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Part 28: Okami Artbook 1


The Imps

(From left to right: the Imp Travelling Merchant, the Imp Guards, Head Chef Ajimi, and the Lift Transportation Imp.)

Imp Merchant
"A demon merchant that sets up shop wherever other demons gather. Though a little dense at times, like other demons his business sense is very sharp, and the value of his wares comparable to that of human ones."

Head Chef, Ajimi
"The demon responsible for preparing Orochi's meals. He was saved from an unsavoury fate when Amaterasu scooped him out of his own cooking pot. A stickler for quality, he holds nothing back when cooking for his master. he has even been know to use his fellow demons as a secret ingredient."

Imp of the Transportation Lift
"The position of operator of the transportation lift is highly coveted among the Imps. They cannot seem to get enough of the thrill they feel when the operator releases the winch, causing the elevator to pullet down at frightening speeds."


Black Imp

"The highest ranking imp is that of darkest black, and is said to wear the bleached skulls of his victims upon his ghastly form. It is said that the very act of drawing a likeness of this terror - not to mention actually seeing him with the naked eye - is enough to bring harm to any innocent soul."

Fire Eye

"Late at night, if you should hear a sound similar to a buring inferno, it could be the sound of a Fire Eye approaching. Legends say that looking upon this demon will cause one's eyes to boil."

Ice Mouth

"This demon took form when a woman who had nothing but cold words to say to others, was run down by an ox-drawn cart. Horrified as you might be by its appearance of this wheel monster, do not scream in its presence: those who open their mouths to do so, are instantly forzen to death."

Giant Eight-Headed Serpent, Orochi

"The giant serpent defeated by Nagi and Shiranui one hundred years ago. The eight heades are well known for each having their own unique distinct elemental power. It is said that by ringing the great bell on its bakc, that it can manipulate the soul of an offered sacrifice.

Orochi was sealed within the Moon Cave by Nagi and his comrades, but recovered its dark powers when the treasured sword, Tsukuyomi - which acted as Orochi's seal - was removed from its resting place. Orochi was freed from his confinement, free to threaten the land once again."

The headplates from left to right:
White = Light
Green = Wind
Black = Shadow
Pink = Poison
Brown = Earth
Yellow = Lightning
Blue (looks purple) = Water
Red = Fire

(It should be noted that the head plate designs seem to vary from art to art, Poison in particular)

Concept Art

The Imp Family.

Artist Notes posted:

They all started out looking much more distinct and unique, but eventually we settled to their more common appearance.

[The Red Imp] was the first one I designed. Physically, I based him on a monkey, and have a lot of emotional stock in that guy, since he and I went through a lot of trial and error as my first demon design.


Artist's Notes posted:

Orochi is the main enemy in Okami. Because Orochi is a well known beast in Japanese mythology [comparable to that of the Hydra of Greek Myth], there were many voices in the Okami team calling for him to be the final boss.
I bet there were many players who expected the game to end after they defeated Orochi.

In ancient legends, Orochi is described as being huge like a mountain, so Takeyasu [the lead character designer] put a garden and a "palace" on his back, and those in turn lead to the hanging bell that turned out to be Orochi's fatal weakness.

On a side note, we added certain comical elements to Orochi's design to contrast his ferocious nature. For example, I wonder if anyone noticed the [Lightning] head, hitting itself on the ceiling when Orochi was freed during the opening sequence?

Now, one of my personal favourite things from the art book:

Click here for larger image

Artist's Notes posted:

As a designer, this is definitely my favourite piece. I didn't put any thought into it, I just kinda threw it together in my spare time. It wasn't used at all.