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Part 28: The Last Resort

Update 28: The Last Resort


Long Way Down

How... did we get on a ladder? Where are we, in a well?

Going down gets us below water, which would probably be bad if we weren't dreaming and could thus dream ourselves a pair of gills.

These do not look very friendly!

Hey! We made it to the bottom! We only had to get some minor psychic trauma.

Yes, I'm waiting for past me to pick up that M.


Not that many to go. Though, the holes the correct keys are leaving behind are getting... bigger.

Just... a little worrisome, in my opinion.

Thanks, Omori. Very cool!

You can probably figure out what the correct keys are at this point. I'll wait a little bit longer to officially say it, but we're getting to the end of all things here.

Huh, we really were in a well. The strange shifting in and out of making sense really does make the dreamworld feel... dream like. Almost every time that you feel comfortable and understanding the rules of the world it's just, oh now you're here and doing this. It's good mindfuckery, in my opinion.

Anyway, what's this about a toll?

Oh... that's unfortunate. We just so happened to have lost all our friends. Hopefully they aren't behind this toll gator.

Sounds cool, but we'll walk. We need the exercise.

And roam we shall! Welcome to the Endless Highway. The name of which... does make me rethink our walking strategy.

A neat thing about being at the bottom of the ocean is that you can find clams just lying around. Since clams are the currency of the game, you can pick up money literally anywhere! Too bad it's literally 1 per pick up though. So you're unlikely to ever get much out of it.

Oh, hello Mr. Bird! Nice of you to accompany us under the sea.

... Okay, surely it has to end at some point?

Wait... how did we get back here? Ugh, fine! We'll take the damn taxi.

A lil' bumpy he says, look at Omori! He lost all his color! Oh wait, he never had any to begin with...

And now to turn on the music...

The Last Resort

And hey! Is that Kel over there?

Hey, Omori! There you are! Where've you been, buddy?

While you were gone... everyone...

Got tricked into signing contracts! So... we all have jobs now!

Oh, God! We were too late...

Sniff... We're growing up so fast...

My job is to point people to the Last Resort. That's where I work.

There it is!

But I gotta say... this job thing isn't all it's cut out to be.

So why don't we get everyone to quit and get the heck out of here?

Hero's been traveling a lot for work lately... but I kow for sure that Aubrey's working on the 5th floor of the Last Resort. We should go find her first.

Sounds like a plan. Hopefully with Kel being an employee, we'll be able to get in and out with no problem.

These Goomen standing around offer to sell various items for ridiculously marked up rates. We're going to go ahead and just walk past them - passing up the rare opportunity to buy some Butt Peach soda.


Omori! It's so good to see you again!

What is it, Omori? Aren't you happy to see your big sister?

Oh, that's just Omori being Omori. You can't blame him for the way he looks!

Anyway, as I was just saying... working pays the bills, but it's not very exciting. So me and Omori are gonna go get Aubrey and Hero... and then...

We're gonna...

Ohhh yeaaaaaah! That's what we were going to do!

Hehe... Always happy to help. Let me know if you need anything else, okay?

Nah, don't worry about it, Mari. The boss loves me! We'll be in and out of the Last Resort real quick, no problem!

Okay, if you say so.

Come on, Omori! I can't wait for you to meet the boss. He's awesome!

The guy who tricked you all into signing contracts, is awesome? I don't know, Kel... you've gotta work harder convincing me on this one.

Interacting with Mari just feels... off, now. As if even Sunny's subconscious is able to understand that Mari is really dead. It just feels a bit unsettling.

Hey! Another joke to write down!

S'ok. I'd really appreciate if the game didn't make a joke at my expense though

Jeez, Charlene! You could have warned me about the haunted pool rather than tell me not to splash!

Though c'mon, we live in a haunted house! What's diving into a haunted pool?

Not So Empty House

Well, uh... wasn't expecting that to be honest. I guess our friends can wait while we check out this party.

A lot of food for beings without digestive organs. Also, not a lot of beings here! Looks like it's us and a Jash partygoer. That ghost in the tophat should let us know what's going on.

