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Part 22: The Heart of Darkness

Update 22: The Heart of Darkness

We're in some kind of secret passage underneath Sweetheart's courtyard... why are there so many presents? Well, those are all the presents she gets from potential suitors. All begging her to marry them.

In case you thought I was kidding. She truly is a celebrity, with fans like these...

There are some pickles scattered around that we can use to heal, and a Jash who will sell a bunch of things we've already seen. I do pick up a couple of poetry books from the Jash... for... reasons. Now then, what is up with that bear in the corner?

Oh... I was hoping he was friendly.

Oh, it was! That's the teddy bear that Candlie was looking for back in the Pyrefly Forest. We'll need to remember to bring this back to her.

A save point and more pickles... seems like... nothing bad will happen when we go up the ladder! Though... before we do so, let's check our loadouts real quick.

Nothing out of the ordinary here. I've got the Veggie Kid on Omori for the HP and juice boost and put the rabbit's foot on Hero to make him faster. I should have put the rake on Aubrey for more attack, but extra luck and hit rate is always good. I've got the teapot on Hero for the extra Juice, he's gonna need it.

Here's some things out of the ordinary! I'll explain my reasoning for some of these moves when we get into battle, I mean uh... if we get into a battle. By the way, it's worth noting the only soundtrack down here is the muted sound of the Sprout Mole choir.

We've finally made our way out!

Whoa, what's with all these decorations?

It looks like someone is about to get married!

Uh-oh! The show is about to start! Let's hide!

SPROUT MOLE MIKE: Welcome all! Welcome all! Today is a most momentous occasion. After forty-two seasons of "Sweetheart's Quest for Hearts"... It is now time to air our final episode. It ... sniff... has been a splendiferous run... sniff... Thank you all for your viewership. For as long as we have been on air... We have rigorously looked for a perfect suitor four or beloved Sweetheart... And each time... regretfully... Sweetheart was unable to find her one true love. But this time, we believe... that we have truly outdone ourselves... This is... the moment to end all moments... history... begins here. Dim the lights, please...


SPROUT MOLE MIKE: Yes! It's true! Now you've seen everything! The answer has been obvious all along! The only suitor magnificent enough for Sweetheart... is SWEETHEART HERSELF!!

Sweetheart Laugh

Ahem... Let us begin the ceremony.

Sprout March

Now, while this may be a beautiful moment for Sweetheart... I do believe Kel does sum up my own thoughts here:

HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAA!!!! Sweetheart's marrying herself! That's so lame!!

Don't laugh, Kel! I actually feel kind of bad for her.

SPROUT MOLE MIKE: ...Now... Does anyone object to this holy matrimony? Speak now, or forever hold your peace!

SPROUT MOLE MIKE: In that case... By the power vested in me, I now pronounce you... Sweetheart and Sweetheart! You may now kiss the-

How sad...

Don't do this, Sweetheart! This wedding is a sham... Loving yourself is one thing, but... this is taking it way too far!

NOT YOU AGAIN!! How dare you step foot back in here! GUARDS!? GUARDS!?!?

Sweetheart... You're making a mistake. You can't just marry yourself...

There's someone out there for you... I know it!

Aubrey, what are you doing...? She's going to send us to the Dungeon again...

I was a young princess once. I, too, once thought there was someone for me out there in the universe... But that's all in the past now. I no longer believe in true love! I'll never love anyone else ever again! The only person I'm going to love from now on is myself! Now guards... SEIZE HER!!

SWEETHEART, LISTEN TO ME!! You don't have to do this!

Hero! My Hero has come back for me!

How you sway with me with your words! Although it may be over between us, my heart has not yet forgotten you. I will give you one last chance. MARRY ME, HERO... HERE AND NOW!! Do so, and I will let you and your fans live!

W-WAIT, WHAT!?!? I can't do that... That's crazy!

... What's this? You reject me... again? But how can this be... I... don't... understand...

Sweetheart Laugh

Uh-oh... Now you've done it...

Ah... Yes... I see everything clearly now. I'll admit it... I was wrong about you, Hero. I thought you were a worthy companion... but... it seems you are jealous of me, just like everyone else! Yes! That must be it! My dazzling looks... My charming smile... My gregarious personality... It must be so difficult for you to even stand in my presence! Well... There is no need to despair anymore. I will end your suffering... personally.


