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Part 13: I have a talking shadow. Is that bad?

Music: Theme of Rashelo

After a hard day of dungeon exploring, we rest in the inn.

On our way out, a girl stops us.

Messenger Kid: He told me to tell you, um, to come to the Mayor's house. Yeah, that's what he told me. He said that there's trouble with the Princess and to come immediately. The chamberlain man with sideburns said that to me. And he gave me candy. Look, see. So, plase go to the Mayor's house. Promise?

We head to the Mayor's house. Maybe if we're lucky, Beiloune will give us candy, too!

...Beiloune. Is anything wrong?
Um, well to tell you the truth, Princess Marlene missing.
...What? Oh, oh my god... Is it an abduction?
Well, in fact... She left a letter... It seems she ran away. ...There was a difference in opinion between the Princess and me regarding her future schedule. ...And I hate to ask you this but I would like to ask Ms. Rosalyn...
Of course! You needn't say anything more. I understand. I, the Hero Rosalyn, will leave right away to find the Princess and bring her back safely!
Oh... Hero Rosalyn, you are really a most valorous and true hero!
Oh, please. I am not... (Giggle) You embarrass me so...(giggle)

Stan's Voice: Hmph, easily flattered. Scatterbrain woman!

...Ha ha ha ha ha! I am heading out to search for her right now!
Please take care of the matter. It seems that the Princess left town and was headed for Tenel... I am worried that anything should happen to her while she's alone. Please find her as soon as you can!
You can count on me! So long!

And so we set off for Tenel, in search of the Princess!

Surprisingly, Stan doesn't have any objections to this. You'd think he would be more interested in tracking down Evil Kings, after his plan to hypnotize her failed.

Music: Plain of Rumille

While we're at the Rumille Plains, there are a couple things to do. First, we have a Cyphertext to solve.

Cyphertext 3:

The trick to this one is to read between the lines. C goes between B and D, U goes between T and V, etc...


We simply need to go to the end of the Nightmare Before Christmas cliff.

Man from World Crypto Organization: Don't turn around. I'm from the World Crypto Organization. So, you've made it this far. Well, well, you must be a "Cypher Extraordinaire." The next cyphertext is "x <- Station -> O"

If we use the Cyphertext from our items, we get something slightly different than what the man told us.

Cyphertext 4:
"No <- Station -> Yes"

Look, there's a shark in the lake! I never noticed that before, that's so cool! Sharks are so cool!

While we're here in the southwest corner of the map, we check out the circus.

What! Sewer Evil King! What are you doing here?
Wait, hold it, hold it. Calm down, calm down. Don't beat me up. I'm not an Evil King anymore. Just your average ghost, is all.
What are you saying? You're no longer an Evil King because you were beaten?
Well, I guess you could say that. There's no more "Evil King Power" in me. Nothing. Zilch. Gone. It was all sucked up by Master Stan over there.
Well, it's true that I took back all his power, but...
Hmmm. An interesting story. Jot, jot, jot. So, you're saying that after being stripped of your power by this Stan over here, you have no more desire left in you to call yourself an Evil King?
Yeah, that's right. Before, I had a voice in my head telling me to go further back into the sewer when I became the strongest Evil King, but...
But as soon as you lost to Stan and the others, the voice disappeared, too?
Yeah, yeah. Oh, it's great to have someone who finally understands me.
Hmm. This gets even more interesting. It means that, along with the power, the part of him that gave him the awareness of being an Evil King also left him. But the voice telling him to go further back into the sewer. Where did that motivation come from? And why? At any rate, there is a path that goes deeper into the sewer.
That's enough! I don't care for your detailed lectures! So, what are you saying, that you are no longer an Evil King?! Can you prove it?!

Your eyes...(sigh) You know what. I don't really care any more. OK, OK, I believe you. Do whatever you want, work as an underling at the circus or something. But, remember! If I ever hear of your engaging in evil deeds, I'll be there before you know it to slice you all up! Understood?
Oh, all right. That's fine by me.

The Ringmaster is here now, too.

You never know what they've been saying about you behind your back during your absence, you know.

Oh hey, I missed a chest earlier. Always good to have an extra dummy item clogging your inventory.

The dude who told us about bottle letters is nearby, too.

