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Original Thread: The World Ends With REW: Omensight



Omensight is a third-person action game developed and published by Spearhead Games in May of 2018. The setting is called Urralia, a colorful world populated by a menagerie of talking animal people--but it's a little closer to Watership Down than Winnie the Pooh. It's also locked in a brutal war that threatens to tip a vital cosmic balance and end all life as we know it. The good news is, Urralia is under the protection of a holy guardian spirit who stays on call for just such an occasion: the Harbinger.

The bad news is, the Harbinger is running a bit late.

Now, with the aid of a mysterious spectral witch, she has to live out Urralia's final hours over and over again, hacking and slashing her way through the warring armies of Pygaria and Rodentia, investigating the blasphemous crime that led to this disaster so she can end it before it begins. Kind of like Groundhog Day, except it's the end of days and the groundhogs are all under orders to kill you on sight.

I was a bit disappointed with Omensight when it was first released. The ending sucked, you couldn't replay completed chapters, and it came with that godawful Red Shell program that kills you in your sleep if it thinks you're copying. Spearhead has since addressed my chief complaints, stripping out Red Shell and adding a post-game with unlimited play & a more proper conclusion. With all that settled, now I can recommend Omensight with minor reservations. It's a competent brawler with a clever narrative framework and vibrant storybook presentation, held slightly back from genuine greatness by its limited encounter variety and unfortunate absence of sick aerial moves.

Now let's solve a killing* and stop an apocalypse!**

*by committing many hundreds of other killings
**by allowing it to happen dozens of times

Make sure to turn Closed Captions on for my video commentary...or turn it off if you just want to see the game.

Table of Contents

Day 1: Ludomir

Day 2: Draga

Day 3: Ratika
Day 4: Ludomir

Day 5: Draga

Day 6: Ratika

Day 7: Ludomir

Day 8: Ratika

Day 9: Ludomir

Day 10: Draga

Day 11: Indrik

Day 12: Ratika

Day 13: Draga

Day 14: Ludomir

Day 15: Indrik
Day 16: Ludomir

Day 17: Ratika

Day 18: Ratika

Day 19: Draga

Day 20: Indrik

Day 21: Draga
Day 22: Ludomir


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