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Okage: Shadow King

by DarkHamsterlord

Part 35: I act in the way I want to. There is nothing you can do about it!

Music: Beiloune-Hatter

I found you, you classification freak. Your man, the Vampire Evil King is mine. Defeated by me, already.
Your way of being evil is not as clean as that of the Evil Kings. I just cannot stand it!

You have created a great bother for me this time...
Naturally. And we plan to continue.
Not only do I not need Ari, I do not need any of you in this world. The reincarnation of Gohma and Rosalyn have accumulated too much power on the way here. It's good for me that you came together. I will let you disappear from here where nobody from the world is watching.
Thy meaning, sir? Speak plainly!
Evenly matched, you two. Fight and die on each other's swords.

I highly recommend watching this video. If you can't, it's transcribed below.

Beiloune casts a spell

Music: Deko-Boko-Combi

Wha..? Whoooooooa, what's this!

Stan and Rosalyn are accosted by all sorts of crazy effects, and...

Meanwhile, Rosalyn is undergoing some changes of her own.

She doesn't look different at a glance, but she does glow a little now.

I am the Great Hero, the representative of the justice of the world, Rosalyn!

The floor rearranges itself, forming an arena for the two.

And our party is given their own platform to stand on, separate from Stan and Rosalyn.

Stan and Rosalyn charge at each other and begin their violent battle.

Stan casts some sort of fire spell...

Light, guard me!

...But Rosalyn casts Double Team! (?)

Omigod! Stan looks sort of scary!
Curses! Beiloune, this must end! You have adjusted the world again!
Waddaya mean?

Now you observe them from the balcony. By the time the fight is over, neither will have survived!

H, How?
I'll try!
No way, I want to see this!

Whatever! It's now or never! A pity! Dost thy possess a way to make them remember? Pray, act! Lest we see them dismembered!

Ari has to think. What can he do to stop them?

Suddenly, he remembers. Something stange happened after he defeated the Teen Idol Evil King, but so many things happened, he never had a chance to investigate.

He reaches into his pack and pulls out the Voice Recorder that appeared at that time.

Music: Dance With Merle

I heard a good thing! I can call you it again and again. You, fake evil being, fake evil being!

Ughhhhhhh! Unforgivable! I thought I'd cause you to suffer in terror if you saw my real form, but I can't stand it anymore! You'll pay for this right now!

...? What are these voices...? 'Tis as if from air...Hark! Ari, what's that device there?

Strange. You didn't change. I was going to get you as soon as you gained your body and left Ari.
Then come and get me washbowl woman! Oh, that's right, you need to have courage first. Sorry, I forgot. Ha ha! But... I don't understand. I thought this Vampire Evil King is the last fake Evil King who has my power!

This is...

Yes, I agree. I don't know how strong the power of the Evil King is. I am a hero, regardless of "classification"! I will challenge the Evil King and win by myself!
I have always been the Great Evil King regardless of the "classifcation" too! I will defeat the new Evil King and gain my power back! I will defeat you, you damnable hero then!

You know what to do, everybody. Defeat Beiloune, who is pushing his luck, in the name of the Great Evil King! Get ready!
What are you talking about! This is a war of justice against the enormous evil that created this insidious world! He's nothing like those floppy Evil Kings. He's a tough cookie! Give it your all, guys!

......That's right. That is right...
......Yes it is.

Why do I have to fight seriously against a hero with only a tremendous mouth as her weapon? How stupid of me. Ha ha ha!
Indeed. Defeating this scatterbrain Evil King doesn't make any difference does it?

Music: Afterwards...

The device is a mere toy I prepared to find out where Marlene is! Ari, why are you...
Well. We cannot explain it, and we don't want to explain it.

You think you are smart so you should know what he has in him.
Beiloune, I don't know what you believe. I am myself! I act in the way I want to. There is nothing you can do about it!

