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Part 39: Something In The Forest

Update 39: Something In The Forest


You may have noticed those little content warnings I've been putting at the top of some updates I felt had some content that could upset people. I'm not going to be putting those anymore, because starting with this update the entire rest of the game may contain uncomfortable, disturbing, or upsetting content included in the warning image above. If any of the above could potentially disturb you, or if any of the content of this game that you've experienced to this point has upset you and made you feel depressed or anxious, then the coming parts will absolutely create issues for you. This is the last warning I'm giving, please take heed of it if you feel you need to. I would rather come off as too dramatic rather than not giving the proper warning to people. You have been warned.

We haven't yet seen the title screen, believe it or not. It's pretty minimalistic, but it fits Omori - the game and the character. It's a nice snapshot of White Space.


There's no turning back... it's time to head to Basil's house for the final time.

That's how I want to be like... someone who always sees the bright side of things.

I guess that's why they remind me of Mari! I can always count on her to help me stay positive!

Pink roses symbolize admiration... Orange roses symbolize passion... Yellow roses symbolize friendship... and the list goes on!

Hero doesn't remind me of any rose in particular. I think Hero is like all roses, because he's versatile and universally loved!

As you might guess, they represent strength of character. Someone who is honest, with strong moral values... Someone who stands by their convictions...

The gladiolus reminds me of Aubrey, because she's always true to herself!

I guess what I'm saying... is that even you could take care of a cactus, Kel!

If I could put it in another way... I guess I would say that... they're comfortable. Simple, modest, and perfect. Just like Sunny.

All the flowers are dead, and no amount of water will bring them back or have prevented their death. Something... evil is influencing the area. It's also probably why the kids can't remember Basil either.

The forest is full of a thick fog, as well as barely being able to be classified as a forest anymore. Nearly all the plants and trees are dead.

You can still, at this point, turn back if you want or need to. But... we are ready to face whatever evils lurk within Sunny's mind.


We're ready.

We land in a dark ocean that continues on endlessly if you swim from left to right.

The water quickly leads to a beach if you head north, this beach also continues on endlessly if you go to either side.

Dear Little Brother