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Oregon Trail

by Vanilla Ice

Part 3: Page 3

We move onward. Our next stop is a good distance away at Chimney Rock!

One ox ran away shortly into our journey.

In retaliation for his crime I decide to shoot some shit.

Here is my playing field, it should be noted that I cannot move or shoot through trees or bushes or anything.

Luckily I am a god damn sharp shooter.

Way too much food to bring back home though.

Now we continue on our journey. Unfortunately, Ignatius is a moron.

Finally we reach our destination of Chimney Rock. Shall we continue or make adjustments?

We continue onward, luckily our next destination is much closer.

We reach our next destination with no problems and a strange request appears.

Two diskettes??? Luckily the problem is solved and we continue onward.

Here we are at the fort. Shall we continue or make adjustments?

Five sets of clothing were purchased and the fort was forded and then thoroughly burned to the ground. We continue on our quest. Our next stop is a symbol of FREEDOM, Independance Rock.

I felt like we were running low on food so I killed us some more grub.

Suck it up pussy.

These oxen are worthless

I killed some of his friends in retaliation.

Then we had a thunderstorm, what a shitty leg of the trip this is.

We finally reach Freedom Tower. Unfortunately I see a river. I know what that means by now, but I guess i'll ask anyway, what should I do?

I had no ford option, but damn it you can bet your ass my oxen plowed us through that fucking river. The next stop is South Pass.

We found some wild fruit on the way (I also hunted a bit to even out fucking fruit with some GOD DAMN MEAT).

We finally reach South Pass where everyone loves the damn Injuns.

Here is an overview of our supplies. Should adjustments be made or shall we continue onward?

Unfortuanetly we cannot buy supplies here, only trade. People were offering me shittastic deals so I said fuck it and continued on.

HOWEVER, we have a choice to make here.

Shall we head to the fort for supplies or ford the river at any cost of human life?