Music: The Nightmare

......No, not yet. I have to maintain this world 'til the day my Marlene comes back! As long as this world exists, Marlene and I will have eternity! My daughter will come back to me! And Marlene will spend time enjoying forever!

I cannot let my daughter's sanctuary be broken by mere props like you!
How dare you say such a thing!

Beiloune gathers power, and...

...He transforms into a final boss.

Beiloune: With this power, my last power, I'll erase all of you from the world! I'll recreate the stage! But I won't let you break the frame of the world, my "Great Illusion".

Stan and Ari exchange glances, and Stan returns to Ari's shadow.

Our party charges forward into battle!

Boss: Beiloune
Music: The Last Battle

This fight drags on for eighteen minutes. You probably don't want to watch the whole thing.

The battle with Beiloune is extremely long. He has 9999 HP, more than triple the HP of the second beefist enemy, the Big Bull Evil King. And because of the damage cap of 999, Black Cat Jewels have limited use in cutting his mass of health.

Big Bull can be a good choice for this battle, for his high damage output.

Ari opens the battle by spreading Overdrive across the party.

Beiloune is the only enemy (and one of only two characters) who is elementally neutral. As a result, no magic is especially effective against him, and I find the best way to deal damage is by using ordinary attacks and combining when possible.

Ari spends most of the battle healing. Linda is a good character choice for this battle, thanks to her full party heals. She's much more effective at keeping the party alive than Ari is, and with her healing, he's free to use his massive attack stat to do some damage to Beiloune.

Of course, I stubbornly refuse to change out my party, because Rosalyn is awesome and Epros is cool. So Ari is on heal duty.

Beiloune hits hard and hits frequently, however, so sometimes Epros and Rosalyn need to help Ari out with healing.

And of course, with Epros in the party, our LP isn't high. We have to use frequent Wild Strawberries to keep Ari's healing magic in use.

Kisling can be a good party member for this battle, just because it goes on and on, and the higher LP will reduce your need for Wild Strawberries.

For awhile I tried recasting Overdrive on Rosalyn and Epros after they're killed and revived, but as I said, Beiloune his hard and often, and they were dying too often for it to be worth the trouble.

Speaking of dying...

Music: The Last Battle (Disadvantage Ver.)

Beiloune has some dangerous attacks in his arsenal.

Channel hits everyone for about 80. Sometimes he uses this over and over again for several turns in a row, which can quickly overwhelm you and your healing capacity. Linda's Deflector (reduces all magic damage by 50%) is extremely helpful for cutting the damage from Channel.

He also has a punching combo which can deal about 150 damage to a single party member if all his blows connect.

These are his only attacks, so you don't have to worry about anything like status ailments or curses, but that also means every single turn he's doing damage to someone, and he gets a lot of turns.

The battle is a constant back and forth of us dealing damage to Beiloune and then desperately healing after he attacks us.

Stan helps out occasionally, and it's much appreciated. He easily out-damages our entire party combined, and the more he attacks, the faster the battle goes.

And at last, Beiloune is defeated.

Concept art of Stan

And a bonus: a song that's present on the soundtrack, but not in-game

Music: The Circus


You can talk to your party members during the brief moment of control while Stan and Rosalyn are fighting.

Music: Deko-Boko-Combi

Anything is fine, just try! Is there anything that brings them back? A word? A tool? A plan of attack? Show me what I wanted to see now!

And Epros comes in with advice! Saying... What, Ari will die? What's he gonna do?

This has to be a translation mistake.

What I can do is recognize the winner as the Evil King World Champion Belt holder!

The implication of the semantics in this fight... The philosophy itself only functions for the fixed image which is predetermined by... As if painted over by its own character... It clearly illuminated, ultimately, as a simple mechanical aspect and therefore... The motivation of the combat due to that... Eh, in other words, Ari. They are now fighting "because she's a hero" and "because he's an Evil King". Do we defeat them both to stop them? It would be easy if we could. Ha ha. Well, what should we do?