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Part 47: Basil

UPDATE 47: Basil


We uh... REALLY need to talk to Basil. Is there anyone else awake?


We're the only one awake... and what Sunny has done... Jesus... How will they react? No wonder Sunny has done everything possible not to tell them.

BASIL!!! We really REALLY need to talk!

This entire journey, we've been asked this question. And every time that question has been posed - we have said yes. In our dreams, in black space, in real life. But now... we know the true cost of what it would take to save Basil... but Sunny's answer can't change, and his resolve can't waver. Now when it matters the most... we can't turn our back on our best friend... We have to forgive him...

Ah... Sunny... It's just you... I'm glad you came. It's... It's so good to see you.

It came to you that day... The day Mari died.

When Mari... When Mari fell...

You... You couldn't have done it. It was something behind you... wasn't it? You're a good person, Sunny. I know you're a good person!

A good person wouldn't do something like that...

Can you see it, Sunny? There's no way out of this, is there?

No... You wouldn't leave me. That's not like you, Sunny!

It's something behind you again, isn't it?

Stay away! Stay away from Sunny!

I'll protect you no matter what, Sunny. You can count on me!

I didn't say anything... I didn't want people to think it was you, Sunny.

Sunny... Sunny wouldn't... do something like that.

Don't worry, Sunny... I'll save you again.

Something behind you... I'll get rid of it once and for all.


Your Catastrophes

Both Sunny and Basil's mental health have plummeted for an obvious reason... but Basil seems to be in the middle of a full breakdown. Sunny... has to try and make amends here. We just need to calm down... and reassess the situation. The same as we always do.

Oh... Oh no...

Running... doesn't work no matter how hard we try. And even if we did run... we'd just be running away from our friend who really REALLY needs us right now. We just need to try and focus and get through this...

We still can't run, we have to face this head on... We have to persist!

We're out of skills... we can't run... but we have to stop and make Basil calm down. We have to try and get a handle on this... maybe... just a slap will help him calm down.

Okay... That STILL didn't work! Okay... Okay! The energy bar is here! Maybe... we just need to hold out... something can happen that will help us! Sunny... just needs to get some energy to truly overcome what's happening! Just... hold out...

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