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Part 40: Welcome to Black Space

UPDATE 40: Welcome to Black Space

Welcome Again

It's the long awaited journey to Black Space. This is going to be a bumpy ride for all of us, such is the ways of exploring the dark mental spaces of severe trauma. Our main goal, is to get a key in each of these doors to be able to unlock the next door. Sounds simple, too bad about the journey to get those keys. By the way, there's going to be a LOT of new music for this area. I VERY STRONGLY recommend clicking on all of the songs to truly understand the atmosphere of the area you're dealing with here. Visuals alone are not enough.

There are a bunch of strangers wandering around black space that we can talk to. All of them have very interesting things to say.

If you are lost, you need not worry. The red hands will guide you... and... the form you've taken... it cannot die here.

I deeply wish that your friend's soul is born uncorrupted. We know too well what fate will befall him otherwise. Has the flower boy lost his way? Here to save him again? How fortunate for him... The flower boy who is closest to the truth... whose eyes glow an eerie red. I have seen what you've done to him before... and pray that you don't find him again.

With great power comes great burden... for yourself... and for the people closest to you. Who are you protecting? And... is it worth it? Without Keys of our own, we are forced to wander endlessly here. These doors will not open for us. We are not as fortunate as you.

This place has changed a great deal since you were here last. Will you be able to find your way back, or will you finally lose yourself? Please have mercy, Dreamer. The souls born here may never materialize, but their screams still echo through the ground. The truth is difficult for you. In the past, it has caused you to stray to your destructive form. Your current form subdues that... and although it is also evil... it may still be the better of the two.

Right now, these guys have some very cryptic dialogue for us. Though we may be able to figure out what it means by the end of this journey.


The world that you created above this one... did you make it to protect this place or to hide it away? Either way... it's become more powerful than you.

The open-ended areas here will be nice enough to leave a path for you to find the exit... we're going to go exploring a bit.

A beached whale... Humphrey?

Here's the key for this place. Once we grab it, we can leave...

Now then, how do you leave? Well, the red hands will come back to pull us back to Black Space. Wondering what those were for in White Space? Well, here's your explanation!


A new area to explore, a lot more chaotic than before. The colors here are very disorienting.

You can follow this cloud around to find new parts of the area. No real secrets best I could tell.

Here are the potential answers Loquacious can give to any of these questions:



You can also ask Loquacious if cereal is a soup... feel free to pick one of the above answers to that question.

Lost in this confusion lies the root of everything. The truth that you've locked away... You must find it no matter what. You have to... for the both of us.

Back in Black Space... our notebook has appeared. This update is going to be long enough so, check the supplemental update to view the notebook. The illustrations... make more sense now.


SCRIBBLE: Are you looking for someone? Or something? Someone's done this before. Was it you? Was it me? Was it the flower boy? If you were lost, where would you go? Somewhere familiar. Somewhere safe, full of good memories. If only there were such a place. There is nothing here. There is nothing left.

This scribble is one of the few conversations we will have with a non-stranger in this accursed place.

All of the scribbles here share one conversation. So if you talk to one, you've talked to all of them.

We unlock the laptop back in Black Space... but there's nothing to do on it. It's just static.


No lie, when I saw this place again I said out loud "Fuck". This place is fine if you stay on the path... stray from the path and well...

Every door here can be interacted with. For all but a couple houses, you just get a slowed DING-DONG noise. There's a secret to be found amongst the graves, but that's going to be it's own side update.

There are many many rows of houses here. It's not like Sunny's town... and they all have that droning doorbell sound... Until you reach this row of houses just after the bathtub...

You just need to go four houses down the row and...

I was a fan of the Sweetheart paintings... I'm not a fan of this one.


The pile of hair now follows Omori around the place. We can interact with the cake and nothing else here.

I hate this place... we're leaving.

I didn't know that was there when I was checking doors... a very unhappy present from the game.

When you hid the truth, you sealed a part of me away with it. He's been waiting for someone to save him all this time. On that day... When you became nothing... I was split in half. Which one do you think was more painful?


Here's an area with less jumpscares but more.... uh, unsettling behavior.

Most of the floor has fallen away, and in the middle lies Something...

Something is now following us for the rest of this area... it's... not something on my list of favorite things, but I'll take it compared to the last area.

Every 15 or so seconds, Something will say... uh this. I wasn't sure if I want to show this off yet, but... we're going to let Something say this about 10 - 15 times, and then grab the key.

Once both events happen... you can come back here and jump into the abyss below... Not something I recommend doing, personally. But... there's some... interesting things we can see a bit early.


Yeah... so we're not supposed to be here yet. And I'm not saying this is a speedrun trick, I mean this is jumping over to stuff you're really not supposed to see in a normal run. But Black Space is malleable... and we can see things... Sunny really REALLY doesn't want us to see.