TOPHAT GHOST: I've sent letters to a number of acquaintances asking them to attend this elegant feast of mine... but as of this moment, not a single invitee has made an appearance! Not one! This is preposterous. A lesser ghost would be enraged, but my finer senses tell me that they may have simply become lost on the way here. You see... when I sent out my invitations... I had forgotten to include directions to the venue! Being a true gentleman and host, I refuse to start this party until all of my guests have arrived.

I'd hate for this to be a party of one forever, so sure dude.

TOPHAT GHOST: Thank you, good sir! Here are some maps with directions to my party, stamped with my own personal Tophat seal of approval. Please deliver these maps to each of my guests. They will then find their way here on their own, surely.

There are 6 ghosts to find scattered across the whole of Headspace. This quest kinda sucks because it's just finding and talking to a NPC, then rinse and repeat 5 more times. But there's a decent payoff!

Just like with Raintown, there's only one thing to do here so we're good to go...

After we grab this...


Um... that writing is a bit spooky for my tastes.

Speaking of spooky... Let's hop in!

There are two tapes here, but we can only watch one of them. I'll let you choose below...

Basil Tape

Omori Tape

The only other point of interest at the Ghost Party right now is the Jash who sells every single emotion affecting item in the game. So if you've got the cash, visit this Jash. Otherwise, it's time to move and smash... Aubrey and Hero out.

Room For 4

This place oozes one of those casinos that you really shouldn't visit. Not that any casino is a place you should visit, but this one seems like one where you wind up in a ditch the next morning with a priest giving you your last rites.

Hey! There's a couple of our playground friends!

...Not very talkative though. I'm not sure you'd want the guy who can only talk like a Pokemon to be your receptionist.

Gator Gambol

Kel! I thought you had connections!

So surprise, Kel isn't very liked amongst the rest of the employees! So we have to fight our way through most of the casino. Those fights will be against these guys - the Gator Guys. They have several different attacks: they can karate chop and get rough. Get rough lets them attack twice. They can do decent damage too, made worse by the fact that we've only got two party members. If we had Aubrey & Hero with us, these guys would go down in one round of attacking.

Just like the junkyard, Kel has a unique mechanic here to be able to play slots and either win or lose some money during battle. I like that it happens, but clams are about to become a non-issue somewhat soon.

Wow, another key. We're just finding them all over now!


If you've figured out the phrase, you won't be surprised to find out it wasn't a correct key. So then why did I pick it up? Eh, why not? The remaining correct keys at this point are: 'P', 'S', 'T', & 'W'. Not many keys left to find in total, either!

Jesus... You aren't getting paid!? Then why the hell are you working?? What kind of contract did you all sign??

I'd scream too if they quit paying me.

I uh, don't think those are jokes. They are cries for help.

Tiffany here gives me 100 clams. The amount of clams you get is based on your WTF value. If it's 1-3, you get 2,000. 4-6, 1,000. 7-9, 500. 10-13, 100. This is the only way outside of save game editing to find out how high or low your WTF value is. And of course, it's in the third act instead of in the first 5 minutes so good luck wasting 20 hours if you wanted a high value!

Once you make it past the Gator Guys, it's pretty easy to just head to the elevators and head to a different floor. There's nothing stopping us!

As I always say... When you gotta go, you gotta go!

Kel, are you serious? Just hold it!

Oh jeez, FINE. We'll go the bathroom.

Oh for heaven's sake Kel... You're 12! How do you not wash your hands after going to the bathroom!!

There, jeez. We really need to find Basil so he can remind you of this more often. Though... it does look like we got a little reward for coming in here...


S, T, and W is all we need! I would also appreciate if those holes would stop appearing too!

Because I have no self-control and keep jumping in them!

Sunny, your head is fucked.

Now that Kel has taken care of business, we can head into the elevators. It's worth noting that if you go to the bathroom before trying to leave the floor, Kel doesn't tell you to go to the bathroom. My guess is testers didn't realize they could go in and missed a correct letter for hangman.

Isn't this a cool elevator? Smells kind of like perfume and smoke.

Oh, hi Mari!

Hello, you two!

... Why isn't this working?

Oh yeah! I totally forgot! We need a Cool Key Card for this!

They took mine away 'cuz I kept losing it... I swear they're disappearing on their own, though!

Let's try looking around the other floors for one. There's gotta be a Cool Key Card around here somewhere!

