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Part 34: In the name of the Great Evil King!

Music: World Library

We proceed to the west wing of the World Library.

Have I ever mentioned that if you leave a dungeon (like maybe to swap your party around), it resets the map? That really sucks in this dungeon.

To enter the west wing, we must pass through a green door. The Emerald Key we obtained earlier lets us in.

And so we arrive in the west wing. The west wing is simpler than the east wing, and it's much harder to get lost.

There's a large central hallway intersecting the building. The rooms tend to connect back to this hallway rather than connecting to each other, which helps a lot with navigation.

First we head to the far west area.

Beiloune really loves candy, huh?

There are a lot of blue doors (The lighting makes them really hard to distinguish from purple, though) around the west wing.

We continue to the north and then loop back around south, to the center-west area.

And we pass another man.

Sighful Classifying Secretary: This world was created for her to begin with. He cut a small world for his daughter, scattered Evil Kings, heroes, guides and ghosts for his daughter to play... Nobody imagined his daughter would disappear into the world. Probably, it was separated from the power of "classification". We couldn't find her, either. Although he doesn't show it, I know Beiloune's in pain. I understand you are hostile to Beiloune, but keep that in mind.

We continue southward.

And we come across a blue chest containing a Sapphire Key.

And now we can pass through blue doors.

With this key, we're able to return to the central building.

It takes us to a small, isolated area to the north-west.

And we find another man.

Old Classifying Secretary: He would remove important aspects of Evil Kings and heroes, ruining Beiloune's world. Evil Kings and heroes were important entities and the basis of this "Adventurous World for the Princess." He used to make Beiloune really upset. Pollack thought the people "classified" by Beiloune were to be pitied. To take the rules away, he escaped. It's been several hundred years now. Although it was within the "classified" time frame.

Old Classifying Secretary: In order to transform the structure of power ruling the world. As if he was trying to break a boulder by driving a wedge into a crack. The Great Hero Hopkins was one of Pollack's wedges. Their activity slowly transformed the world... And now hwere you are. If you are breaking the "classifications" of this world, it must be the flow of the world. It was originally desired by our company at the beginning...

Old Classifying Secretary: They say he hid various goods all over the world that only the sword could open. If you find the sword, go look for them.

We continue exploring the World Library and find a door leading back to the west wing.

We're brought to a small blocked off corner of a larger room.

And we obtain the final key. The Library is our oyster, no door can stop us now!

First things first, we go back to the east wing, to that purple door from before.

We open it and are brought back to the central building.

And we're brought to a lone room with a single treasure chest.

We obtain the Forgotten Sword! This is Ari's second best weapon, increasing his attack by 40 and his luck by 10.

It seems useless to us at first glance, but remember what the Old Classifying Secretary said. Pollack returned Hopkins' sword to the central building of the World Library, and hid treasures around the world that could only be obtained with the sword.

Remember those doors that were "Sealed by an enormous power"?

We leave the World Library and backtrack to the Escapeless Abyss, one of the three dungeons containing these special doors.

Behind the door is a single chest, containing a Legendary Leaf. The Legendary Leaf is an accessory that increases a character's luck by 10.

Next we head for B4 of the Big Tree Hole, which had three doors. Opening them, we obtain a Skull Bottle, a Whim Berry, and an Iron Necklace.

The Skull Bottle is a poison attack, the Whim Berry restores a random amount of LP, and the Iron Necklace is an accessory that boosts a party member's defense by 10.

And lastly, we return to the Sealed Cave. Behind this door is a Bountiful Nut, which restores the party's HP by 50.

And behind this door is the Ghostomicon, Kisling's ultimate weapon, which boosts his attack by 60 (!!!)

While I'm out in the world, let's stop by the gear man's house to thank him for the totally sick sword.

Old Man With a Loud Voice: What am I talking about? Haven't you heard the joke being spread around? The story called The Tortoise and the Pebble. There is a tortoise and a pebble in it. I chose the title. I forget the punchline of the story though. You know it, don't you?

Old Man With a Loud Voice: I guess he "erased" the punch line. Still, it is "classified" as a "joke" anyway so that everybody laughs without knowing the punchline. Silly.

And with that, we've completed all of our business. We return to the World Library, ready to meet our maker.

Heading up the center of the central building, we reach a purple door and open it with the Amethyst Key.

And we save our progress at the game's final save point, before continuing forward to the final door.

You know what to do, everybody.

Get ready!
Yay, Stan!
He's goin' down, bro!
What are you talking about!

He's nothing like those floppy Evil Kings and must be a hard nut. Give it your all, guys!
I'm here searching for intelligence, though. Hopefully in the end I'll find some.

For evil! For justice! For science! Only you can know truly why you fight! Forward comrades! Advance, we shall with variant motives in sight! I will learn what I need then on to victory, we unite!

I know.
Thank you.
Do you practice before you talk?

I need no thanks, nay! Venture forth where thy wish to, 'kay?

What? It doesn't open?
Eh? What's going on, Beiloune!? He made all those loud, pompous claims and now he's gone! Coward.
Bah! 'Twould this be tough? Break it down! 'Tis simple enough...
Outta the way! Lemme at it!
No, wait a second.

Don't you think so?
Thinking's hard. Let's just kill it!
Hmm. Then, I'll call him for the first time in a while. James! Hey James!
Who is this "James"? I fear I know him not by his name.

Well, it has been a while master. What's wrong? Don't tell me this tiny door is stopping you.
Shut up. Yada, yada, blah, blah. Your yammering makes my brain bleed! Do something, already!
Hmm... Ha ha ha ha. What's wrong, master? You shouldn't stress over such a thing. It's easy. I heard this is a war against "classification". So, what is important is not being "classified".
In particular, Mr. Kisling, your hypothesis is faulty.

Just forget this is a door to open. Then the only thing we need to do is... Now, everybody, let me go through.

Everyone stands aside, and James steps away from the door.

And James departs.

He just broke through! That was totally buff!
......Um...yes, that was thrilling. Shall we then? Onto the killing... was not a scientifically sound move.

Thanks to James, our final obstacle has been removed.

The party passes through the doorway, onward to Beiloune...

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