Dreaming Circus Performer: What does it say? Do you want to release it, too? What message would you write?

"Hello, stranger."
"May the winds of fortune guide you."

"I have a talking shadow. Is that bad?"

Ari released a bottle with the message "I have a talking shadow. Is that bad?"

If we run across the map to the beach, we can find a bottle now.

Ari found a message in a bottle! It says, "I have a talking shadow. Is that bad?"

Oh, oops. That's just mine again.

Dreaming Circus Performer: Well then, let's try releasing it again. It's important to be patient when sending your message in a bottle. Don't be so impatient.

Ari released a bottle with the message "I have a talking shadow. Is that bad?"

And back to the beach.

Ari found a message in a bottle! It says, "Yes, very."

Oh man, a reply! Dreaming Circus Performer will be so excited!

Dreaming Circus Performer: Are you sure you're not mistaken? Let's try releasing it again.

Ari released a bottle with the message "I have a talking shadow. Is that bad?"

Back to the beach.

Found another message in a bottle. Inside, the message says

"I've been sick a lot since I was a little girl, so I don't have very many friends. I asked my mom to release this letter at the river. I hope someone nice finds it. Hey! If you could, could you come visit me at the Elder's house in Tenel? I'm there on the second floor. I look forward to your visit.

Sincerely yours"

Alright, we're headed to Tenel anyway, so we might as well drop by this girl's house while we're in town. Let's head for the stone circle and warp...

We run all the way to Madril. Also, that ghost is totally floating twenty feet in the air and I have no idea why.

Music: Theme of Madril

Alright, let's just hurry through here and get on to Tenel as quickly as possible.

God damn it.


Oh shit, I'm sorry, I'm just in a hurry, I didn't mean anything by it.

What's the matter?
Do you have a stomachache?
You ok?

Music: Marlene's Theme
The first time we hear Marlene's theme, and she isn't even present for it.

I worked really hard and everyone in town gradually became familiar with my name... These days, some fans even bring me snacks and drinks... But... They all say the same thing.

I guess I'm no good. I just don't have the talent...

Don't give up!
How about a new career?
That's all in your head.

OK! I won't! Of course! With will and perseverance, anything is possible, right?! Coach! I'll try harder!
What do you mean, "Coach"?
Coach! I'll sing my best for you, Coach!

Music: Linda's Song

You winked, sending me sparks, my heart, oh it skipped a beat. I fell in love with a melody so sweet.

Music: Theme of Madril

Coach! What's wrong with my song?

Your voice needs work.
Your rhythm needs work.
Your spirit is lacking!

My voice?
Yes! Use your gut to generate a forceful voice!
I got you, Coach! Is there anything else I need to improve?

Your voice needs work.
Your rhythm needs work.
Your spirit is lacking!

My rhythm?
Yes! The key is to have a simple and flowing rhythm!
I got you, Coach! Is there anything else I need to improve?

Your voice needs work.
Your rhythm needs work.

Your spirit is lacking!

My spirit?
Yes! Punch! Give it some punch! Put some spirit in your singing voice!
I got you, Coach! Is there anything else I need to improve?

What? The lyrics? But those words come from my heart.
You fool! You have no clue about words for a song! Now, listen to me! Use words like, "Conquer," "Evil King," "Control," and "Darkness"!
I got you, Coach! Please listen to the result of today's special training!

Music: Stan's Theme

I will sing of my lonely heart until the day I control you. Oh, give me love on the rocks to conquer the world, too.

Music: Theme of Madril

Was that really OK?
Don't quit your day job.

Thank you, Coach! How can I thank you? I feel like a whole new person! Coach, I mean, Ari. I owe everything to you!

Oh, Ari, please come see me again. I'll always be here waiting for you.

Take that, Stan! Now you know what it's like to be completely ignored, like I am every day!

Since we're in town, we drop by Maggie's house, too. I'm sure the Princess can wait a little longer, it's not like anyone would have an incentive to kidnap her.

You even defeated the Evil King of Rashelo! And geez. It's the new kid who's done most of the work. What's become of the Spotted-Cat Team?