I can't help but point out that during that entire scene... Omori just... stares at Mari. As if, he knows something is wrong. The kid's already a bit creepy, this just adds on to it.

Why don't you enjoy a nice picnic with me? That always seems to cheer you up.

She's right... but there's no picnic option here... Anyway, let's head to another floor.

Four different options to check and see if we can find a keycard on it. May as well go down the list and see the floors in order.

Clams Clams Clams

Ah nice, the breakroom. Good to see that even though these guys aren't getting paid, the union is fighting to make sure they have breaks. See? Things aren't so bad here after all.

Also, the watermelon in the corner contains a punching bag - an accessory that lets the wearer start a battle angry. I'm not a fan of those items but what I am a fan of is the description:

So good

Also uh... check out Omori's weapon. It's getting duller... I wonder what that could mean...?

The Plunge Protection Team are working hard! Thank you!

Of course it's Hero...

This guy helpfully points out that some people are not locking their lockers! Thanks to that, our team is able to wrack up: Bottled Water, Poetry Book, Fruit Juice?, and some Rotten Milk! Well, they can't all be winners.

Over on floor 2, we run into a few more of our playground friends. They've nothing really to say though.

Buddy... do you KNOW who you're talking to here? I'm the clash champion of Faraway... you have NO chance.

... Figures a man dedicated to RPS wouldn't have a fortune.

The room on the left has a weird doll on the bed. To add to the weirdness, you can use the phone to hear... someone just breathing on the line. Classy.

Not sure why we want to throw it away, but eh screw that doll!

The right hand room has Bangs laying on the bed as a "Bed Tester", the job of my dreams. It also has the keycard we need!

Cool! We found the Cool Key Card!

We should be able to get to the 5th floor from the elevator now. Let's go find Aubrey!

In a minute Kel, there's still more to do. Oh, I forgot to check something in that previous room.

...Eh?? Why's that doll back on the bed?

Now stay there this time.

... Um...

I'm... not a fan of this doll. I'd like for it to stay in the trash next time.

Up on floor three, we can find Bun cleaning after the guests. They're also worried about Nose, but I'm pretty sure Nose is pretty happy repeating their name over and over to unsuspecting guests.

This scary lady is the mom to all the Gator Guys. Yes, they're all brothers and they all work here. And you thought your workplace had nepotism!


This couple complains about the place being rundown... but it was a free trip for them so the complaints aren't that strong. There's a big rubber band you can find in the trash here, they do more damage than a rubber band and will still drop defense on an enemy. The watermelon in this room contains... a Fedora. We cannot escape those things. The fedora raises defense by 5, luck by 5, and wearing it prevents Aubrey from using her follow-up with Omori because she doesn't want him anymore. The watermelon in the room with the Jam Guy contained a Clam Coin - which raises all clams gained in battle. Quite useful, too bad I forgot about this when I grind later

The 4th floor... is still being built. The Gator Guys here will talk about their mom with their enthusiasm ranging from "Woo yay Mom!" to "Oh God, not Mom!".

Here's a ballpit... I... wouldn't get in that.

On the right side, we find our first party-ghost!

MUSTACHE GHOST: Whoa, hold on a second! What do we have here? Directions to Tophat's party? Well, gee... I'd better skedaddle! The party doesn't start until I arrive! Hyok, hyok, hyok... snort... hyok, hyok, hyok!

One down, five more to go! We're going to have to travel a great distance to find the next ghost. But that's a problem for another time. We of course pick up some ramen from the toilet before heading through the hole in the wall.

Looks like this area is still under construction. Though, Mari is here as well as that... gigantic golden statue of Hero.

Anyways, come sit! It's not like you to turn down a picnic.

Mari is REALLY trying to cheer up Omori here. And she really is just everywhere now. I really like it, even if it feels unsettling now.

That statue of Hero, by the way, is to commemorate his Employee of the Century award. Oh, Hero... and you're not even being paid for it. The rest of the area can't really be explored right now because there are barrels in the way - requiring Aubrey to break them down. Though we can briefly see Vance and find out that Berly is the head of security... that could be a problem. Otherwise, there's nothing to do on floor 4... so it's time for us to head up to the 5th floor and get her back!