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Order of the Griffon

by Captain Rufus

Part 2: Worst Keep EVER.

Part 3: Worst Keep EVER.

I meant to upload this Friday morning but Blogger was having difficulties at the time.

Oh well. I am only promising 1-2 updates a week anyhow, so this means I can be all set for the week.
(Though I have done some mapping and prep work for the next few installments. This is the time for me to conquer this game. It has been unfinished for far too long.)

While due to the voting I had to start from the beginning, losing out on 3000 XP worth of XP, I honestly didn't lose too much. And I am using that play for mapping and preview purposes, letting me know what is coming up next. Its actually going to save me around 600-1000 gold pieces, which is pretty huge in game. Some of the best gear costs insane amounts. And this being Basic D&D rules death is all too easy and common an occurrence.

And for a fun bonus section, my personal house rules to make Basic D&D more fun without gutting what makes it what it is. A little from Game A, a little from B and you get something I would love to run or play in. Sure the Old School Groggies would loathe it, as would the D20 and 4th ed kiddies, but every version of D&D ever made has been terrible in some ways and great in others. Its just.. everyone has a different opinion of what is good and what is bad!

Rufus' house rules to make Basic D&D awesome.

For better and more fun starting player characters, roll 2d6+6 6 times for attributes, putting each result where you want.

For starting Hit Points, put your CON score plus 1/2 rounded down maximum rolled HP.

Hit Point dice values are changed to their 2nd edition AD&D counterparts.
(Fighters and Dwarves: 1d10. Clerics 1d8. Halflings, Elves, and Thieves 1d6. Magic Users 1d4.)

(So a CON 10 Elf at first level would have 13 starting HPs. 10 for his CON, plus 3 for his Hit Point dice value. (1d6 max is 6, divided by 2 and rounding down is 3.)

Edit: vvv Next time I will try taking screenies without one of the 2 filters on. See if it helps some. Looks overall fine to me though. Sure its not super sharp but its a HuCard RPG from 1992. You aren't missing much at all.