Like this background, for one.

I'm not gonna give away the name of this place yet, but this is the world beyond Black Space to Sunny. There are some things we can explore, but they don't really make sense for us to see.

This area in particular is called the docks. There's one thing here in particular I want to show off... and no it's not the Fish Lady mocking me again.

Though uh... her following me around is not something I'm a fan of. I hate it, in fact.

This door is what we're here to see...

All that static you see? That's not an error on anyone's part. The game gets very staticy in this part... we are REALLY not supposed to be here.

We seem to be in Sunny's house... specifically his living room. There's nothing of interest in the kitchen or dining room.

This is the hallway, the stairs are in front of us... the further we progress the worse the static gets. Let's go check out Sunny's room.

MOVING ON. Good news, the mirror is missing in the bathroom. So there's nothing to see in there. Sunny's mom's room has a long hallway to get to her bed now... but nothing else of note. The piano room is where we need to go to progress here...

Hey, Omori... I think your sister is ignoring us. Maybe you should go talk to her.

We can't have a picnic without Mari!

...Yeah sure... let's go into the basement... and get Mari... haha what could go wrong??

The text advance sound plays here... but no text appears.

Believe it or not... we're opening this door.

Behind the door is a field of red... with cutdown trees, knives, and flower crowns. There are also a few something creatures littered about... It's not a happy place. It's still much better than if you don't open the door, trust me.

The red hands here run away from us... they won't be taking us back to Black Space.

Once you leave you wind up back here and... hear a door knocking... I hate this place... Let's leave.

The only way to leave is... well... Stabbing yourself. The menu hasn't been available for the entire area, but it does appear once you jump down the abyss. You can leave at any point...

Now then, let's get back on track. There's still a lot more horrors for us to see today.


:siren: Anxiety Alert :siren:

... Ok, I want to go back to the nightmare zone.

There's no other way out... so we have to...

I'm sorry Mewo... it's the only way out of here...

We have to... there's no other choice...

Or... is there another choice? We have the key after all...

This is one of the few rooms you can stab to leave. Though, if you hit yes on that last option - you do straight up slice Mewo to bits... and the cat butler responds with "Waiting for something to happen?" to basically taunt you. We will be saving Mewo... though it may be a bit traumatized now...


Well... the forest seems kinda drained but this place doesn't seem as bad as the previous ones...

We found a flower crown, now if only we can find the person this goes on...

There's several watermelons here and none of them having anything inside them. They just splat when we "open" them.

Hey, look at that! We found Basil.

Is that my flower crown? I'm so glad you found it.

Let's get out of here... I'll follow your lead!

We've got Basil back! Time to get out of here. I splat all the watermelons but there was nothing inside them...

Uh... well we tried but uh... yeah...

We used to cut them up and eat them all the time at the beach! I can still see Kel with those watermelon seeds all over his face, haha...

Summer vacation with friends was the best, wasn't it?

We continue walking for a bit and enter this land of darkness with watermelons everywhere... and all we can do is splat them.


Well uh, there goes Basil! At least... that wasn't the real one...

And now we can leave this place...


Speaking of the beach... I guess Basil triggered a memory in Sunny.

There are photographs scattered about on the beach, but all of them turn to these scribbles if you try and investigate them.

If you explore the beach enough, you may be able to find this girl... she only appears if your WTF value is over 5.

But, this is all she will say... :smith:

No matter how much I want it, things can't go back to the way they were before. But why does part of me still cling on? Is there still hope left for us, Sunny?

The ocean has only fish heads in it... and the key...


Well hey, we found Basil right here! Maybe we can manage to get this one to safety?

Phew... That feels so much better.

I can't believe you came here to save me. I missed you so much!

Now that you're here, I can finally go home. Lead the way, Omori!

Not to mention they're also one of my biggest helpers when I'm gardening, since they eat a lot of the pests that can hurt my plants. It's all about the balance of nature!

I remember a while back... You told me that a big spider fell on your shoulder just as you were about to dive into the lake at our secret hangout spot! I know that the spider must have looked so scary to you, but I promise that you probably looked a lot scarier to the spider! No offense, of course haha...

Look, Basil... not to rain on your parade but you have a LOT of spiders on you... like one I'd understand not being too worried, but that's quite a few...

Hi, spiders! It's me, your friend Basil!

Basil is literally, too pure for this world. Sunny literally had to expel him from Headspace because he was too pure.

Oh... I'm probably just scaring them.

There there, spiders. It's okay! I'm not here to hurt you!

Ugh... Omori...

... And we lost another Basil...


This new area is a barren wasteland. There's nothing here... well, almost nothing. It's not easy to find in the midst of emptiness, but there is something to see here.



