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Okage: Shadow King

by DarkHamsterlord

Part 30: That rhyming is infuriating!!

Music: Addashi Desert

Now that we're done with the Deep Grave Pit, we get to cross the desert. This is also a slog, but less of a slog than the Deep Grave Pit was.

To the north, there's a statue and a completely stationary snake.

Something is there... Ari found "Tiny Gear"!

Number 27/32

We head a little east and cross a second bridge to the south.

And then head more east and cross a bridge back over to the north.

An accessory that protects against sleep. Who cares.

Following the river north from the Rooster Feathers gets us Tiny Gear 28/32

We continue south to this gigantic gray mass on the map.

A terrible maze awaits us.

The maze actually isn't that terrible if you don't care about treasure chests (guess what I don't care about!) and know the quickest path through.

The north east corner has an opening that lets us out to a small area to the side.

This is 29/32.

From the side area, we re-enter the maze at its south-east corner.

And that's conveniently directly next to the exit.

The chests in the maze that I completely didn't care about contain a Bountiful Nut (50 HP to all), a Burned Bottle (fire damage to all), and a Mike o'Happiness, which I should probably actually go back and get because it's one of Linda's best weapons. (Attack +25, Luck +10)

Right next to the maze is a stone circle.

We continue to the southwest corner of the map. There's a statue, but we pass it by for...

Something is there... Ari found "Tiny Gear"!

That's 30/32. We only actually need 30 to complete the quest, but I'm going to grab the other two anyway.

Now we head to the east end of the map. As we approach...

Hey, I wonder if that tower with the gears is the "Gear Tower" the Phantom Evil King mentioned?

Let's ignore that tower for now though. There's gears to be had!

Something is there... Ari found "Tiny Gear"!

Up close, we can tell the tower is completely made of gears (or covered in gears or something), and it's also halfway buried in the sand.

If we continue behind the tower, there's a patch of very deep sand.

I don't know how you're supposed to find this without a guide.

It's also possible to climb up onto the side of the tower from this part where the sand creates a slope.

That's number 32!

Hey, wait a few more minutes Phantom Evil King, okay? I've got a really important thing to take care of.

Music: Pos Pos Snowfield

I can't take this anticipation! What kind of sick reward are we going to get for tediously collecting so many gears?

Old Guy With a Loud Voice: Oh! You found them! Oh, it's OK. You don't need to say anything. I bet it was hard work to collect this much! Great! Well done! You are such a good assistant, Mr. Laurynson! Now I can resume my experiment! That silly conservative, hiding at the back of the library! I'll show you how much potential there is in the world! Ha ha! Oh, before I forget. I promised to give this to you when you found the partys, Mr. Flantain. It's from the experiment.

The Sword of Gear is irrefutably the best weapon in the game. I mean, it says it right there in the description.

It boosts Ari's attack by fifty points and his defense by ten. Compare to the Brand Sword he had equipped before, which boosts attack by twenty five and luck by two.

Between the Sword of Gear, the Reunion Outfit, and the Omnibooster, Ari is totally decked out in all the sweetest gear he can get. (Gear as in equipment and also as in literal gears.)

Music: Addashi Desert

Now that we have a sword that's made of gears, we head for the tower that's made of gears.

...... It's open now? Yes, okay! Let's go!
Hmm! This is...? Hey slave! Something is flashing in your pack! What is it?

Mmm, what happened? That's odd. It just suddenly appeared and started to flash.

Our party enters the tower.

Music: At the Gear Tower

Everything is as was contrived. Pray mercy that at my hand thou dost survive...

Thy patience, please. My own plans I reveal not, lest they add to thy confusion.

Pay attention to this line to save yourself frustration.

Now, enter stage and draw steel! This act draws towards its dark conclusion!

Boss: Phantom Evil King
Music: Evil King Battle

The Phantom Evil King and four Masterless Swords attack. They hit us, and we hit back.

The boy and the king's friendship has grown deeper. An attribute neutral attack, this one's a keeper.

It is just as was foretold by the Phantom before. Physical attacks are useless, attacking is a chore!

Lowering his health is our only hope. From 870 to 435, now we can cope.

Our friend Kisling attacks him with spells. Before long, he'll hear funeral bells!

Linda's Replinish keeps our party alive. With her help, there's no need to revive.

With minions defeated and the Phantom alone, Ari attacks with bottles thrown.

Stan tries to help, bless his heart. But using a physical attack wasn't very smart.

With this strategy, we defeat him in record time. At last, I can cease speaking in rhyme.

Music: The Nightmare

I learned it from watching you!

Another step towards the revival of my invincible power!

! ...Disappeared!? Phantom Evil King?
Bah! Let him go if he wants. You, boorish hair splitting hero! The powerful are supposed to laugh and gloat when they win. Right, slave! Ha ha ha ha!
Yeeeek! Stan darling, excellent!
Excellent, brother!


And with that, our party steps into the teleporter in the center of the tower.

I wish I owned these.