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by DarkHamsterlord

Part 31: You're too perky and overly hyper!

Music: Theme of Highland Village

My irresistible power will attack and overpower him and...
Hold on, King Stan. I do feel that an Evil King is awaiting us around here.
It's kind of peaceful. I didn't know a village existed in such an out of the way place.
I don't smell heated combat.

Mysterious Voice: 'Tis a shame, that a former Evil King can't tell, evil's far more subtle, sinister smell.

The Phantom Evil King floats down from the sky, while Stan asks a stupid question.

You! Didn't I already teach you a lesson?
You! You want to do it again? I'll take you on, any time!
Bide, hero! I have a proposal to make. I am here neither for king nor hero's sake. 'Tis for knowledge of Ari's power I ache. Beiloune influences all, unabated! But whatever you possess makes Beiloune frustrated...

Upon your arrival, awaits another Evil King raised by Beiloune. Thy chances be slim, if thy go'est alone... A truce, then! An alliance! Might I, your consent? Allow me to create a victory, imminent!
Umm, that means, in short...
You want to join our party?
Um, if that's the reason, it's fine! But, from now on, you'll follow my orders! Got it?
I follow no liege...

I'll remember, Epros! Linda's so happy! Like, I'm totally psyched!
That name, a bell doth ring... Ah, yes, you are the former Teen Idol Evil King...
No way! Don't label me with such a dorky name!

Wh-what...!?! Um... Thy meaning I fear I cannot cipher. Plus you're too perky and overly hyper!
I don't know why but I'm surrounded by former Evil Kings...

It's okay, Ms. Rosalyn. Ha ha ha ha ha.

At last, our final party member appears! It feels as though I've been waiting for years!

Epros learns some pretty interesting skills, and he's got pretty decent stats overall. Except for that magic stat of 0. Even Big Bull contributes a little bit to the party's LP pool, but Epros does nothing for it.

At the moment, Epros' only skill is Soul Binding, which turns a weakened enemy into an item it may drop. It's a useful skill if you're fighting enemies for their drops, but it doesn't work all the time.

I want to make a living under the occupation of "Mysterious Wizard."

Welcome to Highland Village, another example of Okage's really awesome environment design.

The purple stone circle behind us doesn't connect to the Gear Tower that brought us here, but instead brings us to the Islands of Wap Wap.

And at last, we've activated all six. The world is ours, there's nowhere we can't warp to! (well, except for anywhere that isn't one of six very specific points)

Highland Village is built on several clifftops, all of which are connected by really unsafe-looking bridges, many of which have no sides. I wonder how many people have fallen off of this terrifying place.

Man Staring at Sky: In the ecstatic dream, it is as if all my agonies lift away from my body...

Music: Moe-Moe

Stop it!

Music: Theme of Highland Village R

Rosalyn pushes Linda away.

There's a house precariously perched on a proximate precipice.

I'm in trouble I'm in trouble I'm in trouble: Oh no, I can't see. I think it is back there. Damn, it's too dark to see...

I'm in trouble I'm in trouble I'm in trouble, has an eye on the "Penlight" Ari has!

Oh, hey! Remember the Penlight we got when we first visited Rashelo 20 updates ago, way back in part 11?

I'm in trouble I'm in trouble I'm in trouble: Oh, wow, it's great. ......I found it! Here it is, in the shade... Ooof... and I...! Yes, this is it. It's important. Huh? Hmm? There is something else... Oof... Oooof. It's pretty heavy... Oof. What dust!... Puff... Poof ...Blech! Oh! Well, well! It's an ancient weapon owned by a hero who used to live at my house... He said it's broken, but isn't it great? It evidently looks expensive. You know what? In return, I'll give this weapon to you. You can sell it for a lot to an antique lover, right? Thank you very much.

Ari acquired "Broken Gun"!

I'm saved saved saved: What? What was important to me? Well, ha ha ha. I cannot say. Ha ha ha ha.

Give it to an antique lover, you say?

Oh, Ari, what's that you have? That couldn't be... Whoaaaa! That it is! An ancient weapon from an earlier period! I can't believe it! Where did you get this!? Let me tell you how it works. Fill this barrel here with gunpowder first. Then you put metal balls on top. Then you ignite it. Then... BANG!! Wow! It's in great condition. Looks super! What was that son? You said you'll give this to me!? Oh, thank you so much! This means a lot to this geeky antique collector! I am so happy to have such a generous son! Thank you ari! Yippee!

I have to return the favor in some way! Let me see, what would be good... Mmm... Oh, I know! How about this? We've had this heirloom since your grandpa was on his adventure. Yes, please take it!

Ari acquired "Unicorn's Horn"!

I think this will be more useful for you than antiques on your journey. Yes, this will do! Thank you son! And bless the ancient wisdom and my collections!

At last, the trading quest is complete! The Unicorn's Horn is an accessory that protects you from all ailments (not Curses). It's pretty good!

Back in Highland Village, we continue to explore.

Absent-Minded Villager: It's not that I am not welcoming you, but you should go home before dusk.

Huh? What is going to happen after dusk? What's that, backland commoner?

Absent-Minded Villager: Well, it sort of happens or not... Maybe I am overly sensitive. ...Wait, who spoke just now?

Near the Absent-Minded Villager, we find a staircase that leads to this tiny cliff to nowhere. Weird.

Skinny Young Man: I am living a healthy cliche existence, so I sleep though the night. I don't know what's going on but everyone else seems haggard. What do you think from an outsider's point of view? About the people of this village?

But you, too, have dark circles under your eyes. Are you eating right?

Man, this place looks so cool.

Highland Village also has a graveyard. Most of the headstones are boring and either can't be investigated or give a generic message.

Highland Village is not a good place to raise children. Busy highways have nothing on tiny log bridges over bottomless pits.

Off to the side, we find this cool broken tower.

We can climb to the top and get a nice view of the village, but there's nothing else to be done here.

After exploring the rest of the village, we head to the top.

Unguarded Lady: I think you should be able to stay. Try them.

Hmmm, I guess there are hotels somewhere.

Unguarded Lady: I'm surprised that you came here at such a time...

A nearby staircase brings us up to this tiny ledge. The sign reads:

The highest point in the village. On a fine day, we have a full view of the village. At night, the house lights are dream-like.

It's due to a lack of fighting and your body not being hot enough! Why don't you start a fight with me?
This lack of bliss, what's amiss?

Immediately after asking the man a question, Epros leaves. Rude.

Oh, the sun's going down. I suppose we should head to the inn.

Inn Master: While you are staying, please be careful at night. No... it's not that. Not burglars.

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Concept art of Highland Village.