:siren: World's End Valentine :siren:

We're finally fighting Sweetheart. Depending on the kind of skill loadout you come into this battle with, will determine whether Sweetheart is a piece of cake or somewhat hellish to fight.

As always, let's go ahead and make her sad. Need to set up our usual plan, right?

...Or not.

Aubrey's first turn on Boss fights should always be using power hit, this will shorten battles by a couple turns which is definitely a big help.

If you use Hero's Smile ability on her, she responds with this. Which is quite cool to see!

Omori's Trick is a godsend to bring into this fight. It takes away the happiness bonus an opponent has, and does extra damage to happy foes. Since Omori is sad, this does even more damage to Sweetheart. This was just a regular attack from Omori and it did as much as an Aubrey crit did.

Though, speaking of Aubrey... she's bringing Mood Wrecker to the fight. That's an attack that does more damage to Happy foes. If you make her Sad as well, she's going to output even more damage to Sweetheart.

And you likely saw this coming - Sweetheart is the happy boss. She likes being happy, and she's gonna stay happy for the rest of the fight. Which is good for us, since we're properly prepared. I was NOT ready for this on my first playthrough and went through a lot of Jam to get past her...

Despite initially dismissing Kel's curveball move, I get great use out of it here. Sweetheart is stuck in Happy, so curveball won't change her emotion and will always do a lot of damage.

Sweetheart can swing her mace and attack the entire party for multiple hits if you get unlucky. She's a big fan of all party attacks too.

Sweetheart going to ecstatic means her crit chance is now increased, as well as her speed... but so did her miss rate. So Sweetheart is getting close to either being a oneshot or miss machine. You can see why if you're not prepared, she can start wrecking house at this point.

And here's a big BIG reason why... despite the fact that her all party attack missed several people... her anger cast does not ever miss. So she will just make everyone angry which means everyone is now weak to Sweetheart and does less damage to her as well. This is not good!! This really turns her into a oneshot machine. This is why Omori has both Sad Poem and Painful Truth equipped. That's also why I have several poetry books as well. I've also got team spirit on Aubrey because it's much better to be happy than to be angry right now.

I'd also like to personally apologize for shitting on curveball, good lord does this ability do insane damage in this fight! Kel's not even sad!!

And here's where you need to just take Sweetheart out. I saved the ultimate attack for this moment because she's now likely to deal a crit on every strike and if she makes the party mad first... say hello to a full party wipe!

Looks like we gave her... a Heart attack. :coolbert:

How could this be? Y-You... You're all nothing! How dare you defy me... Throw them in the Dungeon! Guards... Guards!?!?

It's over, Sweetheart... The wedding is canceled!

N-No! I cannot accept this. Just leave me alone!

Weird Sound

My Sweetheart! Oh, my Sweetheart! Ah, I am so relieved that I made it in time! You must stop this madness at once!


YOU IDIOT!! I thought I told you... to never show your face in front of me again!

Oh, Sweetheart! My, Sweetheart! My sweet jelly-filled donut! Please, look into your heart and give me another chance. I should not have kept you waiting all those days.

I Just Love the 50s!!!

I'm sorry I didn't do this sooner.

MARRY ME, SWEETHEART!! Right here on this very stage!

Oh... my! This... This is all so sudden! How... how... how... How romantic! Sprout Mole Mike, I order you to marry us immediately!

SPROUT MOLE MIKE: Yes! At once, my liege! Dearly beloved, we are gathered here tod-

Oh, forget the formalities, Mike! True love cannot wait!

SPROUT MOLE MIKE: Y-Yes my princess! Ahem... By the power vested in me...I now pronounce you... SWEETHEART AND SPACE HUSBAND! You may now kiss the bride!

Oh Sweetheart... Let us travel the universe and leave all this behind!

Yes! Yes, my husband! I will go anywhere as long as it is with you!

Let us take leave, my Sweetheart! We have been apart for much too long. Come, my ship awaits!

Yes! Of course, my dear! But first... there is one last thing I must do. Sprout Mole Mike, hand me the button!

SPROUT MOLE MIKE: At once, my queen!

I'm ready now, dear.

At long last, we can be together... Come, my queen! Our chariot awaits!

Who wants to put money on how long the marriage will last? Over under is 5 hours. As for the follow-up improvement, I'll go over those on another day, for now...

