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Part 55: Return to Black Space

UPDATE 55: Return To Black Space


That's how I want to be like... someone who always sees the bright side of things.

I guess that's why they remind me of Mari! I can always count on her to help me stay positive!

Pink roses symbolize admiration... Orange roses symbolize passion... Yellow roses symbolize friendship... and the list goes on!

Hero doesn't remind me of any rose in particular. I think Hero is like all roses, because he's versatile and universally loved!

As you might guess, they represent strength of character. Someone who is honest, with strong moral values... Someone who stands by their convictions...

The gladiolus reminds me of Aubrey, because she's always true to herself!

I guess what I'm saying... is that even you could take care of a cactus, Kel!

Basil/Stranger had something to say for everyone... except nothing for Omori this time. If you recall, this was actually a somewhat subtle moment where Sunny's memories bled into the dream world as Stranger recounted something Basil said to Sunny directly - rather than his Omori persona. This time... nothing. He doesn't seem to be very happy.

Everything is the same until we actually get into Black Space itself, so let's skip ahead a bit. Don't worry, this is the last time we'll be skipping.

Welcome back to the dark inner sections of Sunny's mind! Hope you like it here, this won't be the last time we come back to this place.

Yeah... we already saw the route where Sunny rejects Omori and what he represents - The truth of what happened and the consequences of that action. Sunny... really isn't into that this time. He likes staying inside and playing pretend in dreams. I wonder how that's going to go for him!

Sadly, Black Space hasn't changed from last time we were here. It's the exact same rooms as before, with the same dialogue. Unlike the first two days of dreamworld, I'm ok with this and am willing to defend it. If anything, this dialogue hits much much harder knowing that Sunny spent the first two days locked in his house instead of leaving and seeing his friends again. His subconscious is trying desperately to get Sunny to realize what happened and pierce the Omori shield... He was receptive before...

Remember this? I like these fucked up things that were hidden in plain sight. I do highly encourage you to go back to the Black Space update and see how many things make you go from how in your face they were before.

Unlike last time, I'm not going through every door. I'm stopping as soon as the red door appears. This doesn't change anything, and we've already seen what's in those doors and I'd like to avoid them! I will slightly regret this somewhat soonish, but let's finally get to the divergence point.


Well now... that's new. Basil's Flower Crown is awaiting us on the steps of the Church.


Oh, thank goodness you're here Omori. I thought I was gonna be stuck here forever.

I can't believe you came here to save me. I missed you so much!

Sunny... You've been running away from the truth for so long... How long will you keep running?

I... I won't let you leave me, Sunny... Not... Again...


Sunny... If you won't face the truth... then face me. Face the suffering you've caused for the people you love... The pain of knowing what you've lost...

And here's why Sunny no longer treads in his own dreamworld. Stranger has called Sunny himself to his dreams to face the reckoning of pain and misery he's both inflicted and feels personally. Sunny slowly accepted and faced the truth on his own terms, which is the proper safe and healthy way to handle such trauma. Since Sunny has refused the call... yet again, Sunny's mind/Stranger has taken... some extremes...

As with the Basil fight in real life, the skills Sunny has learned prove to be ineffectual against the full weight of trauma and pain.

With all our skills depleted... and since Stranger will not let Sunny run away... We have to attack it...

And deal no damage of course. How could we inflict even a microcosm of damage against the sheer force of misery that Sunny has caused the world and himself.


So you've chosen to live that way. I wonder... Can you really call that living?

Omori! Omori! Wake up!

There's light coming from the ceiling! Do you think it's a way out?

Omori... You're so heavy...

Come on... Up the stairs you go...


I get a really nice and warm feeling from it... Let's go up together!

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