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by DarkHamsterlord

Part 32: Omigod, it's pukey!

Hey, wake up, slave. Something's strange about this village. I'll go out to see what's going on. Wake the others up too.

We get up and leave the inn.

Music: Beiloune-Hatter

Something must be going on. Be ready!

We begin exploring Highland Village...

Hmm. It has been a while since I've seen something like this. I was in that cursed bottle.
Why is this suddenly here?
Whoa, this is... It's coated with a dark red fluid.
Omigod, it's pukey!
Stop it!

We can't do anything about this unconscious dude. He twitches every now and then, so I'm sure he's fine.

For now, we continue looking around the village.

Hark! Listen!
Where did it come from?

If we go down to the mysterious empty cliff face from before, there's a new bridge.

Hmm, if anything should happen, it must be somewhere like this, correct? Clearly, it is inviting us.
This strange phantasm even I cannot share. Mind Beiloune's hand. On guard, beware...

The door opens, and we head inside...

Music: Baroque-Dowaruk

We have to be careful. Anything could happen...

Mysterious Voice: Night provides the means for clever ambush... But as I am an Evil King of honor, I would not surprise you as such.

A revelation, sir, your appelation?

A mysterious monster appears on the second floor!

Mysterious Monster: I guess I would call myself...

Ooo, someone has angst.
Bei what's-his-name was claiming he'll generate a great Evil King that'll replace me... And is that you?
Yes, it is I. I am an evil being who is "classified" as evil and now, compelled by the power of "classification" to be the supreme Evil King and gather my power here.
Blood in sleep, it flows so sweet...
What? Blood? What do you mean?

This text box is a goddamn train wreck.

This village is for feeding.
Correct, "party that threatens the 'classified' world headed by the fearful boy."

That is their existence. They have no other function. Alas, there is no way to resist, regardless of whether one is aware of the truth.

...And suck your blood to become the ultimate Evil.
Those are bold words, blood-sucker. But they are even more foolish. You address the Great Evil King Stan! I'll suck your power to be mine! That's how it's going to be! Slave! Squish this lipless parasite!
Wary be! He has strong magic. A clever means we must devise. Defeat would be tragic... A direct attack 'twould be fatal to receive. Alas, we'd be goners 'fore we had time to grieve!

Boss: Vampire Evil King
Music: Vampire Evil King Battle

The Vampire Evil King, four Sucky Bats, and a theme song accost us.

Ari and Stan work on taking down the Sucky Bats with Friendly Blizzards and Overdrive/Bursts.

Epros isn't great for boss fights right now with his one skill being completely worthless. I couldn't make a party with him work, so I had to swap him out.

Rosalyn focuses her efforts on the Vampire Evil King. He's a frost elemental, so Rosalyn goes at him with Charged Parasol.

Linda, filling in for Epros, opens the battle with Omni Concert, which slows all enemies. I don't know how long it lasts or how much it helped, but I did it anyway!

After the enemies start throwing out attacks, Linda switches to full-time healing duty, either with Replenish or items. This is necessary because the Vampire Evil King hits hard.

Music: Vampire Evil King Battle (Disadvantage Ver.)

He attacks with Inferno, which can deal absolutely nutty damage to the full party.

He's also got Absolute 0, which also deals loads of damage to the entire party.

And rounding out the elements is Maximum Voltage, which only hits one party member, but it dealt over 100 damage to Ari, who's growing into a pretty crazy tank at this point from his fantastic stats, Reunion Clothes, Sword of Gear (with its +10 defense boost) and Omnibooster. 100+ damage is a lot for him.

The Sucky Bats aren't super dangerous on their own. They'll latch onto your head and make a horrifying sucking sound effect, dealing about 20 damage. They can also cast Spark and Shield, neither of which you need to worry about. But with four of them attacking plus the Vampire Evil King's crazy damage output, you can quickly get overwhelmed.

In the end though, despite being a tough boss; he doesn't really hold up to Epros, who's considered the most difficult in the game by many.

Music: Highland Village

Oh, well. Whatever. But I didn't skimp.
What is this? What happened to all that dignity you had a minute ago!?
Cuz... You know, once the "classification" of Evil King is gone, I don't need to strain myself at all. See, my Evil King power is slipping away and soon I'll have "former" in front of my name.

Congrats, Stan! We've finally defeated the last Fake Evil King!

...Strange. You didn't change. I was going to get you as soon as you gained your body and left Ari.
Don't bluff, you toad! But, I don't understand? I thought this Vampire Evil King is the last fake Evil King who has my power!
Well, there are two possibilities in this case...

Curses, this again!?
Ah, that voice I do indeed know. 'Tis Beiloune, our long-sought foe.

Music: World Library

The reason why you cannot regain your total power despite defeating the Vampire Evil King is...

When I found out that you were on the way here, I came up with something.
I see!
If you want to go back to being the Evil King the only way is to make me obey... Unmake your maker, little shadow, the one who made you an Evil King.
You, bastard!

Otherwise, I will continuously release new Evil Kings until I completely clear all of you out.
Humph! I will go before receiving such a silly invitation! I am completely irritated by you!

Ari nods.

It'll be a really wonderful circus. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! ......

Beiloune fades away.

What secrets await in this unknown and mysterious place...?

Oh, I know, I can show you. I can't go with you, though. I wasn't invited.

If you wanna go, I can bring the bridge. Beiloune said you should come, too, so I won't be punished, right?
Why did you suddenly become so pathetic once you lost? It's worse than the Chairman Evil King...
What...? Who is the Chairman Evil King? Whatever, I don't know and I don't care.

Concept art for the Pos Pos Snowfield, which I suddenly realize I forgot to bring up when it was relevant, concept art for a village that does not appear in-game, and Ari's original design, which is basically just Robert.