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Part 12: I mean she was lying there like she was asking me to catch her.

Music: Ruins of Aqua

Be careful, Ari.

Welcome to the game's first real dungeon! Technically the Madril Sewer was a dungeon, but the Sewer Evil King was in the very first room, so it doesn't really count.

This sign explains Okage's main dungeon mechanic. There's a book opposite the sign, so we can come back here to heal and save as we work our way into the dungeon.

The first floor of the Aquatic Ruins is just a single room. The stairs to the next floor are in the center, but there's a gate in the way.

There are Urns in each corner of the room, marked on the map by red dots. Touching an Urn will start a battle.

In order to advance to the next floor, we have to eliminate every Urn on this floor. Every floor of every dungeon works this way.

Music: Fight of the church basement
Kind of wish they had named this track "Dungeon Battle" or something.

The Aquatic Ruins are populated by Chill Urns. Chill Urns cast Frost a lot, but they're pretty easy to kill.

The cool thing about Urns is that they're easy to kill (not just the Chill Urns. None of the Urns in any dungeon are any trouble) and they give out loads of EP.

As you can see, Ari leveled up from this battle, and Rosalyn leveled up twice. Ari learned Night, a sleep spell, and Rosalyn learned Frost, an ice spell that targets a full group of enemies.

Thanks to these Urns, you're more or less guaranteed to hit an acceptable level by the time you reach the boss. Which is good, because...

The Aquatic Ruins are filled with Fleet Fish. These assholes like to cast Snatch 100, which steals 100 Sukel and then immediately ends the battle. The more random encounters you fight in this place, the less money you'll have by the end of it.

Music: Ruins of Aqua

We circle around the room and kill each Urn. Ari and Rosalyn both hit level 10, and Kisling reaches level 11.

Now that we've cleared the Urns out, we can proceed to basement 2.

The next floor also has four Urns, one in each corner. However, each Urn is surrounded by a small mote. The staircase is in the center of the room.

There's a short bridge to the Urn to the immediate left, so we defeat it.

There's a side room off to the west. The chest contains a Bountiful Nut, which restores 50HP to all party members. If you look at the map, you may also notice that there's a second hallway branching off of this room, which leads to an Urn. We eliminate it.

There's also a room to the south with a large gate. The gate is locked, unfortunately.

You can see on the map that there are hallways to the two remaning urns coming off of this room, as well.

And so we destroy them and proceed to the third basement.

All set, Ari? Are you ready in both body and mind?


Now, let's be off!

We head down the stairs.

Music: The Encounter

Bubble Evil King. It's unforgivable to abduct her Highness the Princess for your evil plan! I, the Hero Rosalyn, will defeat you and rescue the Princess! Come on!
Well, it didn't quite happen like that. A girl claiming to be the Princess came into my house and I caught her. Yet I'm in trouble.
Hah! Don't tell petty lies! You were gonna hold the Princess hostage & demand a huge random from the royal family!
Oh. That's right. I could do that. I forgot. Thanks alot!

Yup. I mean she was lying there like she was asking me to catch her.
Then what was that statement you made this morning?
I thought I had to at least act the part. I'm an Evil King, you know.
Whooooaa! You! If you catch her, you should at least have an evil plan! You're pathetic!
But who are you? You're acting like you're so important.
Ha ha ha. Brace yourself. I am the...
It doesn't matter! Where is the Princess?
You, blowhole woman! I am...
Oh, the girl is upstairs. Anyone notice she's really selfish? I'm sick of her...
You, Evil King! You did something bad to the Princess. Right?

What do you mean by "bad"?
I have no idea what you're talking about.
I did "bad" things!?

Excuse me... I'm not interested in female humans. That's why I have nothing to do.
Then return the Princess!
No way. You gave me a good idea. I'll beat you up and get the ransom! That was a good idea!
Huh, don't waste me time! Take this!
Hey! Don't monopolize the conversation! It's me who's going to defeat this fake Evil King!

Our heroes charge into battle!

Boss: Bubble Evil King
Music: Evil King Battle

This battle can go really bad really fast if you let it. It can also take a really long time if you don't fight efficiently.

Our first order of business is to do something about the four Compassionate Crabs he's paired with.

We immediately have Ari cast Overdrive on Rosalyn, and tell her to Burst. A single Burst won't be enough to kill the crabs, but it will distract them.

The crabs like to cast Mend. It's a good idea to deal some damage as quickly as possible so they'll get occupied healing. If all four crabs gang up on Ari, they'll wipe him out and your game will be over.

After that, we continue casting Overdrive and get it on our entire party.

And the three of us Burst, all in a row. This strategy quickly eliminates all four crabs before they have a chance to heal themselves back up.

Without his minions, the worst the Bubble Evil King can manage is to cast Frost, hitting everyone for about 20. He's not too much of a threat at this point.

I need to correct a previous mistake of mine. When I first described Overdrive, I said it simply enables the Burst command and nothing else. It turns out, it enables Burst and also boosts the target's attack power.

So I had Ari cast Overdrive on everyone, and combined against the Bubble Evil King.

Overdrive is a really good spell.

Oh good, Kisling learned Storm! I'm glad he learned it just in time for us to leave the dungeon that's full of enemies who are weak to electricity.

Music: None

All because I caught some human girl... Whatever. Do whatever you want! A good luck item leading to an evil road? Huh? I don't need this!

"Spiral Wire" hit Ari's head!

Ari acquired "Spiral Wire"!

