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Part 18: What gooey muck is this, toad?!

The Transverse Tunnel is inbetween the Escapeless Abyss and Rashelo, but we have business to attend to in Rashelo, so we head there first.

Note that the stone circle is finally active.

Music: Theme of Rashelo

Rashelo's inn has a Fortune Teller as well. I didn't talk to him the first time we were here because the fortune was the same as last time, but now...

Fortune Teller: So, would you like me to tell your fortune of love?

Yes, please!
No thank you.

Fortune Teller: Let's do it! Narikarisarimari BOOOM! Almost! Whammo! Ah, here it is! You get along the best with... Whoa!

My plan to become the king is off to an excellent start.

But this isn't the reason we're in Rashelo. We need to head to the bar.

Tell me how to sweet talk girls.
Tell me how to mix a margarita.
How the heck are ya?

Tidy Bar Owner: ...Huh? You are still young and ask me such a thing? Oh boy. Well, that's all I thought about when I was young, too. Ha ha ha. ...Well, let me see. Usually, a straight ball is favored rather than throwing a curve. "You are so beautiful that all the words in the world aren't enough to describe your brilliance. So, the only thing I can say is: I love you."

Great advice. Saying something like that definitely wouldn't scare her away from you.

Now that we've got a pick up line, we can go back and give it to the Young Man in Love With Miss Madril. (We could have done this earlier, but I was thinking the guy was in the Madril bar, not the Rashelo bar)

Young Man in Love With Miss Madril: Ohhh! Thank you! This is what I need! "You are so beautiful that all the words in the world aren't enough to describe your brilliance. So, the only thing I can say is: I love you." ......

The young man leaves for Madril now that we've effectively sabotaged his relationship. We'll have to check in on him the next time we're in town. But for now, let's head for that tunnel.

Music: Plain of Rumille

Over on the easten edge of the Rumille Plain, there's a gigantic statue. If we examine this statue...

Used "Miniature Statue."

We enter the newly opened door in the base of the statue.

Music: Islands of Wap-Wap

The Transverse Tunnel is short and completely straight. There are enemies inside, but they're all recolors of enemies we've already seen. The enemies here give pretty good EXP though, so I fight for a bit and in the process the RNG throws me a bone...

Announcing tonight!
A revolutionary
An ubermagical


white hot


And then?



Hmmm, "A revolutionary tyrranical Dictator!" right?

I thought it was pretty good... vv

If you mess up on Stan's question, he doesn't open the battle with an attack, but nothing else happens.

Once I've had my fill of fighting, I exit the tunnel.

Music: Big Tree Hole

I guess the ex-Chairman lied to us, didn't he?
Indeed, it seems there is nothing we can do here. I do not care for this cold, either. Shall we go back, Ari? Make me a cup of tea when we get back to the hotel.

????: Ha ha ha ha ha ha! You don't order me to come out. I'll come out on my own.

What the... Is that someone's voice? It sounds like a squished frog.

The exciting executioner! The wild danger!

Whoa! He's a live one.
What are you? I've got no time to trifle with a muscle bound meathead! Go home and inflate that husk of yours a bit more!
Ha ha! I don't think so! I'm also known as "Big Bull"

The one, only and reigning champ of the underworld is me!
Darn! There really is an Evil King! ...Stan? Is anything wrong?
No, infuriating hero woman!
Oh, I see. You are moved because finally somebody noticed that you are the Evil King.
Shut up, you, pleated face! I am merely excited at the prospect of defeating this oaf and coming ever closer to world conquest!! Now, just smash this bloated imbecile! Ready, slave!

Well what's wrong now, lummox? Lost your fire? I was just kind enough to take you up on your offer. Has the grim reality of facing the awesome fury of the mighty Stan brought fear into your stout heart?
Ha, ha. Don't be so hasty to get in the ring. This venue is boring. My goal is to find and challenge strong contenders, but not here. Let's mix it up some place more manly.

Catch me if you can!

The Big Bull Evil King dashes past us and into the Transverse Tunnel.

And he knocks Ari over in the process.

(Sigh)... Another freak. He's probably already through the tunnel. Where did he say he was going?
"Big Tree Hole" in the forest, he said. It seems that Evil Kings prefer being underground or in labyrinths, like the Chairman Evil King.
Damnation! Do all of those fake Evil Kings have that insufferable attitude!? Pursue him, slave! Quick, ASAP. Now!

Music: Pos Pos Snowfield

We're put back in control in the game's third overworld area: Pos Pos Snowfield. There's a building extremely close by, so we check it out.

Welcome to Big Bull's beloved spa.

Pos Pos Spa

We might as well check the spa out while we're here! We head into the small cabin.

Impressed Bather: She is training alone. Training forever. Whoa... Isn't that amazing? She's something. By the way, dude, why don't you take a bath? It feels really good!

This guy is a shop, even though his dialog didn't imply anything of the sort.

Down to Earth Young Man: I heard it in town. It's hysterical!

Let me hear it.
I'm not interested in it.
Let me think about it.

The beginning of the story is located in part 13.

Down to Earth Young Man: Good. ...You know the beginning, right? The rest goes like this...

Down to Earth Young Man: The tortoise believed the pebble was the baby and put it in a prominent place. And lived like before by the river, looking for food. The pebble was puzzled to be in this unexpected situation but it didn't do anything. 'Cuz it's a pebble. Well, the tortoise believed it was a baby so strongly that nobody would say anything, even though they were not pebbles.