We've got a friend to find.

Lost Library


One by one, they fell asleep on the car ride home. It was a long day at the beach, after all, and everyone was exhausted. ••• was the first to nod off, then the rest. As the sun set over the freeway, •'s head accidentally drops onto ••••••'s shoulder. The sudden jolt wakes him, but he doesn't dare open his eyes. He pretends to be asleep and steadies his breathing. He listens to the sound of the road. He feels the soft sun resting on his skin, and the slight tinge of pain on his nose from tomorrow's sunburn. He is happy... very, very happy... And he makes a vow to himself, that no matter what, he will remember this moment forever.


A puddle of juice sinks into the carpet. Hovering above it is none other than •••, holding an open juice box. He looks around at his friends, who are all wearing the same face of disappointment. He lets out a guilty chuckle. In what seems like less than a second, ••• disappears out the front door. A tiny black kitten makes her way through the stain, leaving sloppy, wet tracks all across the carpet. ••••'s face turns red and yells for •••, but ••• is already long gone. •••• hands •••• some wet paper towels. It looks like they're the only adults here... and if they don't clean this up soon, the carpet is going to stain. They'll have to deal with ••• later...


It was a hot, summer day, and all • could think about was why they couldn't do this tomorrow. The backyard was a mess. Planks of wood were strewn about the area. Paint stains blotched the grass thanks to ••••• and ••••••'s work. All day, • watched •••• lug planks of wood back and forth from his dad's pickup truck. He watched ••• hammer his fingers over and over, and made note that over an hour has passed since •••• has climbed down her ladder. "I will just be their moral support.", • thought, as he sat sleepily in the shade of his favorite tree. Of course, he knew this wouldn't be the case. Soon his friends will be asking for his help, and he won't be able to refuse. The treehouse is for everyone, so it's only fair that everyone puts some work into it. • knows this and agrees... but reluctantly. He slides up and wobbles his way to the mess. He knows he should put in his fair share. It just had to be on the hottest day of summer.


This year, • was lucky enough to get assigned to a desk next to the small window. Every day during class, • would gaze listlessly through the opening... at the shadows of the trees, the clouds creeping overhead. His mind drifted elsewhere... into his own worlds, his own stories, his own adventures. He had a habit of doing this. It was easy for him to get lost. Today was the same as any other. • stared vacantly out the small window as the clouds passed by one by one. Suddenly, a hand playfully slaps his back, snapping him out of his reverie. • looks away from the opening. ••• smiles. He motions that class is over and that it's finally time for lunch. It's pizza day today, and they need to bolt to the cafeteria before it's all gone. •'s tomach growls. He looks at the small window one last time. He would have to continue his adventure another day.


It's sunset. A strange statue watches over the hidden lake. It might have meant something significant in the past, but time has made it's engravings illegible. Either way, it doesn't matter to the company visiting it today. They're only here to use it as a diving board. The brothers take turns jumping off the statue. •••• jumps first. Then, •••. Then •••• again. Then ••• again. The brothers gleefully urge • to join them, and after some careful thought, • warily agrees. • shuffles up the statue, and looks down at the moving water. He can hear his heartbeat. His ears begin to ring. His legs feel as if they would give out at any time. He tries to focus on his breathing... He feels something crawling on his shoulder and his eyes fly open to meet with those of a black spider. In an instant, • loses all sense and hurls himself into the lake. Water fills his nose. He exerts his limbs, but the water is stronger. He's too weak, too helpless... or that is what he believes. • shuts his eyes... and waits for the brothers to save him.


Everyone is over again today. The special occasion is Saturday morning. From 7:00 AM to 11:00 AM, a group of six friends eat a delicious homemade breakfast and watch T.V. together. It's the most enjoyable part of the week. • looks at the clock. 8:00 AM. Two hours left. He would be able to watch with everyone else until 10:00 AM, when his tutor arrives. • grimaces. What he thought would be a rewarding hobby has been nothing more than a nuisance. Instead of watching the shows with the rest of his friends, he'll be the only one to miss out. If only he could watch the last hour with everyone else. If only he didn't have to play the violin...



Everyone's favorite place - White Space. While there is only one way to leave this place. There's something new to do here first. The location can be random, but I found it by going down and to the right...

Nothing like turning seeing your sister into a jump scare! Now then... as mentioned, only one way to leave this place...