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Order of the Griffon

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Part 7: I was promised sailors and all I get is Manbearpig

Part 8: I was promised sailors and all I get is Manbearpig

This is my last attempt at improving picture size for both clarity and ease of reading. If this isn't good enough its all giant pictures from here on out. Seriously. I had to jump through some hoops here on the Imac.

Not just one update this week but TWO, and improved quality on all the previous installments. That's love right there.

And I think the new pictures will be just ducky. If not as I said its back to the stupidly enormous ones. These mostly fit on a 1440 by 900 screen.

If I do another update this week it will most likely not be a gameplay related one, either the Better Know stuff, or my personal D&D house rules. It will depend. I am now completely caught up with my updates meeting my point in the game with my actual party. I still am a half map ahead however. One level mapped, another partways.

And in my spare reading time I am reading both D&D rulesbooks AND the 2nd ed AD&D Karameikos sourcebook. I've got some knowledge to give.