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by Hwurmp

Part 1: Day 1: Ludomir

Not quite as much progress as I'd hoped today, but we did find a few background memories.

You also unlock the Investigation Board at the end of your first day.

Every path you can choose to take, even if it's a dead end, will shed a bit of light on the circumstances of Voden's return. If you want, you can have the Witch and the Board keep track of important information for you. Here's what we've uncovered so far.

Omensight bills itself as a murder mystery, but you probably will not rack your brains cracking this case. You're never called upon to do any serious investigation or deduction. You choose a partner, run through the levels, fight many men, maybe make a binary choice or two, and somewhere along the way the game will drip-feed you a few hints about the mystery and which choices will move you forward--or just tell you exactly what to do next, if you have guides turned on. Return of the Obra Dinn it ain't. Our next few steps, for example, should be obvious.

Not that I'll be taking them. The dead-end paths still have plenty to offer: not just extra XP and Amber, but also info, memories, and dialogue that you can miss out on if your investigation proceeds too quickly. For completion's sake I'll be making all the wrong choices first, and then the right ones.