Let's... get back on the path.

My problems... my hopes... my dreams... You knew them all. So if you're still there... please let my words reach you one more time.

You cannot step on the daisy, which is about the only thing in this place that makes me happy.

After witnessing the last area, a new door appears with an ominous red aura around it... we've seen that aura before. As you can imagine - this is the way forward. There are still more doors to see, but if you're tired of Black Space... you can exit at any time now. We, however, will continue on. Sunny still has more to show us.

Waiting For...





These areas are somehow becoming more real, and more abstract at the same time... it feels more dream like as we go on.

Well we got a good nap in at least. Though I do wonder how well rested you can be if you sleep in a dream.

There's our third Basil... maybe we can make this one last longer...

Before we talk to Basil, we can check out the tree house next to him. It's uh... very static-y!

Are Kel, Aubrey, and Hero here too? I've missed you all so much!

I'm glad the treehouse is still standing. Everyone worked really hard to make it together. Let's go home, Omori.

Let's hope you make it there, Basil.

An elevator? I wonder where it leads to. Maybe it can take us back home!

I'm uh... not so sure I trust it, but there's no other way out of here so... in we go.

We've got the key, now let's get out of here.

Do not offer me the opportunity to go to Sprout Mole Village... I'm already not in a good mood. Let's just go back to the Forest.

Could you help me out?

Hey has anyone seen Final Destination?

Just... curious!!

White Pillars

This place... feels more depressing than creepy. The music really defines what these areas feel like to me, more than the visuals. This place is also quite barren, so we'll just follow the path.

I waited so long for you to come back. Even seeing you now... It's hard to think straight. I can feel my heart hurting and I want to cover my face and hide. There are so many things I want to say to you... but the words won't come out. I just... I waited so long for you to come back, Sunny... but... you never did.

Come and See

We land in another forest... we uh, land in a lot of forests... don't we?

Omori... Psst... Omori! I'm right here!

I'm not the best at defending myself, but I think I'm pretty good at surviving at least.

Anyway... I knew you would come save me, Omori! And I'm sure we will be able to make it out of this place now that you're here. This place seems a little dangerous, but... I trust you.

Well... WE will make it out of here... I'm not sure about you.


Let's just get out of here... for the record, there is something to be found if we take a ride on the raft two more times... but that's for another time.


Yeah, not a fan of this place! It's either existential horror or real horror... not sure which I want my nightmares to be!!!! The music makes this even fucking worse, holy shit!!!

There are these mirrors scattered about that can be found and shattered by looking into them.

The more you shatter, the darker this place gets and the redder the Omori reflecting back at us is.

When you shatter all of them... the place becomes black and... that thing appears.

It slowly chases you and makes an awful noise when Omori gets caught in it... Let's leave, yeah??

Ring Ring

But something made it slip. And the hole that it made... It won't stop spreading until you find the root of it all. The one that has seen the truth... will you guide me to him, Sunny?


Hi, Mari. We're in Hell! How are you?

This place feels eerie... but somehow has been the least fucked up of all of the nightmarish hell scapes. Not saying I'd take a vacation here, but compare this place to the mirror zone and yeah it doesn't compare.


I'm really not happy about making such a nice and cozy place a nightmare zone.

Oh... I'm so relieved. I tried finding my way out, but... I kept getting lost over and over.

I'm sorry... You must be tired of saving me all the time. Maybe I should have tried harder.

Anyway, everything is fine now that you're here. Let's go home!

Yup! Everything is fine here... Nothing bad could possibly happen now that we have Basil and we're in such a cozy place.

When I was feeling scared, I would look at all our happy memories together. It really helped me keep my hopes up!

I feel like there are some photos missing, but maybe I'm just imagining things...

How are Aubrey, Kel, and Hero anyway? I hope you all didn't worry too much about me. I can't wait to see everyone again!


Omori! Look it's Hero! You didn't tell me everyone was already here!

I also didn't know everyone was here... at least this time they have faces.

Basil... did that really look safe to do when 'Hero' hasn't even said a word yet?

Kel! Aubrey! It's so good to see you, guys!

How have you been? Did you miss me? hehe...


This death... feels by far the most gruesome, just because it featured our friends doing it.


It's time to GO.


This is the final door - the red door. We've explored all of Black Space, and all that remains is whatever Sunny's mind is trying to keep from him.

A key and a save spot... we're ready for whatever may come.


The church... It makes sense that this place is a very unhappy place for Sunny. How could anyone not associate this place with the death of their loved one?

Sunny... the truth is here. You've been running from this for so long. But this time, we can face it together.

We've failed to save every Basil so far... but this is the last room, we have to try.

Bad Morning


Red Shape