Down to Earth Young Man: Meanwhile, the baby tortoise was sleeping away at the edge of the area. After a while, the baby woke up and headed home. But when it got there, it saw the tortoise calling the pebble "baby". So, then the baby tortoise couldn't come out. Instead, it just watched and hid at the edge of the area. 'Cuz outside of the area was unknown and scary.

Down to Earth Young Man: Then, after a while... Oh no, really, ha ha ha ha ha! Oh no, it's too funny to tell. Then, it is... Hee hee hee hee! Oh no, I can't stop laughing. Sorry, I can't tell it further. Hee hee hee hee! I'll tell you the rest next time. Heee hee hee hee hee!

And this guy's an inn.

Now that we're done in there, we head south to explore the rest of the Pos Pos Snowfield. But shortly after departing...

A mysterious man appears!

Huh, who are you?
I warn thee that beyond here is "not the world" you know...

Cute but uses cheesy metaphors.
Whaat!? What is this.
Ha ha ha ha... Frail shadow, if o'er all others thou seekest dominion... Then develop thy powers by conquering Evil Kings and their creepy minions...
Is that the loudmouth muscle man we met?
Perchance you triumph, alas! More Evil Kings draw breath... It is thy "role" to challenge them now. Pay heed lest you stumble, fall into the depths...

And he leaves.

Nigh this, nigh that. Who are you and why is your poetry so bad?
We have not told him our names either, Ms. Rosalyn.

Hey, hey!! You are a fake Evil King too!? They're everywhere!! Like insects!
So much for being a beautiful and unique snowflake. Hee hee!
Urrggghh!! Oh, you will pay, charlatan! You needn't worry, I'm coming!

Despite what the scene may lead you to believe, we're free to explore the rest of Pos Pos right now if we please. But I think I'll heed the Phantom Evil King's warning and head back through the Transverse Tunnel. Our next destination is the Big Tree Hole in the Forest of Wilkur!

But to get there we need to head through Madril. While we're in town, there are a couple of places to drop by.

Music: Theme of Madril

First, let's stop in at Miss Madril's house.

Miss Madril: My ideal lover straight out of my dreams. My sweetheart forever. Good-bye to misery. And thank you, Ari. You're happy for me, too, aren't you?

Young Man in Love with Miss Madril: The lover of my dreams. My sweetheart forever. Good-bye to loneliness. And thank you, Ari. Now that I've acquired the most important thing in my life, I will give the second most important thing to you as a sign of my appreciation. It is the "1st Star Badge," the legendary super accessory that I received from my father. I want you to have this, as I thank you once again. Ari, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Ari acquired "1st Star Badge"!

The 1st Star Badge ups your evasion against spells and attacks, but not by enough to be worth using. I equipped it for the entirety of the next dungeon and didn't notice attacks missing any more than usual.

We made some money in the Escapeless Abyss, so we also stop by the research center while in town.

I can give 100 sukel.
I can give 500 sukel.
No way.

Every time you donate it gives you two donation options. You get the same reward regardless of which you choose, so there's no reason to ever pick the more expensive choice.

Researcher: Oh, yes, I may have something for you. This is it, it's only a test product but I believe it might prove useful.

Ari acquired "Frozen Bottle"!

We talk to him again.

Researcher: Thank you, thank you. We can now afford to proceed a bit further with our research. Oh, yes, I may have something for you. This is it, it's only a test product but I believe it might prove useful.

Ari acquired "Power Candy"!

Candies are permanent stat ups. The Power Candy is lemon flavored.

Our next donation choices are 10,000 and 50,000, so we'll have to wait to continue donating. Our next stop is the Hero's Club on the first floor.

Clerk Being Sentimental: between the heroes and ghosts. Hmmm...But, you know, I don't think that it's a good sign that everyone in town believed such a rumor. It all comes down to the fact that people don't trust the Hero's Club. And that's not good. As a Club member, I'm concerned about how we intend to handle such things in the future.

Young Man Who Believes In Justice: Oh, what a wonderful thing justice is! It's so cool, I can't stand it. Justice, oh, justice! Darn, it's so cool.

Alright, let's drop in at Mr. Big, Inc. and see the former Evil King.

Music: Wirepuller Building

Man in Black: From now on, we're an open book. We'll aim to be the new Mr. Big, Inc., the lovely people in black who are loved by the community. But of course, it's no use telling you folks. You can see right through us... So, come on in.

We head up to the top floor. The offices along the way are all empty.

Nothing we can do about the rumors that have already spread but we hope that one day, you'll trust us.
Well, it's funny coming from you but...yes, I guess it was good.
Humph. Still so small. Like a munchkin. So insignificant. A flea. How awesome I am to have a grander vision of evil.
That's only 'cuz of your fatter head!
We are now engaged in a variety of peaceful activities aimed at contributing to our community. We pick up litter, clean the streets and sewers, and manage garage sales and flea markets. We're even planning a square dance! And after we regain everyone's trust a little, we are thinking of starting various fundraising activities...

What did you say?!
Ha ha ha ha. I'm only kidding. Well, they say nothing will be finished if you start too many things at once. I guess I'll go one step at a time. We have all the time in the world. Ha ha ha ha.
No, no, you don't get it.
Ha ha ha ha. That's what the townsfolk said, too. Of course, I don't expect them to all of a sudden believe us. But, please, continue to keep an eye on us. I believe that you will eventually be convinced.

And now that we're done talking with the Ex-Evil King of Chairmen, our business in Madril is complete.

Tune in next time, when we head into the Big Tree Hole and face off with the Big Bull Evil King!