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Order of the Griffon

by Captain Rufus

Part 11: Our Dungeons, Ourselves

Part 12: Our Dungeons, Ourselves

Ok this dungeon is massive and I have been busy with work. And I am going to Connecticon this weekend so I have been getting that set up. And I have the first session of an AD&D 2nd edition game to go to Thursday. And my birthday and a friend's birthday have happened. And as a casino employee holidays like the 4th of July mean extra work. My time has been short.

But... I channeled my inner dork to bring you the first part of this huge dungeon of pain. A place so annoying you would beg for the second Transformers movie instead of enduring it since the horror ends quicker.

Let us begin. Suffering builds character, right?

Whew! 10 whole pages. Only using the first 80 screenshots of what is around 160 pictures taken. For time and sanity I skipped the YOU ARE ATTACKED events because they are irrelevant mostly. Assume there are a few trash fights in there.

I apologize for the week delay on this one but 10 pages makes up for it I think. Will probably have another one next week around this timeframe.

PS: Yes I took a shot at 4e. I actually like the game for what it is. But I couldn't help but do some groggie snark. IT MADE ME.