill time.

After a good night's sleep in the inn, we head outside.

Ari! Look! On the roof of the plaza!

Music: Islands of Wap-Wap

I am holding the daredevil Princess who snuck into my hideout! Um, anyway. I am holding her! She's mine! Ha ha ha ha! Well, um, um... Yes, ha ha ha! ......Anyway, I am keeping the girl! If you want to save the girl's life...Um, well. If you want to save her... You know where to find me! Ha ha ha ha ha. See you, fools!

The Bubble Evil King leaps off the roof and into the lake.

...What do you mean? He "beat" us. ...I know it. What do you know, Ari? Fess up! Stan is planning something!

Yes, he is planning to...!
I have no idea.

No comment.

...Hmmm. Silence, eh? ...And what was the strange thing the dog did in the night?

What are you even talking about, Rosalyn?

Arrgghh, shut up! Curses! That fake Evil King! He'll be battered fried and on my plate next to some potatoes when I'm through with him! The jackal girl and scholar geek can go cower in a corner! I'm going to the Aquatic Ruins!
Well, let me go with you. Only I can examine the Princess with proper detail.
...I cannot let you guys go alone. I got it. Let's go to the Mayor's house and get the details of the story!

Alright, but first let's see what the townspeople think.

Music: Theme of Rashelo R

Trembling with Excitement Hero: I'll cross the lake before anyone and be the first to get there! Watch me, ma! Watch me, pa! You're gonna watch me make my mark, right? Everyone will remember me!

Calculating Kid: The Princess was abducted by the Bubble Evil King... What should we do? I wonder if school will be closed...? I bet it will. Hee hee... Oh wow, wow, wow, wow! Hee hee hee...

Alright, let's head to the mayor's place.

Mayor: No, no. We should use my son-in-law, Charlie!
Mayor's Son-in-Law: Fa-father... I'm just a book-trained hero who got my certificate through a correspondence course...
Assistant Mayor: See! Bob has been doing actual hero work for 3 months! It's decided!
Mayor: What are you talking about! I heard your nephew can't even ride a horse!
Assistant Mayor: It's better than some book-trained hero!

Ouf... Oh well. I think the mayor will be busy for a while.

We give up on the mayor and leave.

Yes I am...
Oh, this is such an honor! This is a famous hero, the "Master of the Lightning Rapier"!

Rosalyn uses frost attacks, actually. Kisling is our lightning guy. Get your facts straight, dude.

We're so lucky you've come! To have such a mighty hero here in our time of need!
Oh, stop it... It's embarrassing. (Giggle)...!
And I am the world's No.1 Ghost Scholar Gutten Kisling! Ha ha ha!
Oh...good... My name is Beiloune. I am the chamberlain of Princess Marlene. In fact, I have a special favor to ask of you. Could you please listen?

Not a moment is to be lost. As townspeople tend to be, well, townspeople... I have a personal favor to ask.
I see. You needn't say more. ...I'm a professional hero! I will rescue her Highness the crown Princess!
Oh, now there's a real hero! You'll do it for me! ...Of course, once you rescue the Princess, she'll personally honor you. ...Hm. By the way, who is the boy over there?
Oh... This boy is... Yes, he's my protege. Ha ha ha...

Um, excuse me Beiloune? Is there anything wrong with this boy?
...Hm, well. He looks pretty bright. Well! Now, thank you very much! I will prepare a boat for you. Please hurry to the port!

And so we do.

Take the boat.
Don't take the boat.
Irritatingly procrastinate.

And we sail to the Aquatic Ruins.

Some initial Rashelo designs. I'm really glad they didn't go with the generic port town, the walkways built over the water are way cooler to look at. The jungle setting in the other image is kind of cool, but I think I prefer the setting used in-game.