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Part 72: BONUS UPDATE 2: Why You Gotta Be So Emotional?

BONUS UPDATE 2: Why You Gotta Be So Emotional?

Tussle Among Trees

I can't believe I forgot to post the first battle theme, there were so many chances to do so too... Anyway, enjoy that as the soundtrack for finally getting to see all the different emotion portraits for the dream kids. This is a bit later in the game, where it's a lot easier to get enough items to easily manipulate the party's emotions. The rabbits are here to make it so I don't accidentally die or they don't change emotions on me.

First up is the 1st level of sad. We've seen this on Omori a lot and on Aubrey once or twice. I don't believe we've seen it on Hero or Kel yet.

The 2nd level of sad is pretty rare to see, unlike anger or happy. I do like how Aubrey and Kel are expressive about this, while Hero is a bit more reserved... meanwhile Omori looks legit like they're about to be hospitalized for depression... Jeez.

Finally, only Omori can reach the final sad stage - miserable. And uh, yup! That sure is one miserable kid! Poor Omori, not a very expressive kid but that's a lot of sadness on his face.

Now to switch gears entirely: here's the first stage of happiness. We've already seen the happy stages, but they're still quite cute pictures. You'll see these portraits used a lot outside of battle too, especially on Kel and Hero. Omori's grin definitely feels like a kid who does not smile a lot.

The ecstatic portraits are maybe my favorite. You'll also see these a lot in dialogue sections. Aubrey's stars portrait is my favorite of all the kid's portraits. It's just so wholesome.

...And then there's whatever the fuck is going on with Omori's Manic portrait. By far the creepiest portrait of them all.

We're going to start seeing the angry portraits a lot more soon, thanks to a new ability we're about to get. But to this point, Aubrey is the only person who's usually been angry. Kel and Hero are more at "frustration" than angry to me, though Omori seems to be hiding a lot more rage behind those eyes.

Aubrey's spent a little bit of time being enraged, but the rest rarely so. Kel and Omori look psychotic, like they are legit about to go on a rampage. Hero, meanwhile, looks like he's about to make the annoyed sound Marge makes when Homer says something dumb. That is not an enraged dude.

Finally, Omori goes full anime at furious and has his eyes covered by a layer of darkness to hide his utter rage with this forest bunny. The one eye showing is a bit creepy, but still nothing compared to Manic - which legit creeps me out.

I was hoping to show these off sooner, but when Omori became manic in the King Carnivore fight, I really wanted to be able to have that be people's first encounter with Manic. :v: