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Part 25: We can still go back if we try hard enough.

Music: Out of Acknowledge

Mr. Block says I can turn back to normal if I go out and assert myself.

I'll give it a shot! I run for the nearest city and butt into as many conversations as I can!

First stop: Rashelo!

Passenger at Port: I wonder if I can relax and go fishing anymore?
Lighthouse Keeper: I am interested only in the lighthouse. When the Evil King comes, I will protect the lighthouse!

You shouldn't strain yourself.
Everybody is really scared of Stan...

It's All About Me Girl: But, what I heard was there was a Great Evil King and they were fighting. The Great Evil King was gonna do some fishy rituals in the ruins and the hero stopped it, I heard. Then, the Great Evil King's ritual was interrupted and he ended up retiring. Well, you know, the hero's totally cool. Right?
Thick Spectacled Class Leader: Yes, I know about it. The two big name celebs came all the way to such a small town. Well, the town was all right so that everything's all right. I'm not interested though.

Stan and Rosalyn fought...
What happened at the fight?

Weird. The Hero's Club is totally empty...

Woman of K: But don't ask me what K is. It is too sad to tell. ...Excuse me, is anybody listening?

I'm listening to you.
What's the K stand for?

Rashelo's such a small town. I need to go someplace with more people if I'm gonna cure myself!


Hey Marlene, wait up!

Soon, Rosalyn the Great Hero will make her move after acquiring the final power. We should get going now so we can join the Great Hero. She will fight the Great Evil King for you, despite injuries. What do you think? Isn't this a fun adventure?
Uh? What's the matter? Marlene, sweetheart?

Uh? What did you say, dear?
This is not fun. I know that I know of an adventure that was much, much more fun. But I just cannot remember what it was like...really fun... The Hero that saved me was not just any undefeated Hero... When I... When I was on that adventure...

No. No, we can't. Not that, Marlene...
...... If not, I want to at least be able to remember...

I cannot even remember anything clearly...

I assumed everything was back on the right track after the boy, fortunately, disappeared from the "World." This girl still retains the memory of that brief adventure...

Don't worry, Marlene. I'll get my body back and come remind you of all the good times we had together. Just wait for me, okay?

Guy with Frowning Face: Hey, did you know? A fearful Great Evil King named Stan is coming to conquer our world.

Stan is what?!
A fearful Great Evil King? Ha! Very funny.
What planet are you guys from?

Sighing Old Lady: Yes, yes, that's what I hear. What a frightful thing. I heard this Great Evil King smiles as he does evil.

That's scary? Where is Stan?
Well, of course he'd be smiling, but...
Smiling, yes. Doing evil, no.

Young Man Who Believes in Justice: But everything will be OK! A hero for justice is on her way to duel with the Evil King! The Great Hero Rosalyn will indeed wipe out the fear of the Great Evil King from the face of the Earth. And she's beautiful!

What? Rosalyn, a Great Hero?
On her way to where?

Professor Kisling!!

Who is this, Rosalyn, the Hero that everyone is talking about? The one who has earned such a title and respect in this world? The phrase "Great Hero" makes me imagine a very intense image. A Spartan, hot-blooded, enthusiastic inquirer of the world's amazing lives, on a mission! My pursuit of the Great Hero will in turn lead to her opponent, the Great Evil King, and a great pageant of ideas will unfold! Thus, to pioneer the way of the true study of ghosts, I must seek her out and follow her! Even if she does not want me! But if I were to go on a journey to find the Great Hero right now, it would be amateurish. The journey is doomed to fail. Remember she is a Great Hero on a journey. What would happen if I also went on a journey? Certainly not a rendezvous! Thus, the best course is to sit and wait for the closest encounter with the traveling Great Hero. That is my approach! I'm ready. Come to me anytime, Rosalyn the Great Hero. I will examine you to your very essence.

But Professor, you traveled with Rosalyn! Have you really forgotten it all?

Researcher: We live in fear of the Great Evil King now. The Great Hero will fight for you. Hi-ho, hi-ho, research we can do. Create items to defeat the Great Evil King. Sell high to the Hero and contribute, too.

What item to defeat the Great Evil King?
What, is this a musical?

Person Who Saw Something: I can't believe that was real. It was absolutely incredible. What? You don't know what I'm talking about? You mean you didn't see it? Man, that's a shame. You didn't see that? Geez...
Unlucky Man: That's OK. Ask me if I care. I'm just an unlucky man. I'm used to missing out on things.

I missed it, but what is it?
What a lame conversation.

Madril's Hero's Club is totally empty, too...

Madril isn't working out for me. All that's left is to talk to the people of Tenel.

Scared Guy: An army of the Evil King's ghosts have arrived right in our neighborhood! Terrifying!
Gossip Girl: Oh, I know, I know! It laughed as it burnt and destroyed a village somewhere not too far from here! So frightening!

Stan wouldn't do such a thing...
Was the village really destroyed?

Gossip Girl: And, Rosalyn, the Great Hero, she came here chasing after it!

Bakery Man: Ah, that's right. They always send Annie right around this time.

No, I used to do most of the errands.
Annie helps out around the house?
Annie doing chores? Lies!

Competent Looking Clerk: Yes, the List that just arrived is perfect as always! All we need is to have the Evil King's name erased from here by the Great Hero...

Perfect? But my name was missing...
So I'm not important...?

Maybe she ran away.
Got me.
Annie has responsibilities?

Oh, Annie. She should know she's the only one who has time to do this. Where is she hiding?

I don't know what's going on but it's big! Really big!

You never change.
Yeah, it started with your bottle!
Wow, really?

Wow, maybe I can get a bunch of interesting artifacts in the confusion. Wow, I'll bet I can get something even better than the bottle!

Maybe I should hide in here. It's a vacant room anyways.

Hey, this is my room.
Mom, Annie's here!
Wow, I need a new bedspread...

Listen, Annie. I don't appreciate you snooping around my room while I'm not home. So why don't you get out, and do your damn chores for once?!

Oh! I'm solid again!

And yet, no one seems to remember or notice me.

I guess I have to go back and talk to Mr. Block, after all.

Music: Theme of Triste

Hmmmm, let's see... Yes, looking good. You can go back soon. You've done a good job! Okay. Then why don't I help you return with my spell? Ready?

To know that even though we've slipped out of the world, we can still go back if we try hard enough. It's okay with you, right? I'll be right back after I gather the folks that are in sight...

Mr. Block went around town and gathered everyone to the park. After a few minutes, he was ready to start.

Step right up, folks! Watch closely! This kid here made an effort to speak for himself out in the world and now after one spell of mine, he'll be back to normal. You can do the same! You can return to the world if you try like this kid did. I hope you folks get inspired by watching this kid go back.

It's a good idea if you imagine the face of the first person you want to talk to. Here goes...

I closed my eyes and concentrated. I couldn't think of just one person. I want to see Marlene, Stan, Rosalyn, Professor Kisling, Big Bull and Linda. I want to see everyone right away!