Hey, bring me a drink!

My complete revival is imminent! Ha ha ha ha ha!
Now, give the Princess back!
Well, ha ha. I'm really sorry! I think I was wrong. I believed that I had to be the best in the world. But it's strange... Why did I think so? I felt a strong yearning to be the strongest Evil King and go to the back of the Madril Sewer... I have something important to do there. At least I believed so. And I couldn't stop thinking that way. I wonder if this is what they call compulsive behavior... I'm totally embarrassed. I feel like I'm making up excuses. But at least I finally woke up! I'm really sorry!
I don't care about that! Where is the Princess!?
Oh, that whining girl? Oops, slipped my mind! Ha ha ha! Well, she's in the room upstairs. You saw a door, right? Please, please, take her with you. I'll make the door open for you. Ha ha.


Music: Islands of Wap-Wap

Wait a minute! Stan, keep your hands off of her, you wannabe royal pain!

Heroes have to schmooze too, I guess. Ha ha ha ha!
Shut up! Anyway, don't go near the Princess or I'll kill Ari!

S, Stop it!
This again?

Excuse me, children...

I can't believe it... Using that old swill. You, brainless skull brat! You believe I, Evil King Stan can be frightened by such a threat!? Try if you can!
...Argh. Sorry, Ari. But you must die for justice!

Rosalyn turns to the Princess and bows.

Yes, your Highness... I am very sorry... I am very glad you're safe, Princess...
Yes. Who are you?
Your Highness. I am the hero Rosalyn who was ordered by Chamberlain Beiloune to rescue you!
...Hm. I see. I'll count on you from now on.
...Yes? What do you mean by...
I am Princess Marlene. Rosalyn, a job well done.
Yes, your Highness. Thank you for your words of praise!
Humph... Boy, over there. Who are you?

Tell her name
Don't tell her name

Throw a kiss

(Chuckle)... I am very sorry. His name is Ari and he is my protege.
And I am the world's No. 1 scholar. Gutten Kisling!
I see... I thought I saw one more man...
What?... No, no, no! Must've been a really loud fish. Yes, of course. That's all it was.
Well, fine. Anyway, you, Ari! I'm thirsty. Bring a cup of tea!

It's impossible.
We're in an underwater dungeon.

You are a servent, are you not? I told you to prepare a cup of tea.
Princess... This place is dangerous. We must return to ground level at once...
Hmm... This place is truly humid and uncomfortable. Yes, it pleases me to leave.
...Yes, your Highness. Then...
But look, my shoes are completely dirty. I cannot walk like that. ...Yes, Ari. I give you the honor of polishing my shoes. Now, you may come closer.
...Excuse me, your Highness. I would like the take the role...
Silence! I am ordering this of Ari.

Yes, your Highness.
I don't think Hell's frozen over yet.
Well, um, your Highness...

Ahem. Allow me to polish your shoes, your Highness!

Ari takes a step forward.

...Oh! Hey Stan! Get away from the Princess or -

Huh? What is this? What...

......Ha, your plan is foiled! Now, don't move!

Oh no, Princess!
Hee hee. Like a moth to a flame! Now, slave, hug the Princess and look into her eyes!

Stan pushes Ari into the Princess.

Now, girl, let me hypnotize you. Hmmm...!

...Let me go.
No, this can't be. This is strange. I don't understand!
......I said let me go. You - you offender!

The Princess smacks Ari. Hard.

P-Princess... It was an excellent slap...

This cannot kill you. I tested it by fighting the Bubble Evil King again and ending it at 6 HP. After going through that trouble, I realized it doesn't subtract from your HP at all, regardless.

by the Princess' regal palm...

Music: Theme of Rashelo

Yes, I worried you, Beiloune. But I am fine now. ...Although there was an offender. ......Humph!
...? Anyway, Princess Marlene. You must be tired. Now you should return to the Mayor's House for a meal and a bath...
Yes. ...Rosalyn, our fair hero. We cannot thank you enough. What do you want in return? You may ask me anything.
Yes. In fact, there is a very evil and dastardly ghost... And he is haunting an unfortunate boy. He brings suffering to the boy, not to mention those around him. I am doing my best as a hero, however, I am not enough... I would like your Highness to punish the ugly, dirty and stupid ghost with your authority?
Hmm? And where is the ghost?
Yes! He is, in fact...
............No, hold on, Hero Rosalyn. Now is not the time to talk about it. I will hear your case in time. But not now.
...Huh? Huh... B-But Princess...
...Well, well, Ms. Rosalyn. The Princess seems to be fatigued. Now let her have a rest. We will talk about the reward later... Now, Princess. Shall we.
............Ari. I will never forget your... Do you understand? I am forgiving you... But you must take responsibility! Now, farewell!

Responsibility? You can't get pregnant from a hug, your Highness.

Anyway, the Princess and Chamberlain Beiloune leave us.

"...and go to the back of the Madril Sewer." I wonder what it was... An implanted compulsive desire? Who would've done that? And to an Evil King, no less?
...(Chuckle) Excellent. I am now close to the Princess... Now both you and I can be happy, Ari! Ha ha ha ha ha... I will do this thing and that thing to that idiot and he'll be... Ha ha ha ha... Ha ha ha...
Strange. This is very strange. The girl is...

However, several questions remained unanswered...

Here's a really cool overhead concept art of Rashelo. The clock tower would be the Aquatic Ruins we were just in.

Click here for the full 1280x965 image

And concept art of the Bubble Evil King.