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Order of the Griffon

by Captain Rufus

Part 23: Bend it Like Bauer

And we will need your avatar to light our most cut and pasted hour.

Part 24: Bend it Like Bauer

I did have some ideas for the "Where are they now?" bit but MAN this game just cut the wind from my sails.

Overall I enjoyed doing this, though it has sometimes approached being something like work, me coming out with an installment each and every week, especially rough considering most of the time I had few days off and rarely even 2 days off together when I had a pair off each week.

If I decide to do another LP in this style, what would folks like to see?

I have a couple ideas:

Space Crusade (The FIRST Warhammer 40K electronic game.)

Valis series (Japanese Schoolgirl goes to magic land and kills monsters with a magic sword and a ridiculous outfit in classic platforming style.)

Partying Like its 1984 (A series of mini LPs covering more niche early 80s games. Gremlins, Berzerk, H.E.R.O., ect.)