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Part 62: The Black Space Around the Edges

UPDATE 62: The Black Space Around the Edges


Look who's back on the playground! After Hero takes over the Last Resort, all our old playground friends are back here playing! As well as a Gator Guy or two! It really does feel like the endgame now... and since it's the endgame, it's time for one last thing...

Our final Foe Facts fiesta! This one will be quick! We're starting off with some snow that curses the gods for giving it life. Off to a great start!

Their designs are cool as hell, too bad they die so easily and appear in only one spot in the game. Feels like a lot of wasted effort for how cool they are.

Recently-married too. Sweetheart really did a number on this guy.

Yes... dangerous

She's Henno-ing in heaven now...

Ahem, we established that thanks to our efforts she's actually IMperfectheart? I'll wait for the next patch Omori devs

Anyway, nothing has changed on the playground besides everyone coming back. What we are here to do today... is close out this saga. You see, Omori's mind and imagination is a lot like Perfectheart - in that it appears to be quite perfect but has a few flaws around the edges that sometimes shine through.

To help find these flaws, we're going to need to recycle 50 items to get this item from the Recycling Machine. The easiest way to do so is go into a random battle in the junkyard, run away from it, open up the menu and fight the same fight over and over again. Every fight in the junkyard has a 1/8 chance of Kel finding a can at the start of the fight. I believe I was up to about 30 items just finding loot around Headspace, so it'll take 20 cans or so in the junkyard to unlock the Universal Remote. Took me about an hour or so when I did it for the Hikikomori route. I did this in the Sunny route as well, only to discover that a majority of scenes were locked out of that route. Thanks game! That attempt took 2 hours because I had to grind up 25 cans

The remote itself is one of the best endgame items for the Sunny route and a meh item for the Hikikomori route. But we aren't worried about the stats on it, having it equipped on Omori let's us do... some weird things when we're around certain TVs in Otherworld. Like this one.

Forest Chillin'

These scenes are always going to be really weird and dreamlike. Which fit the dreamscape a lot better than normal Headspace, honestly.

...Err what?

... Well, I guess he's still got that crush. Though I didn't know he wanted more than one Aubrey...

I'm on a date with Omori!

No, I'm on a date with Omori!

Well, we can't all date Omori...

Huh? What is it?

So... It's come to this.


Huff... huff... huff...

Huff... huff... huff... You're... You're pretty strong...

You're not so bad... yourself...

Huff... huff... huff...

Huff... huff... huff...

This... doesn't seem to be going anywhere...

I can't fight anymore... I'm so tired...

There's only one way we can settle this for real...

...........Uh...... Left?

I've had some weird dreams about girls I liked. Never had clones of them fight for my love before.

Our next stop is in Big Molio's crib. We're just gonna head on over to the TV and have a nightmare.


And what a nightmare it is.

After about thirty seconds, the lights begin to dim in this area and the music begins fading out.

The random sprites also freeze at whatever they last were on.

There are now these... shadow creature things around. The only constant is the spinning Old Sprout in the middle.

And if we head up to the top left... there's a way out... Which we'll see another time. This trip through Black Space and the extra levels are all... hard to explain. There's several different hub areas within Black Space called "Black Space 2" or deeper Black Space, or "THIS IS TO GO EVEN FURTHER BEYOND BLACK SPACE, I CALL IT BLACK SPACE 2" if you're feeling fancy. Either way, it's going to mean a lot of jumping around so bear with me.

So I never took care of this room because why would I? It sucks and the items within are mostly healing items I can buy elsewhere or some outdated equipment. But, if you come back here with the Universal Remote, there is a small little scene you can see... once you kill all the damn bears.



Anyway! There's more to this area as well, but we're going to continue to be coy for another update for proper Black Space spelunking.

You can get to the inside of the Forest Wall if you come over here and investigate this vine a couple of times. On the Sunny Route, doing so would lead to an encounter with Something, this time it takes you to Black Space.

To be continued...

While in Sweetheart's Castle, we can look into this telescope for another warp to Black Space... this is a 1/99 chance to warp you there every time you investigate the telescope... eventually...

You'll teleport here. Which, further exploration will have to wait! I'm such a tease this update!

Back to the Junkyard and... one of these TVs is glitching out and has some static on it. It can be hard to see in the screenshot but there's a bit of screen tearing every couple of frames when around this TV.

Investigating it takes us here to the Pain area. Nice place, may retire here. There's nothing new to see here but it's eerie to revisit these places. So let's keep doing it!

On the Endless Highway heading towards the Last Resort, there's a 1/10 chance every time you enter the screen that a black car will appear and take you for a ride. Clearly, Omori was never told to watch out for strangers.


Unlike the pain area, the town area does have something new for us... or rather, someone.