My slave and the nut case in a Hero's outfit only got in my way!
Yes, yes. I got you, I got you. You're great. What do you want me to say? But the new kid and Rosalyn are so cool. With all of you, our team is 1,000 men strong!
No, no, no! It's moi! I'm the coolest of all!
That's so uncool to promote yourself in self-interest. It leaves a bad impression.
Shuddup, shuddup, shuddup! You sloppy tub of lard! You're like a sore toe hit against a brick!
Keep yappin', flappy! I think it's clear who loses this one. Oh, do I feel good.
Grrr! I feel ill! I'm going to spew! Why should I, the most powerful Evil King on Earth, be subject to such ridicule!? You, slave, say something!

Whine, and you look even more ridiculous.
Hey, that's OK, she's half right anyway.

Cool, Stan is crying!

Um, Rosalyn... This shadow's got an attitude. How annoying.
Next time we're off battling an Evil King, try and show us that you're the most powerful Evil King, will you? Then maybe, just maybe, I might treat you with a little more respect.
Wha, what? You mean I lost? I lost an argument!?

Alright, let's get back on the road to Tenel.

Thankfully, Madril's stone circle is still active, so we can warp straight there.

We head into the village to look around for the Princess.

Music: Theme of Tenel

Loitering Man/Villager A turns back to Ari, and Rosalyn and Kisling resume their conversation.

Loitering Man: Oh, by the way. It looked like you had company at your place...

Loitering Man: Your dad's been good to me. Say hi for me, okay? See ya, then.

Laughing Villager: It's because...ha, ha ha. Do you know the story of the Big Turtle and the Pebble? This is a funny one. Do you wanna hear it?

Yes, please.
No thank you.

Laughing Villager: Heheheheheh. Okay. Here goes. Once upon a time, a big turtle lived in a nest along the river with a baby turtle. The big turtle adored the baby turtle. And bragged about the black spot on its shell, saying it looked lovely. No predators lived within the territory, so it was as peaceful as it could be. Inside, the baby turtle fed itself and played.
Laughing Villager: One day, the big turtle noticed that the baby turtle was missing. The big turtle rushed to look for the baby turtle, but it was in vain. The baby turtle couldn't have gone far, though. Oh where can the baby turtle be... The big turtle began to panic. "The baby turtle has to be somewhere, where is my baby?" it wondered.
Laughing Villager: While it was searching inside the territory, it found a small pebble. The moment the big turtle found this pebble, it was delighted. Because there was this black splotch on this pebble. The big turtle rejoiced over the return of its baby turtle, and carried the pebble home. Paying no mind to its slightly heavier weight.
Laughing Villager: And you'll see, the next part is the funny part...really...heheheheheh...Oh, no. I can't...stop laughing...heheheh. Um, uh, and then, you see...heheheheh. This is no good, I keep laughing. Sorry, I can't go on. Hahahahah. The next part is, hee, be continued, ha ha...

And with that, we head into the Elder's house and go upstairs.

You may remember the first time we were here, we couldn't enter this room, but coughing could be heard from inside.

Sickly Pretty Girl: Oh, I'm so happy. Bless you! I thank you very much for coming here. My mom's not here at the moment. She's gone shopping. Sorry about this. Even though she's not here, I'm sure she'd want to thank you, too. Please come back again another day. Ok? Please come back and tell me some stories about foreign lands. This is a small token to thank you for coming here. Please do accept this. I knitted this myself. I hope it'll be useful...

Ari has acquired "Hand Knit Cap"!

Sickly Pretty Girl: Please, come back to see me again. Please, for sure, okay? I'll make sure that my mom'll be here. It's been a while since I've talked like this! I apologize that I couldn't entertain you. See you again. Bye...

Ari nods and automatically leaves the house.

The Hand Knit Cap is a pretty sweet accessory with a description that was totally mangled in translation. I assume it was meant to say something like "Filled with the love of the Elder's grandchild."

The Hand Knit Cap increases Attack, Defense, Luck, and Agility by 1 point each. It's not the best accessory in the game, but it'll definitely be worth using for awhile.

Anyway, Loitering Man told us there's a guest at Ari's house, so we should go check that out. But first...

After collecting the gear (bringing our total to 13), we're ready to head inside. Next time...

A couple of interiors. The Tenel bakery and the mayor's house in Rashelo.