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Part 8: My First Caulking

Solar System Bus posted:

Personally, I think we need to get more information. You never know what could happen in the 1.5 ft abyss that is the Kansas River.

Fair enough.

Listen babe, daddy needs to get this wagon across the river. There's three ways we can do this:

Sarah Jane's eyes went wide with terror.

Ford... you mean, walk through the river? Nonononononono daddy nooooooooooooo...

Waffles leaned against the wagon, staring off into space. Susan hummed softly to herself as she worked diligently on a baby quilt. Neither of them would be helping the issue one way or the other.

Cyrus' shoulders dropped, a defeated man. Christ, was this whole trip going to be like this? There were at least five more rivers to cross and who knows how big they are. At this rate they'd run out of money half way there. He grudgingly trudged over to the ferry booth. A dusty, ancient man leaned up against a wall of the booth in his chair, straw hat over his face.

Excuse me, sir, we'd like to purchase the use of your ferry.

The old man pointed to a sign by Cyrus' head.

Uh oh, Sarah Jane would not be happy about this.

I think you meant to say "too shallow". With two ohs.

The old man got up and saundered slowly to the door of the booth. He looked at the sign for a long minute and Cyrus could almost hear the gears spinning slowly in his brain. He turned his gaze slowly to Cyrus, looked him in the eye and slammed the door shut. After a few minutes it was clear the annoying man had finally left and he could go back to dying slowly. In the relative quiet he was able to return to daydreaming about naked women swimming and splashing in the cool river water. A blood-curdling scream like a stuck pig in the distance startled him momentarily but before he could rouse himself to investigate he had fallen asleep.