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Order of the Griffon

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Part 5: Free Stuff in Kelvin

Fun in Mystara! Let's play Order of the Griffon Part 6: Free Stuff in Kelvin

I'm working 6 days in a row upcoming holiday schedule. Many Bothans died for me to bring you this update. That and my Internet connection has become slow and unreliable. So horribly slow and unreliable. Even switching to an N dual band router from a G hasn't seemed to help. I just get full signal strength is all.

In a bout of total unprofessionalism I forgot to erase the pencil notes on my map too. See when I make my maps I do them in pencil. Then later on I go over them with a pen and ruler to make them look somewhat nicer. Sadly I don't have my ROLLING RULER handy (or my knockoff of it) so its a generic plastic ruler.

I should find that before I start posting the dungeon maps.

But depending on time and desire next week will probably just be a single update, probably Wednesday or Thursday. If its a BETTER KNOW AN ADVENTURER/INSIDE THE ADVENTURER'S STUDIO WITH JAMES LIPTORK thing I will throw in more of my house rule recommendations to make Basic D&D a bit more fun and a bit less whatever Gary Gygax wanted.