Say hello, and goodbye, to Meido - One of the beta characters I mentioned previously. Meido doesn't have as much known about her like Tako did. The only interesting thing is that she looks quite similar to Sweetheart in design.

For our next adventure, we need to head back to the Well and climb it.

Once you climb to the top of the well, you need to investigate this seashell four times then go back into the well and climb back up it. If you do so...

You're back here at the beach. There are some interesting things to see here.

For one, I never showed off the Deeper Well did I? Well, that's because it's utterly emptied of all its denizens. There's no one to talk to or investigate besides the Sheet Music. But if you manage to make it here, you'll find out that the people of Deeper Well are all here!

And they're all dead! Fantastic!

I think it's safe to assume Omori did not appreciate their winking and nudging attempts to bring out the truth.

Here's the other interesting thing to see. It's another beta character - Tako! Speaking of the devil, huh? She did manage to make it into the game in a normal form... though I guess that does bring up the question of, why is she here in Black Space... if she's also still in Headspace, even as a demented form of herself?

Like with Meido, talking to Tako just has her disappear after a second of weird sound and visual glitching.

However, the fun isn't quite done yet! Remember this innocent looking doll? Once you strip it down to Omori's face you can no longer interact with it as Sunny. But as Omori, well...


Yeah, I'm not a fan of peering into Omori's inner thoughts sometimes. It's interesting to note that the music that plays there is only found in the scene where Sunny talks to Basil in the bathroom. All the rest of the music is standard Black Space stuff. The title of the song is also pretty uh, appropriate.

While we're in the Last Resort, there was a door here that doesn't close anymore... you can investigate this door! I just never did that, why?

That's why.

Hmm, I'm good thanks. I'll just stay in the elevator.

Despite canceling the action, the elevator still begins to move to Black Space. It's... a nice little touch.

Welcome back to the Treehouse area! There's only one thing of note to see here.

We went inside the treehouse before, but there certainly wasn't anyone inside it. Meet Uni - he was planned as a fightable enemy at one point. There may have been actual enemies to fight in Black Space, though I have to believe Black Space was something different back then. Maybe more akin to Jimmy and the Pulsating Mass's Nightmare Zones.

As before, we can't interact with them for more than a second before they disappear.

Here's the descriptions of the items in the Black Space Treehouse. It's a little bit funny to be honest.

We're gonna close things out here with one more trip to the Abyss. We're actually going to fully explore a new Black Space area this time! Hooray! This should serve as a good primer for what to expect next time.

To get there, you just need to head all the way to the right in Abbi's chambers and you'll get warped to Black Space.


It's a somewhat familiar place if you're used to Black Space. It's not as spooky as some of the other places to come, that may be red and maze like.

Oh, hey Aubrey? What are you doing here?

Trying to get close to her... just has the game glitch out and place you back here. So this is as close as we can get to her. I guess we'll have to explore around a bit.

There's a ladder here, but it doesn't take us anywhere. That's because... this is the entrance from a Black Space 1 area. Remember the raft that Omori and Basil took? If you ride it a couple times after Basil loses his head, you wind up here.

In the direct middle of the area, this weathervane can be found with a shining light around it. This contains the main gimmick for this area.

Touching the weathervane will cause it to spin around and point in a new direction. So if we were to head back West...

We can't even get to Aubrey now. She's completely blocked off from us. The weathervane points in the direction that we can actually go, the other areas it doesn't point to cannot be accessed... that is, if the game doesn't glitch out when we try to access them.

Over on the South-East side, we can find Kel!

And it goes how you'd expect.

Directly east of the weathervane is Hero though!

And yeah, we still can't get close to him without the screen tearing.

Let's go check out the North area now.

This is a bit tricky, but heading directly north of the weathervane and behind this stick figure is what you want to do.

Doing so let's you warp, uh here. Wherever here is.

You can investigate the skybox, though nothing happens. You just need to walk to the right screen a couple of times, walking to the left or down sends you back.

After about a minute of walking to the right... you'll find this ladder that sticks out really badly.

Interestingly, climbing it to the top takes us to a strand of rope tied to one of the hands from the Omori arm-chair ( ).

Which... just takes you back here.

Moving the weathervane back to the East, will let us get to this door. Which is the only door in this area.

Come and See

We enter into a small room in a house with a door on the other side. It takes about 12 or so scooby doo like chase sequences of going into the other side of the door, before we finally manage to see something new.

It's a statue.

If you walk to the side of the statue, it moves to look at you, and if you walk past it...

It's uh, face melts. It probably definitely isn't a metaphor for how Omori's mom knew what happened and tries her best to continue being a mom but really really struggles with it. Nope! Not at all!

Continuing behind the statue, we need to enter the door a couple more times before we finally get to the end of this place.

And to think, there's still four more Black Space 2 areas to go!