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Order of the Griffon

by Captain Rufus

Part 13: White Dragon, Brown Textures

Part 14: White Dragon, Brown Textures

Well here we go. This dungeon of pain, my 18-19 year long Waterloo has finally been cleared thanks to a devoted fellow not on Gamefaqs at all solving and mapping a giant pain in the ass.

I am gonna try to get the next dungeon cleared and mapped so I can have the next update up next week. As I mentioned I am working on another project as well, though its a lot less work intensive. (VLog of a nerd con I went to. I'm doing very little hard editing, mostly just adding captions when I flub lines or have shite camerawork. The upload to Youtube is the worst part.)

And it looks like my schedule is continuing to be a bear. But I shall do my best. Right after posting this its me immediately hopping in the dungeon. (Ok maybe a little forums reading first.) If my AD&D 2nd ed game doesn't meet up this week I might get through it Thursday so I can start work on the actual update comics.