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Part 74: BONUS UPDATE 4: Till Death Do Us Dev

BONUS UPDATE 4: Till Death Do Us Dev


I mentioned during our trip to Black Space that there was a secret hidden amongst the graves in the town section here. This isn't one of those :stare: types of secrets either, so I figured this would be a good calm down session for us all. Also, including it during the update would have broken the pacing especially since there were 364 screenshots and 49,495 characters in that part as it was...

Anyway... if you explore in the top half of the map, you'll eventually come across this grave. Investigating this grave takes you to...

This room! And what is this room?


Why, it's the Dev room! I think this makes me three for four on games I've LP'd that have a dev room in it. Also makes it three for four on games that deserved it.

I'm going from the bottom to the top since Omocat is way up there, and I figure she should go last since this game is mostly her baby.

And of course, she's the only one with a quote that isn't some gag. You may also notice some familiar names in there, several of the characters we've met are named after the devs. It kinda reminds me how Toby Fox said he had originally just made Undertale for him and his friends and then it just kinda blew up from there. I kinda wonder if this was something similar, though it became a bit more infamous since the Kickstarter was 7 years ago.

Anyway, enjoy the breather. Real update comes tomorrow.