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Order of the Griffon

by Captain Rufus

Part 22: Final Floor, Final Bore

I had until Saturday to get this update done, but its ready now. Finished up Space Marine outside of getting to level 41 in Multiplayer and am basically tired of it now even if I really want my Mk 6 Beakie helmet for no real reason.

So I had some time to kill and got my LP on. That and I may have a D&D 4th Essentials campaign next Tuesday and I kind of have to cram for it. So getting this installment done early was a very good thing to do. Get the cloud out from over my head. By having it done ahead of time.

I had to reorganize and move 3 of my 5 computers around too. Don't have wifi on your gaming computer. Directly connect by cables folks. Seriously. Oh, and be careful with Spybot. It will delete things it shouldn't making machines act funny.

Part 23: Final Floor, Final Bore

Yeah I know this was supposed to be the last installment but its just too big of one so I am splitting it up into 2-3 parts. Depends on how much effort I want to spend on my final thoughts on the game really.