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Part 33: End of the Well

Update 33: End of the Well


Welcome to Deeper Well. This place is really cool and a great acid trip. I said it last time, but it bears repeating: This place really does feel like the entrance to an endgame area. The atmosphere here is great. Our first step is going to be to step on that purple spot, because...

It's a warp point! This place loves being a mess of twist and confusing turns, so it can actually be kinda hard to explore the pathways that don't lead forward before you accidentally go down a dreaded path of no return.

BLANK: Perhaps you've already noticed... the curse of Deeper Well.

I haven't been including most of the NPC dialogue (despite talking to them myself) mostly because it's not interesting and these updates can be quite big as is... there's been quite a few that have been up against the 50,000 character limit! But the NPCs here are all getting included because the game has decided to do some catch up on the mindfuckery in this area.

We've technically already made a choice that Empty is talking about... we cast away the dream world by going outside... Are there any other choices to be made... ?

This way's a dead end, we'll have to go back and find another path forward.

Dreamer... It's been quite a while since we heard that word. That came from Daddy Longlegs quite a bit ago... Let's head through the teleporter to our south...

Another dead end, let's double back - there's another way forward in the trench area.

Minus is uh, getting a bit real on Sunny. Though I guess that's technically his own thoughts. Though, there's another use of the word dreamer here....

Back at the main area, this is the only correct way forward. If you go in here, it may be hard to return and never explore the other two areas. There's no unmissable items, but I do enjoy the dialogue from the characters here.

...And you may remember where this line is from. :smith:

Going through the cave entrance in the previous area leads directly to this waterway. It's a bit claustrophobic...

So hey, see that area above us? If you are playing along (if anyone still does that) absolutely, go north of here. If you miss this, I'd reload if I were you to make sure you get this before going forward. You absolutely want whats up here.

BRANCH CORAL: Deeper layers of his world open up as this Dreamer grows more desperate. Even imagination is limited. You have questions that I can answer. Answers that you have forgotten.

Who's ready for a big ol plot dump? Because... that's not what this is!! Instead, you're probably going to have even more questions after these answers than before. Enjoy!


BRANCH CORAL: The friend you have lost is not in this world. The day he was removed, he was reborn elsewhere. He is special to you. A string of fate ties you two together. He cannot leave that place alone. To retrieve him, you will have to remove yourself as well, but in a way that is natural for this world. For HEADSPACE. This journey is nearing its end. You already know what you have to do, Dreamer.


BRANCH CORAL: Before this world was created, there existed three great creatures... the oldest, the wisest, and the favorite. The oldest is alive, but not the same as he once was. Age has removed his conscience and he has evolved into a parasite within himself. He lives here, just beyond this cavern. The wisest, against her reason, committed an act that opposed the Dreamer's will. It is an act that is not even known to me. As a result, she was stripped of her wisdom and banished to isolation... a special prison somewhere deep, deep down. The last and favorite, the BIG YELLOW CAT, was chosen to watch over the Dreamer's most precious room. He remains the Dreamer's favorite even to this day... watching diligently... waiting for something to happen.


BRANCH CORAL: To be in White Space is to be nothing. White Space is emptiness, a home without warmth. A place to survive, but not to live. Even still, your conscience cannot be erased. It will always find a way in. Even in White Space, it will take the form... and if one wills it, something will be formed to subdue it. A hanging black light bulb... the repression of an idea. ... Yes. Perhaps it is time to admit that you are human, Dreamer.

If you're not more confused, congrats, you've already played the game.

BRANCH CORAL: There is a challenge that will aid you greatly in this world. It is simple without thought... and if you succeed, I will be gone as well.

You want to say yes to this, please say yes to this.

...Okay it's a bit creepy here, but I promise the reward is worth it.

That uh, doesn't look like an apple... but still, we need to do this.

And boo fucking ya! Omori is now back to being our strongest character.

Though it did come at the sacrifice of this... coral formation. Oh well, I'm sure that won't be a problem later!


Welcome... to the end of the road.