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Part 63: Memory of Vera: The Weight of the World

The Weight of the World

Vera gazes at the interior of the Amber Tree. The hollow tree-trunk emanates a soft glow casting shades of yellows and marigolds. The bark seems to pulse with life. She lifts her Balalaika and plays a reverent tune, honoring the passing of the late Godless-Priestess. Vera plays with all her focus, plucking every string with perfection and dedication. When she comes to the end of the song, a light forms a pattern in the air. Vera finishes the tune and the pattern flashes a final pulse before pummeling inside her chest, disappearing within her!

Vera pauses as a strange weight pushes against her. The amber colors within the tree coalesce before winding tightly around her, as if imbuing her. Instead of pulling away, Vera lets herself be consumed by the light. The pattern grows so bright that Vera has to shield her eyes. Once more the light flashes brightly before disappearing altogether.

A familiar voice speaks to Vera from within her mind. It is the ancient voice of the late Godless-Priestess, now fused with Vera's subconscious. But the evolution does not stop. Another's voice, from a century past, joins, echoing the first. Then another and another. Many ancient voices merge with Vera's.

The torch--the reincarnation of the next Godless-Priestess--has been reignited.

Vera can feel the change. Her insecurities have evaporated. She feels the power of the ancient Priestesses enveloping her, enriching her with confidence and wisdom. Vera's priorities immediately shift. She can no longer live with a single mind or for a single purpose. She is carrying the weight of all. She is the new Godless-Priestess and she is being called forth.