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Part 27: This is My Stop

Update 27: This is My Stop

Well, uh... this is a jarring entrance to Headspace. We didn't even get to check out Whitespace... so let's go back in and do that real quick.

...NEVERMIND!! Out the front door we go!


Okay, so I guess we need to figure out what happened to everyone. They're probably just at the park.

Uh... Mari? Where are you? Why is there no one here? What happened to everyone?

Uh, sure?

This is really unsettling, but you can keep doing it if you want. I did it like 10 times and nothing new happened. I guess Omori's just good at entertaining himself. Omori can play all on all the playground equipment by himself which is... a bit sad. Maybe we should check out the rest of the forest to find some people.

... This fog is also in the way of the Pyrefly Forest and Otherworld... so the only other place we can go is towards that beach in the north.

...Mari? You're the real Mari, right? You're not gonna turn around and turn into a boss monster... right?

Kel, Aubrey, Hero, and all the children are gone. There's a thick fog enveloping the entire forest... Everywhere, except here. Maybe our friends are somewhere across the water.

Let's find them together.

I'll keep you company, so you're not alone. I know you really hate that.

We've got Mari in the party! We can't open our menu while she's with us. I believe you could do this in earlier patches, but that was creating lots of problems. Mari is a guest party member like Berly was, so you couldn't check her equipment to find out she had some ultimate weapon equipped or whatever.

Here's something neat: You can walk around with Mari. Why's that neat? Well, you can also run around with Mari. In fact, I have run on by default so I don't have to hold shift down while moving. So why do I bring this up?

Mari will bring up her bad knee. I know you can find out about this later, but I didn't know you could find out about this here. And of course, you can be a bit dickish and continue to run...

Aww, I'm sorry Mari.

Once she reprimands Omori, you can no longer run around with her - running becomes disabled. Which is a neat touch.

And if you try to take Mari back into the forest, here's what she says. A very good line backed up by some gameplay. So long as she's in the party - there won't be any fights.

Now then, if you'll recall, Omori has a crippling fear of water. So, we may have trouble making it across this body of water.

During the fight with Something in the water with Sunny... those are the words that help teach him to persist. It's a really nice touch.

So now we can swim! We'll have to remember to backtrack and get all those little things that were blocked by those pesky water areas.

A Place by A Lake

Granted, we'll have to make it past this water area first. The area is quite expansive, though if you go all the way to the left or right you get a black screen that says "There is nothing here". Which is quite nice of the dev to do that rather than make 3 more giant mostly empty areas.

There's a lot of shadows around that will disappear if we touch them. Nothing spooky happens... it's just creepy.

Explore around enough and there's a little island on the left side with a house. I wonder what's inside?

Nothing but a mess, apparently.

And there's the spook! Thanks game, my blood pressure was in a healthy range. I needed to make sure I have another thing to think about at night when I can't sleep... Let's get out of this place, there's nothing here.

Wait... did you see something?

Huh... must have been the wind...

A little more exploring and you can find this lighthouse on the right side of the area. Nothing... spooky about lighthouses, right?

The blue coloration on everything just makes me feel so... cold. As if this place is frozen solid.

We've... seen this photo before. It didn't zoom in for us, but I recognize those discolorations on the faces. It was the photo of the happy family in the barn. I can see how one of the kids dying can ruin that happy family.

Taking the ladder down in the previous room, brings us to here... Aubrey's not here to break this thing, and there's nothing inside anyway. Though there is a telescope we can use over in the corner.

There's nothing to see but a bunch of empty space, sadly.

Well... nevermind. There is Something, to see.

Leaving the lighthouse and heading back into the water, we keep heading north until we reach this gigantic waterfall. It goes across the entire northern part of the map, except around this walkway. We'll have to use the walkway to continue on.

This next area has very little in it, despite doing what I gave them a compliment for NOT doing just a few sentences ago. There's a couple walkways that lead to the left and right that you can use to explore a mostly empty area except for a couple empty houses.

Though, there is this empty house... which has a dweller standing outside of it.

Hmm... is that... Basil's grandma? There's nothing else we can do or say to her. So it's back to the piers... well, there is what looks like a coffin floating in the area... but interacting with it does nothing.

We step onto a long pier that seems to take us by some familiar looking shadows.

Shadows, that disappear as we get close to them.

... Omori... It seems that you have forgotten something important. Are you okay with that?

I'm not too sure.

This is my stop though.

I know I shouldn't have come... It just gets a little lonely without everyone.

It's not my place to say anymore, but... I hope you're still there... Sunny... I really miss you.